Carl on Duty Black Cops: Reality or a Meme?

Carl on Duty Black Cops

The Carl on Duty Black Cops has been shown as a video game in the gaming world with an inspiring and profound behind-the-scenes belief for Xbox 360 users only (according to images). As per the images, the story depends on the characters seen by the middle-class American-African police with a patrol in Chicago, Illinois city. Their family supported them, who cared for them and enjoyed the geeky and high sidekick named Steve Urkel.

But I would like to share a bitter truth: whatever you are watching on the internet regarding Carl on Duty Black Cops is fake. Yes! There is no new game, or Carl does not feature in the gameplay. All the rumors regarding the Carl on Duty Black Cops started with a meme that went viral in its initial days; soon after the meme went viral, people shared their thoughts, and the presence of Carl in the game is also a fake vibe hovering over the internet.

Now, let us have a look at how this thing originated and what are some of the famous memes regarding it.

Who is Carl?

Carl in Carl of Duty Black Cops

He is responsible for the work and events of the moloch, known as Windy city. Many people try to find the game release, but only they have a collection available in the limited edition game of 2016.

But it seems sad news for those who begin to realize that the myth is wrong with creator Carl Canovici who created Carl on Duty II.

According to many players on social media, carl condemned sexual crimes in 2009. Afterward, he was pardoned by the President of the United States, Mr. Obama, as he proved to be showing his sandwich recipe for dangerous sem*n made of sp*rm.

Notes: All of the above game stories is absolutely fake and many users are just playing along on social media to keep this meme alive.

What is Carl on Duty Black Cops?

Carl on Duty Black Cops is famous on the internet as a new game version of the Call of Duty game. You may have already seen many of the images with Carl on Duty Black Cops game versions but cannot buy them.

For a hardcore player like us, we would be chasing the new version of the game and completing the gameplay as soon as possible. But this time, it’s just not possible because the game just doesn’t exist.

Some of the viral Carl on Duty Black Cops Meme

Here are some of the famous memes regarding the topic –

#1 Game Poster

This image does not seem like a meme, but the creator thought to bring the black man in the mission of the Carl of Duty game. Instead, people took this image as a new release of the game rather than a meme which created a fake hype of Carl’s image.

#2 Game CD

Carl on duty black cops from dankmemes

So, it is one of the best dank memes you will come across on the internet. It states that we wanted to have a Carl on Duty Black Cops, though we received it but later on found that it is an edited image because the actual game does not exist.

#3 Xbox 360 Disc

Another deep meme is expressed by using emoticons. Initially, we got happy to get hands-on with the new game Carl on Duty Black Cops, but later on, we learned that it is a fake copy. The last emoticon represents that we are successfully fooled in the new game’s chase.

#4 Xbox

There is nothing much to expect from this meme as it will make you cautious against those who guarantee you to provide the game of Carl of Duty Black Cops. So, keep in mind that there is no real game.

#5 Black Cops III

The last meme was rolled out before the hype Carl of Duty Black Cops ended. This meme had all the eyes as the editing was perfectly done with a perfect eye-catching image of Carl in a war costume.


Is Carl on Duty Black Cops real game?

No, it is not a real game. You might see of few of them selling on various websites but don’t fall into a trap as you may get fooled or lose your precious money.

Which is the most trending meme regarding Carl COD?

1 was the most trending meme since it was the first creation done by a random person who created hype worldwide.

Is Carl a real person?

Yes, he is a real person and an American actor who played a cop character in the tv series. His full name is Carl Winslow.

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