Valheim Artisan Table Complete Guide

valheim artisan table

Valheim game is said to be quite laid back and hosts a variety of engaging and adventurous level-ups.

You get a chance to decor your shelter by using different Valheim Artisan Table. Today we will tell you all about Artisan Table and what is the use of this? also highlighting How to build Artisan Table and some other staff. So, without waiting any further, let’s get back to the topic.

What is Valheim Artisan Table?

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Valheim is a fantasy game that is created with Norse mythology and Viking Culture concept. Valheim having inspiration from Norse mythology and Viking culture, is an exploring fantasy game. Initially, in the game, a player begins the adventure at the relatively peaceful center of Valheim and later has to face many other upcoming threats as they progress in the game.

The Valheim Artisan Table plays an important role. You can decor your shelter by using an Artisan table. If you go for building a Valheim, then you get several structures. Once the player gets all the material required in making Valheim Artisan Table and kills the boss, and that is not a very tough thing to do, you can quickly get this equipment and defeat the boss. Here we’ll mention the process of building the Valheim Artisan table.

How to build a Valheim Artisan Table?

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For building Valheim Table you need to collect some staffs and that staffs are:

  • Two Dragon Tear 
  • Ten Wood

Valheim table is not very complicated to make; it is pretty easy to make. First of all, take the Two Dragon tears and ten wood and. You get Dragon Tears when you kill the Moder. Moder is a fourth boss in the Valheim. When you defeat the Mode, you get all two Dragon tear when you get this material required for making a Table. now you can make your Table by using your hammer will have the ability to create and craft an Artisan Table

Now you can start making Valheim Table. First of all, you have to select a Hammer Just like other structures. Then press the ‘F” button to go back in the Crafting menu and use the “Q” or “E” key for finding the crafting station. Now you can place your Table anywhere side your home base by using the Left Mouse Button.

Due to Workbench, you couldn’t create anything on your Artisan table for that time. But don’t get sad you can make three things on your Table which we mention below. So continue reading below.

Which things can you make using a Valheim Artisan Table?

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After building an Artisan table, you use these Table as making the other thinks. You can make three things by using Artisan Table.

These three things are as following

  • Blast Furnace

And the last that is Furnace is used for Metal and Flametal ore which is useable for Fullmetal.


  • x20 Stone
  • x5 Startling Core
  • x10 Iron
  • x20 Fine Wood
  • Spinning Wheel

Spinning Wheel is used for Spins Flax into Linen Thread used for craft Padded Armor and Black Metal weapons.

  • x20 Fine Wood
  • x10 Iron Nails
  • x5 Leather Scraps



  • x20 Stone
  • x30 Wood
  • x30 Iron Nails

The windmill is used for cooking the Blood pudding Bread, Fish, Wraps, and Lox, meat pie.

Other Useful Structures in Valheim

You can make several things in the Valheim with your creations, such as halls, houses, castles, and many more. Vilhelm also provides a much powerful construction interface. Here you can build legendary vessels to conquer, make your new lands.

Valheim has a rich platform that allows you to make your impressive structures to maintain any discerning warrior’s needs. Players can make massive bridges by using this building interface. You can create works of art and defenses from the Creatures of Valheim for your survival make custom tools.

You can make snap Building as in building wall roof floor beam and pool apart from it you can snap each other building with the same height. Make these structures, and by joining these things, you can create and spawn buildings. You can repair your building when it gets damaged by a hammer and protects your building from the rain.

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In the above article, we have mentioned making a Valheim artisan table and its use and some other structure that you can make by using the Valheim table. Valheim is an exciting game. Apart from a fight, you can also decorate your home using such equipment. So go and read the above article for the knowledge and more about Table.

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Happy Gaming!

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