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Stunning Roblox Characters List You’ll Ever Need [Names & Outfits]

Roblox is one of the best platforms to have some fun as well as develop some skills. In this platform, players create games for players. This unique concept makes Roblox the best among its kind. Released in 2006, some of the games in Roblox have more than 1B+ visits over its page. Roblox has proved that its one of the best games in the decade.

Roblox Character is a customizable avatar which you’ll use in-game. This avatar/character is absolutely customizable from top to bottom. There are millions of wearable items on Roblox’s avatar page which you can buy and equip. These characters really add up a new look in Roblox. In this post, we’ll look at everything related to characters and some cool character outfits.

Roblox Character Size

Roblox’s Character is pretty customizable from its avatar settings. Currently, there are two types of characters. R6 and R15, R15 is the default one. Almost all of the games support R15 at this time of writing the post.

In R15, The height of the avatar can be changed from 95% to 105% of the default height. The width of the avatar can be changed between 75% to 100% of the default width. That means you can only reduce the width of the character. Besides this, you can change the Body Depth Scale, Body Height Scale, Body Width Scale, and Head Scale.

In R6, the characters are not customizable yet. They are the old version of avatars which didn’t have features to edit them.

You can also choose a custom avatar from the catalog page. This avatar can be either bought from the market or self-made.

Roblox Character Naming

Roblox Characters are called Avatar over its platform. This avatar is highly customizable. Every player has their own avatar who can wear Head Accessories, Faces, Shirts, Pants, and Gear. All these items are customizable to make your character completely unique. These avatars also reflect on your profile screen as your character.

What are the parts of Roblox Character Body?

Every Roblox Character has a Head, Body, 2 Arms, and 2 Legs. Every part of the avatar is customizable. You can use custom shirt templates to create the shirt of your own choice. Each of the body parts has a specific fixed size which is a multiple of 32 pixels.

Some of the famous Roblox Characters Images

There are many Roblox Character compilations made by Celestial Roblox. These characters are handpicked and are bests in the game.
Make sure you bookmark this page to save these awesome characters list.
Names and descriptions of 27 Roblox characters list are as follows –


Requirements –
1. Woman
2. Bunny Ears 2017
3. Galaxy Girl
4. Freckles
5. Jeans Shorts
6. RadioJH Games
7. Audrey Hodie

Cost – 110 Robux

roblox character 1


Requirements –
1. Denis Daily OFFICIAL shirt
2. Black Jeans With White Shoes
3. Business Cat
4. Brown Charmer hair
5. Silly Fun
6. Man

Cost – 225 Robux

roblox character 2


Requirements –
1. CraftedRL BRAND
2. New Wolf Shirt
3. Black Jeans with Sneakers
4. 75k Super Swoop
5. Hipster Glasses
6. ROBLOX Hexagon Headphones

Cost – 2407 Robux

character 3

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Requirements –
1. Robloxian 2.0
2. Shiny Teeth
3. Beautiful Brown Hair for Beautiful People
4. Official Poke Shirt
5. Black Slacks

Cost – 171 Robux

character 4


Requirements –
1. Man
2. Blond Spiked Hair
3. Silly Monkey
4. TheMonkey Official Shirt
5. TheMonkey Official Pants

Cost – 152 Robux

character 5


Requirements –
1. Woman
2. Universe Girl Hair
3. Pink Sweatshirt
4. Girls Shirts
5. Skeptic

Cost – 140 Robux

character 6


Requirements –
1. Whistle
2. Blue anime boy hair
3. Polo white
4. Logo tape red vans
5. Rey’s staff

Cost – 93 Robux

character 7


Requirements –
1. Plaid frill
2. Rainbow purse 3.0
3. Dust mask
4. Silly fun
5. Paper hat

Cost – 98 Robux

character 8


Requirements –
1. 424 Yellow denim parka
2. Black air huarache
3. 🙂
4. Obvious spy cap
5. Crimson shaggy 2.0

Cost – 52 Robux

character 9


Requirements –
1. Freckles
2. Orange Fuzzy Croptop
3. Nerd glasses
4. Orange beanie with black hair
5. Black belted plaid skirt

