100+ Famous Roblox Pant Codes To Look Clean

roblox pant codes

Roblox is one of the best platforms for supporting game development and developers with instant solutions and various debugging methods, including sharing code with the other developers for support. Roblox supports the easy development of games, which has produced many different games that a player can enjoy. Apart from robust and faster game development, players can update their looks within the game and showoff the items obtained by performing various tasks.

Roblox Pant Codes are the numeric value situated with each of the Pants; this code is assigned to the items by default by the Roblox system. A player can refer to these codes to search the Avatar section’s pants and use them for their character look. There are many codes available representing different items; there is a Roblox Pant Codes list to search for the specific item easily.

What are Pants in Roblox?

Roblox pant

Pants in Roblox is a wearable item for a character that is available in a long list to choose the one. Pants are similar to an object, which can be applied to a player’s character to show the items (specifically pants) they own. Pants in Roblox are made available to select the best attire for your character and design the unique costume by making different outfit combinations out of many. Each of these items is attached with a Roblox Pant Codes to keep it unique.

100+ Roblox Pant Codes

Roblox pant codes

Following is the list of Roblox Pant Codes sorted according to popularity. Every Roblox Pant object has a unique ID code, and it’s never changed. These numerical ID codes will help you to get the corresponding library page of Pants. The list below contains all the Aesthetic, Black, Adidas, Anime-styled pants that you can use in Roblox.

Pant NamePant Codes
Pink Adidas Crop w Jeans1077794708
Halloween Adidas Kicks1074244758
Pink Crop Top1115955091
Jordan Kicks With Nike Pants1020265933
Flawless Flannel1100892917
Ripped Jeans and Pink Lace Up Crop Top with Choker911175584
Luci Plain Pants993947590
Nike Joggers602332443
Rainbow Adidas888119019
Original Designer Jeans950097363
Black Lightening Kicks974635112
Chrome Adidas1078177315
Halloween Adidas Outfit1074240144
Purple Galaxy Adidas632066196
Air Jordan Joggers873180952
Rainbow Tank Top & Rainbow Shoes1080370260
Blue Short Pants1060714877
Cute Rip Jeans Outfit578445373
High Waisted Shorts & Combats with Floral Crop Top 563153970
Nike Tank Top With Pink Distressed Pants996758204
Black TBK Pants859106466
Lightening Adidas Kicks912903845
Pink Overalls1093935534
Black pumpkin smile & black jeans1080790349
White Top with Adidas Shoes1079742042
Water & Fire Adidas (50ksale)876868526
Water & Fire Adidas933699911
White Crop Top with Ripped Jeans & White AirForce908681584
Orange Bats Adidas Outfit1094564895
Cotton Candy Galaxy Pink Outfit1080781203
New! Zacharys Official Mystery Pants!1112061752
Turtle Neck with Black Overalls and Leg Chains579914224
Lightening Adidas Kicks905099159
Overall one strap down with Striped Top936283089
Top with Blue Shorts and Vans936694173
Pink Overalls with Adidas Shoes1002015213
Rainbow Ducksquad Pants version 11062135677
Pink Tied Flannel and Black Shorts1089324952
Red Galaxy Adidas Pants1115000129
Ocean Blue Adidas958793658
White Crop top, Jeans and Flannel921563900
Crop Top with Jeans842226364
Blue Galaxy Adidas933699673
Cute Pink Summer Outfit921774410
Distressed Black High Waist Jeans1113214191
Gold Adidas Outfit950791909
Pink Crop Top with Overalls540766364
Halloween Adidas Outfit1112996066
Cute Sunset Crop Top586605118
Limited Cyan Lava Adidas Kicks1108823523
Adidas Crop Top1061242581
Pink Crop Top with Ripped Black Shorts1006322324
Shiny gold Adidas887694185
Jordan Pants979247228
Red Top with Blue890756658
Blue Galaxy Adidas926415401
Girl’s Cutout Outfit with Flannel962794760
Jordan 12s with Jeans914978280
Yorinthian Pants1001082263
Baby Pink Crop Top and Overalls988664226
Blue Adidas Pants1081425944
Crop Top with Jeans939788819
Adidas Pants528678621
Girls Midnight Galaxy Crop Top with Glowing962154613
Red Adidas Pants962252176
Cotton Candy Adidas968613016
Camo Joggers White Adidas754094758
Lightening Adidas Kicks (Sale)1067676132
Adidas Shorts with Adidas Superstars683645136
Ripped Light Washed Jeans with Black Lace Up Tank395708899
Ripped White Jeans with Black993161936
Galaxy Blue Adidas590762770
Daisy Crop Top with Washed Overalls and Converse152120116
New Nike White Crop Top with Nike Airmax998301332
Denim Braces and Top643519993
Shorts, Flannel with Tank Top and Hair344902491
Adidas Shorts with Adidas Superstars936281406
Pink Lace Up Crop Top with Choker and Ripped Jeans416087727
Black Slacks129459077
Lilac Bralette with Bleached Fringed Shorts1006101697
Color Changeable Sparkle Time Suit Pants1003385368
Cute Halloween Adidas Shirt with Shoes1111809565
Neon Alien Adidas583732678
Camo Pants, Black Top and Brown Hair937437375
Vans Old Skool Flame with Black Denim1112294101
Galaxy Heart Top and Skirt with Heart506477385
Purple Galaxy Adidas628668377
New Fire vs Water Adidas1115003584
Red Adidas Shoes110454553
Dark Heart White Tank and Choker493679861
TBK Khaki’s with White Supra109473468
Chill Tank with Pink Shorts and Converse163724698
Golden Pants of Bling Bling6553208
High Waisted Shorts and Combats with Floral Crop Top287355153
Original Diamond Blue Adidas559150559
My Dream321133501
Girl’s Outfit with Blonde Extensions956980961
Original Tank Top with Ripped Jeans558101826
Universal Studs Pants112432369
Pastel Pink Slim Dress994607075
Halloween Adidas513576055

