AC Valhalla Decorate Ravensthorpe Guide [Let’s Get Festive]

Decorate Ravensthorpe

Decorate Ravensthorpe is a small part of the Ostara Festival. Whether it is a joyful reunion or your full marks in an exam, a celebration of any kind requires elegant decorations all around. Ostara Festival’s Let’s Get Festive Side Quest will help you get ready for Easter, Vikings, and more!

The Ostara Festival will call for beautiful locations in Ravensthorpe, and to complete all decorations everywhere, you would have first to find out all of them. This new update helps us know about the auspicious Ostara Festival of Vikings. But how to begin on this side quest in the first place? Read on to find out!

Decorate Ravensthorpe: 5 Easily Reachable Locations

Start Let’s Get Festive Side Quest to Decorate Ravensthorpe

meet norvid and evior

To embark upon the Let’s Get Festive quest, we need to meet Norvid and talk about the Ostara Festival. Norvid will then ask Eivor to help him with the decorations of the Ravensthorpe settlement. He will also provide you with 20 Festive Tokens for the task. These tokens can be used to make some Settlement Cosmetics purchases from the Festival Shop owned by Norvid.

Eivor will now approach each Dragon Pedestal and press Y to add decorations on it. Norvid will provide you with clear instructions about how to decorate too. After you’ve completed the task, you can approach Norvid once again and report back your duty status to earn the rest of the festive tokens.

Decorating Ravensthorpe For Assassin’s Creed Valhalla Ostara Festival: All Locations!

The quest will instruct Eivor to decorate five locations in the Ravensthorpe settlement. Each Dragon Pedestal is added as a marker and can be located. If you still have trouble finding the location, you can use your Raven. After reaching a Dragon Pedestal, you will find a “Decorative Element” prompt. You can then choose any element for decoration because it won’t matter much as long as you complete the task.

Decorate Ravensthorpe: Let’s Get Festive Quest Location 1

norvid location

The first Let’s Get Festive Quest location is the easiest of all as it is located across the path right in front of Norvid’s Shop. You will spot the platform present between the two wooden poles.

Decorate Ravensthorpe: Let’s Get Festive Quest Location 2

The second Let’s Get Festive Quest location is behind Alwin’s house. You can move around the right side of the house to find it next to a tree.

Decorate Ravensthorpe: Let’s Get Festive Quest Location 3

The third Let’s Get Festive Quest location can be easily found by us. It is located next to the big tree where the Ostara Festival is.

Decorate Ravensthorpe: Let’s Get Festive Quest Location 4

gigantic tree

The fourth Let’s Get Festive Quest location is an unmissable tree. This gigantic tree is close to the path leading us to Eivor’s longhouse. Interact with the platform to decorate it.

Decorate Ravensthorpe: Let’s Get Festive Quest Location 5

The fifth Let’s Get Festive Quest location is near the docks. You’ll have to move near the dock region and look for a dragonhead platform that will help you decorate the village.

These were all the locations to decorate Ravensthorpe is the game. All these exact guidance will help you to complete your all the tasks easily. If you still to find the locations to decorate Ravensthorpe then you can take the help of Raven.

Fixing Let’s Get Festive Bug In Assassin’s Creed

“We’re deploying a server-side hotfix to address a rise in crashing near Ravensthorpe. Settlement decorations will be temporarily removed and Ostara Festival quests involving decorations will not be completable. Thanks for your patience as our team releases a permanent fix soon!”

Assassin’s Creed

The Let’s Get Festive Bug is an unnecessary obstacle we are facing. This glitch has made it impossible for some to complete the quest. Many payers have been complaining either of an inability to find the dragon markers or not to add decorative items.

This bug can be fixed if you try, though. If you’re trying but still having trouble placing decorations in any location, you can first try to restart your device. You can also try reloading your last save.

Decorate Ravensthorpe Not Working?

Just another Ubisoft disappointment where you cant decorate the Ravensthorpe. Ultimately, the devs have to remove the feature saying goodbyes to all the hard work done by players. Since then, the feature is never released back nor do players expect that from Ubisoft.


Number of elements available in the Ravensthorpe?

These decorative elements are obtained after putting an item for each cosmetic settlement spot at Ravensthorpe. The items are only counted which are available in the basic game earlier than the settlement expansions. So for a total, there are 16 elements available in Ravensthorpe.

How to customize the settlement tree in Valhalla?

In the Settlement, you will find a big tree at the center. We can customize the tree with various skins by interacting with dragon shaped book stand, which can be seen in front of it. You can obtain multiple skins by playing the game, or another easy option is to buy the Settlement Decorations pack by visiting the Ubisoft Store.

How to decorate Ravensthorpe?

You need to follow the markers and find out the items available to decorate. You can use your Raven to reach the dragon pedestals’ locations quickly if you need more guidance. Once you get the location, interact with them, which will display a prompt of “Decorative Element.”

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