Smug Villagers Animal Crossing List

Smug Villagers Animal Crossing List

The game is one of the parts of the animal crossing series that covers the smug personality of different smug villagers that are entirely distinct from each other characters. Smug is also named in various languages like Kiza or Boku in Japanese, Enob or Petulate in Spanish, etc. The set of smug villagers are the temperament formation of each character introduced in New Leaf.

The behavior description of each Smug is a very kind gentleman and polite as they get quickly connected with other villagers. These personalities are relatively mixed with every Smug and promptly get involved positively and thoughtfully, but after all these commitments, they become arrogant.

In the HHD setup, the nature of Smug villagers is whole with an enormous ego and explain how much they maintain their relaxed behavior and calm nature than anyone else.

Players must talk about the new horizon of the happy home heaven extension game, where Smug is attached to music, and they are so into it their roommate can’t relish or sleep properly at night.

They are sometimes involved with flirting with fellow villagers occasionally. The sleeping pattern of smug in New horizon is that they nap at 2 AM and awaken up at 7 AM.

Personality Of Smug Villager

All Smug is usually a male personage in Animal Crossing. All these characters are come forward as an updated version or in a changeable format in New leaf. These activities are widespread, and their conversation is entire with logical thinking essence.

They frequently practice different foreign languages and insinuate life parameters. Their behavior contrasts with sisterly and cranky villagers but naturally gets involved with ordinary, jock, Snooty, lazy, peppy villagers in the game. Smug villagers generally describe the character’s personality in New Leaf: animal crossing series with their strengths.

Smug Villagers In Animal Crossing

Here, you will find all the details regarding the smug villagers with their zodiac sign, kind, dexterity, aim, and primary clothing.

Smug Villager NameZodiac/ BirthdaySpeciesDexterityAimPrimary Clothing
ZellGemini/ 7 JuneDeerCalculating tipsMovie DirectorGilet with shirt and Arctic camo tee
Wolf linkSagittarius/ 2nd December WolfFreely form changeBecoming a real boyWolf link outfit
TexLibra/ 6 OctoberPenguinSprintingBasketball playerBlue lether jacket
TobyCancer/ 10 JulyRabbitSwimmingWeatherperson Kerokerokeroppi top
ShepSagittarius/ 24 NovemberDogSpeed readingProfessorDenim vest
RaymondLibra/ 1st OctoberCatWaistcoat
RoswellTaurus/ 2nd MayAlligaterBlue aloha pineapple shirt and blue aloha shirt
RodneyScorpio/ 10 NovemberHamsterHitting snoozeChefStriped tank and red bar tee
QuillsonLibra/ 1st OctoberDuckSkimming booksMusicianPuffy tan vest
PietroAries/ 19 AprilSheepMaking craftArtistJester costume and dawn tee
PhilSagittarius/ 27 NovemberOstrichBeat boxingBaseball playerFischerhemd and dawn tee
OlafTaurus/ 19 MayAnteaterDancingDancerSuit of lights and matador’s jacket
O’HareLeo/ 24 JulyRabbitAir guitarMusicianAloha pineapple shirt and aloha blue shirt
MarshalLibra/ 29 SeptemberSquirrelMental mathDesignerPuffy vest and denim jacket
LeopoldLeo/ 14 AugustLionDebatingProfessorNoble shirt
LopezLeo/ 20 AugustDeerDebatingCEOBlue navy Chimayo vest and brown bar tee
LionelLeo/ 29 AugustLionDrawing circlePofessorNoble coat and military uniform
LuchaSagittarius/ 12 DecemberBirdMaking facesPro wrestlerDragon jaclet
KenCapricorn/ 23rd DecemberChickenClearing the plateArchitectNinja shirt
KlausAries/ 31st JanuaryBearDebatingPolitianToga and armor gold suit
KeatonGemini/ 1st JulyEagleTongue twistersMusicianFuzzy vest and raglan tee
KiddCancer/ 28 JuneGoatBlowing bubblesHair stylistWaistcoat, aloha blue shirt and tailored jacket
KyleSagittarius/ 6 DecemberWolfTypingSingerGilet and shirt and pleather vest
JacquesCancer/ 22nd JuneBirdBeat boxingsingerPuffy vest and red flannel shirt
JulianPisces/ 15 MarchHorseSped readerDesignerSpace parka and twinkle tee
HenryVirgo/ 21st SeptemberFrogOversleepingWriterBlue denim jacket and wide stripe tee
HuckCancer/ 9 JulyFrogClearing my plateArchitectStriped tank and melon gingham
HansSagittarius/ 5 DecemberGorilla Spoon bendingPainterBlue argyle tee
HippeuxLibra/ 15 OctoberHippoJugglingActorBeige emblem blazer
GrahamGemini/ 20 JuneHamsterComputing WriterGreen madras plaid shirt and vegetarian tee
EugeneScorpio/ 26 OctoberKoalaRappingGuitaristBiker jacket and pleather vest
EdVirgo/ 16 SeptemberHorseJugglingSingerPolka lite tee and mod top
ChadderSagittarius/15 DecemberMouseCramming for testsActorTailcoat and tuxedo
ColtonGemini/ 22nd MayHorseWriting about picklesModelPrince’s tunic and blue ringmaster coat
CephalobotAries/ 1st AprilOctopusWhite retro sweater
ChopsLibra/ 13 OctoberPigMaking craftPoliticianRed ringmaster coat
CurlosTaurus/ 8 MaySheepCalculating tips ActorZigzag shirt, aloha bllue shirt and reggae tee
BeardoLibra/ 27 SeptemberBeerMemorizing stuffProfessorTweed jacket and detective outfit

Animal Crossing Smug Villagers Behaviour

A few of the smug villagers perform the wave action enthusiastically by using both hands. This habit is shared with Sisterly, Peppy, and Jock villagers.

In the game of New Horizons, you will find the island’s first campground villager always to be a smug person. The game will not proceed if the smug villager is not invited to the player’s island, which eventually unlocks the K.K. Slider’s concert.

Differently, in the Italian version of the game from New Horizons to New Leaf, the smug villagers are found to be talking in a few Spanish words, which highlights that they are passionate and gentlemanly personalities. The same thing can be seen along with the Normal villagers.

The smug personality shares the least amount of cut villagers in the New Horizons, just below the Sisterly, which holds the 0 cut villagers in the game, while smug has only 1.

According to New Horizons, there are no Tiger, Rhino, Monkey, Kangaroo, Elephant, Cub, Bull villagers consisting a smug personality.

So, these were all the details regarding the Smug Villagers of Animal Crossing, mostly it is the detailed version regarding the smug villager’s data in Animal Crossing.


Following are the FAQs regarding this topic –

What villagers have a smug personality?

Almost every species have at least one villager with smug personality except bull, bear cub, elephant, kangaroo, monkey, rhinoceros, or tiger species.

Who are the smug villagers in ACNH?

Smug Villagers are very kind gentlemen and polite as they get quickly connected with other villagers.

How many smug villagers can you have?

Out of 37 total available smug villagers, you can only have 10 smug villagers on your island at a time.

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