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How can you customize the Avatar to change the appearance?

Roblox customize avatar

You can do various things on your character and make it look unique, but how to do it is mentioned below. Use Roblox Pant Codes mentioned above to fetch the perfect pant for your avatar.

Change the Pants

If you want to change the skin tone of your character-:

  1. Go to the Roblox website.
  2. Navigate to the Avatar section, which is on the left side of the page.
  3. Once the Avatar is loaded, click on the Costumes tab.
  4. Select the option, Create New Costume. You can check the Roblox Pant Codes from below to change the costume.
  5. Provide a name to the style and click on Create.

NOTE: Later on, you can update the created design by clicking on the gear icon.

Remove an item from Pants

Sometimes you won’t like a few mods applied to your character, and you want to discard it, then it is easy to do so.

  1. Go to the Roblox website.
  2. Navigate to the Avatar section, which is on the left side of the page.
  3. Click on Recent, or you can choose from the applicable category (ex- shoe, t-shirt, pants, hat, etc.)
  4. In the recent pull-down menuyou can see the recent edits you have applied to your character. Apart from this, you can select from the applicable category (ex- shoe, t-shirt, pants, hat, etc.) and remove what you don’t like. Use Roblox Pant Codes given in this post to remove an item.
  5. You can tap on the Green icon when the modifications are completed.

Add an item in Pants

After obtaining new items, if you want to apply them to your character, then go through the steps mentioned below:

  1. Go to the Roblox website.
  2. Navigate to the Avatar section, which is on the left side of the page.
  3. Click on Recent, or you can choose from the applicable category (ex- shoe, t-shirt, pants, hat, etc.)
  4. If you own various wearables for a specific part, you can travel through the list to search for the appropriate item. You can use Roblox Pant Codes to reach the library page of the respective pant.
  5. Select the one, click on the Green item-icon.

How to change Roblox Pant?

change Roblox Pant

If you want to change the character’s Pant in Roblox, it is attempted similarly to adding an item; there is only a slight difference:

  1. Go to the Roblox website.
  2. Navigate to the Avatar section, which is on the left side of the page.
  3. Then choose the Costumes tab. You can use Roblox Pant Codes to fetch the specific Pant
  4. If you own various Pants items, you can scroll down the list to search for the favorite thing.
  5. Select the one, click on the Green item-icon.

Final Words

Roblox has allowed modifying the character in-depth, which helps to change the looks very frequently and avoid the boredom of using the same character again and again. The character modifications are not at a base level; instead, a player can also perform the in-depth modifications of his usable character and set a collection of various outfits combination.

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