25 Coolest Roblox Shirt Templates Proved To Be The Best

roblox shirt templates

Roblox is quite an interesting game where you can customize almost everything. You can express your creativity in this section with the freedom to create your own shirt, pants, hairs, or shoes. Your character is called as Avatar in Roblox. This Avatar is highly customizable compared to any other game. Roblox provides the opportunity to express your creativity in terms of your avatar.

Roblox Shirt Templates are the templates used to customize shirts in Roblox. These templates are used to create new shirt objects for your avatar. There are over multiple avatars published on the bundle’s page to choose from. The best avatar is definitely the default Roblox avatar, where you can change your shirt, pants, hairs, cap, and shoes.

What exactly is Roblox Shirt Templates?

Roblox Shirt Templates is a way to design a T-shirt in Roblox. Unlike other games, in Roblox, you can use this feature to create a unique character as you like. There are different decals necessary for the customization of character in Roblox, namely, T-shirt Decal, Shirt, and Pants Decal. Every decal has different templates and measurements.

There is another post for the Roblox Transparent Shirt Templates here. This post features all the shirt templates with transparency in its blocks.

What is the requirement to build a Roblox Shirt Templates?

Although there is permission to create a custom shirt in Roblox, there are some requirements for it. These requirements ensure that you properly follow the guidelines and help the gaming company grow by using their services. Following are the listed requirements –

Shirt Template

Roblox only accepts the templates that are given by them. In other words, you cannot use different dimensions of the image while creating a shirt for your character. Luckily, Roblox has distributed the images of the templates, which you can use directly to customize.

Editing Skills

The next thing you need is your editing and creative skills to make an awesome shirt. Many players use Paint.Net or Photoshop to do so. I’ve used both of them, and they both work fine. Photoshop has some advantages over Paint.net tho.

Dimensions of the Roblox Shirt Templates

  • Both the front side and the backside of the torso is 128×128 pixels.
  • The sides of the torso and the sides of arms have a dimension of 64X128 pixels.
  • The top and bottom of the torso have 128×64 pixels.
  • The top and the bottom of the arms and legs is 64×64 pixels.

Make sure you follow these dimensions before submitting the template. Otherwise, your template will be rejected.

Roblox Shirt Templates List

Now we’ll be going through the list of insanely cool looking shirt templates. These templates are taken from platforms like Pinterest and other social media.

Galaxy Shirt

This galaxy Roblox shirt templates have a lower torso colored as a galaxy, while the upper torso having a white top. This template is unique because of the cat faces on both arms. This cat faces along with their tails togetherly make an awesome template.

Roblox shirt template 1

Dashing Top

This top is a sleeveless Roblox shirt templates with a hanging ping colored top. Besides the jeans design give it a good touch.

Roblox shirt template 2

Rainbow Shirt

This rainbow shirt template is one of the most used Roblox shirt templates. This template looks good rather than another fancy template. With this rainbow blazer over the black shirt, it goods fabulous.

Roblox shirt template 3

Black and White

This black and white shirt is an awesome Roblox shirt template with a 666 on the front side. This shirt has a circular mark on the black part of the shirt. Combining this shirt with respective pants will definitely create an awesome outfit.

Roblox shirt template 4

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Purple Coat

This purple coat is a normal purple textured cover over all sides. Both the hands are also covered in the same purple coat. You can copy this template and then replace the color texture to your choice.

Roblox shirt template 5

Doge Hoodie

The community loves this Nike plus Doge hoodie. Nike on the left side and Doge on the right side togetherly make this an awesome hoodie. Also, the shirt template is well optimized for the left and right arm too.

Roblox shirt template 6

Sunflower Top

This top is for girls who love normal top and jeans in the Roblox. Sometimes, a normal outfit is perfect in Roblox.

Roblox shirt template 7

Adidas Shirt

This is a classic Adidas hoodie plus bag combo, which you can find in the Library all the time. Using this Roblox shirt templates, you can create your own Adidas hoodie for free. Make sure to submit the correct dimensions while uploading the image.

Roblox shirt template 8

White Flames

This, while flames are really cool things in Roblox. Using this shirt will definitely help you to catch the attention of the other players. Moreover, these flamers are extended on both the arms to make it look perfect.

Roblox shirt template 9

Red Top

This is a simple girl top created for other normal players who don’t like all the flashy things. This red top is definitely created on the Paint.Net as it has small irregular dots.

Roblox shirt template 10

Blue Checks Shirt

This is a cool Blue Checks Shirt, which has a top button opened to enrage your coolness. Moreover, this shirt has a good texture over it. Other Checks Shirt has a regular pattern, which makes them look unrealistic. But this shirt has good wrinkles in it.

Roblox shirt template 12

Robotic Suit

This robotic suit will turn you into an Iron Man thing on the Roblox. It has a great jetpack system attached to its back. Both the arms also have some triggers in their hands.

Roblox shirt template 13

Adidas Hoodie

This Addidas Hoodie is another classic hoodie created by many players. This hoodie has a great texture over it, unlike other hoodies. The shadows over the small wrinkles add a good touch to the hoodie.

Roblox shirt template 14

Flower Shirt

Flower Shirt with the backpack makes a good combination of a shirt in Roblox. There is a text label on the front side of the shirt, “Dr. Nah,” to make it more glamorous.

Roblox shirt template 16

White Hoodie

This white hoodie is a color remake of the last Adidas Hoodie. The white color also looks good over this hoodie. If you want, you can change the color of your choice in Photoshop.

Roblox shirt template 17

Comrade Hoodie

This is a unique hoodie because no other hoodie has borders. This hoodie lies on the top of the grey shirt and has the same tuck textures, which add a little realistic part.

Roblox shirt template 18

Pink Cat Shirt

This is a simple pink-colored texture with a cute cat on it. This shirt is loved by cat lovers and often wore when playing aesthetic games.

Roblox shirt template 19

Epic Smile Shirt

These Roblox shirt templates are a pitch-black hoodie with a yellow smiley face. You can replace this emoji with the one which you like the most. Besides this, the concept of adding an emoji in the hoodie really proves the imagination of Roblox players is huge.

Roblox shirt template 20

Gold Dollar Shirt

This is a gold textured shirt with a dollar symboled inners. If you want to look rich in the Roblox, then you can definitely try these Roblox shirt templates.

Roblox shirt template 22

Black Hoodie

This is a simple black and green colored hoodie. Over my large playtime in Roblox, I’ve seen this hoodie used by many different players.

Roblox shirt template 23

Nike Shirt

The community, in general, always loves Nike shirts and Adidas shirts. This shirt has a good pink texture on its on and lower part.

Roblox shirt template 24

Flames Adidas Hoodie

This is a flame textured Adidas hoodie. Make sure to change the dimensions of the image as this image is stretched.

Roblox shirt template 25

Strip Jacket

Roblox shirt template 26

Galaxy Adidas Hoodie

Roblox shirt template 27

Colors Preview Shirt

Roblox shirt template 28

Final Words

Roblox Shirt Templates have provided a great opportunity to customize the character in Roblox. Because of this feature, many players learned the skills of photo editing and texture handling. Although it’s challenging to change Roblox’s character model’s shape, still wearing the costumes that are self-made always make players play more. This is the beauty of Roblox!

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