Cost – 50 Robux

character 10


Requirements –
1. Brown charmer hair
2. Trasher black flames hoodie
3. Censor bar
4. Black plain W combat boots
5. Jurassic World Backpack

Cost –70 Robux

character 11


Requirements –
1. Blue anime boy hair
2. Rose
3. Ripped Jeans with jordan

Cost – 60 Robux

character 12


Requirements –
1. Red Nike pants
2. Silver heartbreak
3. Red corrupted eye
4. Crimson Shaggy
5. Smile
6. Bandite’s Red cowboy hat

Cost – 92 Robux

character 13


Requirements –
1. Cisco’s headphones
2. Know-it-all grin
3. Coffin Batpack
4. Red Adida
5. Hashtag no filter
6. Nike red black Nike
7. Crimson shaggy 2.0

Cost – 37 Robux

character 14


Requirements –
1. Dark cartoony bunny ears
2. Freckles
3. Trash club
4. Black
5. Obvious spy card
6. Kas/Muscle
7. John’s hair
8. Stylish aviators

Cost – 97 Robux

character 15


Requirements –
1. Aurora spark – shades
2. Classic male v2 – pants
3. Fc Barcelona: elite playmaker hair
4. Cheestrings straw hat
5. Smile
6. Grey waistcoat
7. Rey’s staff

Cost – 0 Robux

character 16


Requirements –
1. Historic headphones
2. Wonder woman’s tiara and hair
3. Hold it in
4. White bandeau
5. Marine Baguhan – Alistado

Cost – 38 Robux

roblox character 17

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Requirements –
1. The Crook
2. Nerd Glasses
3. Brown hair
4. Skeptic

Cost – 67 Robux

character 18


Requirements –
1. Tuxedo
2. Blonde manga hero
3. Evil eyepatch

Cost – 90 Robux

character 19


Requirements –
1. John’s hair
2. Joyful smile
3. Nerd glasses
4. Black Off-White
5. Cisco’s headphones
6. Jurassic world backpack

Cost – 60 Robux

character 20


Requirements –
1. Jeans
2. Roblox Rarar Hoodie By 1Blox
3. Turbo builders club hard hat
4. Mr. Chuckles

Cost – 49 Robux

character 21


Requirements –
1. Dabbing noob
2. I love obbys shirt
3. Black Jeans with White Shoes
4. 1.3 Obbys Cap

Cost – 30 Robux

character 22


Requirements –
1. Aesthetic black sweater x flannel
2. Monarch
3. Cicsco’s headphones
4. Next Gen Visor
5. Crystalline Companion
6. Black spiked hair
7. Winning Smile
8. Rainbow Fashion hood
9. Obvious Spy Cap

Cost – 133 Robux

character 23


Requirements –
1. Beautiful hair for beautiful people
2. Messy black hair
3. Anti Social
4. Solid black
5. Bandito
6. Onyx Oni Horns
7. Black Funny Pack
8. Dark katana

Cost – 383 Robux

character 24


Requirements –
1. Black Funny Pack
2. Dark grey hoodie
3. Dark katana
4. Black Iron Commando
5. Ninja mask of shadows
6. Black iron Branches
7. Beautiful hair for beautiful people
8. Duffel bag

Cost – 2842 Robux

character 25


Requirements –
1. Lavender feathered headphones
2. Blacktrendy hat
3. Err…
4. Black Supreme
5. Horns of the forsaken
6. Military Cloak
7. Epic mask
8. White hoodie
9. Beautiful hair for beautiful people

Cost – 1286 Robux

character 26


Requirements –
1. 😛
2. Pastel off white
3. Eyepatch
4. Pastel Off white pants
5. Cartoony bunny ears
6. Pastel hair for beautiful people

Cost – 210 Robux

character 27

Other Avatar Ideas

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Final Words

There are infinite combinations of Roblox Characters which you can make using the Roblox Avatar shop. These characters can make your time feel worth in Roblox. Many of these characters are really cheap and can easily be obtained in Roblox.

If you have any other awesome combination of Roblox Character, please let us know in the comments.


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