Valheim Dandelion: How To Find and Use Them?

Valheim Dandelion

Valheim Dandelion is a plant found in Valheim. It is an essential ingredient used to make certain bases of mead in the game. For those of you who do not know, mead bases are the parts that will allow you to fix your health whenever it is injured. Dandelion does not do much but is essential when making a mead foundation: Minor healing and Mead Foundation: Medium healing.

Iron Gate AB has developed Valheim as an open online survival game. Here, you can take the power of the dead Vikings and oppose Odin’s ancient beasts and opponents. You will need to please Odin and show their value to the Godfather to enter heaven. The journey is not effortless because supernatural beings’ hazards will arise at every step. You need to go out, do handicrafts, explore different worlds, and be strong.

Where Can I Find Valheim Dandelions?

Dandelion is a bright yellow flowering plant found in the Meadows biome. Go to the Meadows biome and hold an eye on the ground as it can find medicinal plants anywhere. Petting is not a good concept as they have a four-hour breeding session. Twelve dandelions are scattered in the Meadows, so it’s most valuable to put on your finest shoes and go on a trip.

Go to an area covered with dense trees or rivers to view the Valheim Dandelions better. Battling Greydwarf Brutes is an excellent way to find Dandelions if exploration is not your thing. These fierce rivals have a 100% drop in dandelion. The biomes of Black Forest are cottage to these most fierce and assertive animals. However, they are known to attack the Meadow biomes the night after the Vikings killed Elder boss.

Uses of Valheim Dandelions

Dandelion seems to be a critical ingredient to frame the following items:

Mead base: Minor Healing

1x Dandelions
5x Blueberries
10x Raspberries
10x Honey
In two minutes, they have the potent to restore 50 Healths.
Mead base Minor healing in Valheim Dandelion

Mead base: Medium Healing

1x Dandelions
4x Blood bags
10x Raspberries
10x Honey
In two minutes, they can restore 75 Healths.

You can frame the Mead bases with the help of a fermenter and cauldron that demands a proper portion of Dandelions flowers, including different ingredients.

How to create a Cauldron in Valheim Dandelions

The cauldron is usually set over any fire (campfire or Hearth) to make mead bases and cook meals. The crafting class is Forge.

IngredientsSpawn codeHow to acquire
10x TinTinSmelt tin ores

Ingredients to build a Fermenter in Valheim Dandelions

The vital objective of the fermenter is to transform Mead bases to Mead, and they want a shelter to perform functions.

IngredientsSpawn codeHow to acquire
10x ResinResinYou can attain it from chopping trees or opponent drop from Greydwarves.
30x Fine woodFineWoodChop Birch trees.
5x BronzeBronzeYou can craft it with the help of tin and copper.

Additionally, you can also use dandelions to construct multiple buildings in Valheim Dandelions.

Maypole in Valheim Dandelions

Maypole in Valheim Dandelions

It considers a rare format that encounters in the middle of deserted villages in the area of Meadows. It will not be able to respawn when it gets destroyed once. In 0.155.7 patch, Maypole has been temporarily built by developers to celebrate it in mid-summer in Sweden. It is a furniture type with durability power 50. The crafting ingredients needed are as follows:

IngredientsSpawn codeHow to acquire
1x DandelionsDandelionsIt breeds aimlessly on the ground, and you can pick it up.
10x WoodWoodYou can attain it by chopping trees or gathering branches from the ground.
4x ThistleThistleBlack forest Biomes

Yuleklapps (Green) in Valheim Dandelions

You can only have a command to create Yuleklapps in debug method. The ingredients needed for this app are:

IngredientsSpawn codeHow to acquire
1x DandelionsDandelionsIt breeds aimlessly on the ground, and you can pick it up.
3x Fine woodFineWoodChop Birch trees.


Following are some of the FAQs regarding Dandelions –

Methods to cultivate dandelion seeds in Valheim Dandelions?

Firstly, you have the chance to see the Growth Ability in this menu, and you should pick that option and click down to make it a farm. You have the command to unlock the Cultivator again, choose the seeds you like to cultivate, and then set them into the previously cultivated soil.

Is there the possibility of planting flowers in Valheim?

You can plant beech trees, pine trees, carrots, fir trees, and turnips. Form yellow flowers, you will gather turnip seeds in the biomes of swamps and carrot seeds from the white flowers in the biomes of the dark forest. You can plant a cultivator with five bronze and five core wood on the cultivated soil.

Periods to grow trees in Valheim?

The tree needs almost 50-80 minutes of real-time to fully mature, implying that you can spend most of your time waiting. Additionally, trees do not appear to grow once they get cut.

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