25 Roblox Shirts To Look Awesome In Roblox [2024]

roblox shirt

Roblox is an online community where players create games for players. Released in 2006, this platform allows the players to create custom games and enjoy accordingly. Now over 150M+ new users every month, Roblox has become one of the biggest games of the decade. Its users are predominantly children, but adults too are a part of this huge community.

As every game has cosmetic features, Roblox also has many cosmetic features in it. Roblox Shirts, Hats, Hairs, Pets, and Glasses are already present in Roblox’s library. This library also contains many custom-made cosmetics which make your character look good. Roblox Shirt is one of those cosmetics. These shirts can be either free or paid. There are more than thousands of shirts available in Roblox’s library.

What is Roblox Shirt?

Roblox Shirt is a cosmetic item that can be used to customize your avatar. With these shirts, you can make your character look like yourself in the game. Moreover, the ability to upload the custom shirt template allows the players to create a shirt independently.

25 Roblox Shirts List –

In this post, we’ll have a look at 25 of those good-looking Roblox shirts templates. Let’s dive right into it –

Red Shirt

roblox shirt 1

This shirt has a good usual pattern on it. This shirt also features a headphone over your neck.

Cost – Free
Link – here


roblox shirt 2

This hoodie has an Adidas stamp on it. It’s pretty good if you love casual wear.

Cost – 5 Robux
Link – here


shirt 3

This yellow color coat has a nice pattern on it. In the center, two gold chains are hanging from your neck. Great way to be rich in 5 Roblox!

Cost – 5 Robux
Link – here

Rainbow Nike Hoodie

shirt 4

This hoodie has a nice rainbow pattern on it. This rainbow pattern matches quite well with the hoodie color. It also has an original Nike patch.

Cost – 35 Robux
Link – here

Electric Adidas Hoodie

shirt 5

This hoodie has an electrical vibe in it. It has those lighting bolt patterns making it very different from other plain hoodies. It also has a big Adidas logo in the middle.

Cost – 50 Robux
Link – here

WC Ultimates jacket W Supreme hoodie

shirt 6

Firstly, there is a supreme hoodie inside of the jacket. And secondly, the jacket itself has a perfect pattern. Although it’s high priced compared to other hoodies, it’s worth the money.

Cost – 100 Robux
Link – here

Galaxy Cat

shirt 7

This Roblox shirt is made up of all galaxy patterns with a cat in its center. This is good casual wear for fun joining fun games.

Cost – 18 Robux
Link – here

Lightning Adidas Shirt

shirt 8

This hoodie has a lightning effect over its blue color. It also has the Adidas logo in its center.

Cost – 25 Robux
Link – here

Rainbow Adidas Hoodie

shirt 9

This hoodie has a rainbow pattern in the horizontal direction. This is good casual wear in Roblox.

Cost – 5 Robux
Link – here

YouTube Hooded Sweatshirt

shirt 10

This is youtube’s Roblox shirt. This shirt has two colors, white and red, with YouTube written in the center.

Cost – 35 Robux
Link – here

White Shirt

shirt 11

This is a formal Roblox shirt with a red tie. You can wear this in some serious discussions gameplay.

Cost – 5 Robux
Link – here

Nike Galaxy Windbreaker

shirt 12

This hoodie has a Purple and Blue galaxy pattern on it. It has a windbreaker style which divides the Hoodie in V shape.

Cost – 50 Robux
Link – here

Blue Adidas Hoodie

shirt 13

This is the most casual Adidas hoodie in Roblox. It’s pretty cheap as well as good-looking. I’ll definitely recommend you to buy this one.

Cost – 5 Robux
Link – here

CW T-Shirt

shirt 14

This Roblox shirt has a famous clockwork design on it. Clockwork is a famous CS:GO edit series. One video of this series has the above pattern in animations.

Cost – 5 Robux
Link – here (Currently Unavailable)

Ecipse admin shirt

shirt 15

This is a good random design on the shirt. It’s liked by more than 1000 users on its catalog page.

Cost – 5 Robux
Link – here

DraconiteDragon OFFICIAL Jacket!

shirt 16

This is a good leather jacket with a dark blue t-shirt inside it. This jacket also has a good yellow chain pattern on its right arm.

Cost – 25 Robux
Link – here

Denim jacket w floral days hoodie

shirt 17

This Roblox shirt has a Denim pattern with a rose on its left arm. This shirt looks good if you have dark-colored pants.

Cost – 5 Robux
Link – here

Innovation Security Arctic Task Force Vest

shirt 18

This is shirt has a security vest on it. It also has a pattern of mud which makes it look like you’re back from some war.

Cost – 20 Robux
Link – here

Spongebob Squarepants Shirt

shirt 19

This Roblox shirt is one of the community’s favorite shirts. It has a simple SpongeBob’s face on it in the middle.

Cost – 20 Robux
Link – here

Noob Within Noob Within PrimeSaltine Original

shirt 20

This is a half-transparent Roblox shirt. It has another Roblox character printed inside of the middle blue box.

Cost- 5 Robux
Link – here


shirt 21

This is a classic black shirt with “BAE” on it. This shirt has no other pattern than the total black color.

Cost – 8 Robux
Link – here

Blue Hoodie With Headphones!

roblox shirt 22

This hoodie has a great blue jacket or sweater over it. This blue sweater has light blue patches on it.

Cost – 10 Robux
Link – here

ItsFunneh OFFICIAL Shirt!

shirt 23

This is a shirt by famous YouTuber itsFunneh. This shirt is custom-made by her and loved by her fans all the time.

Cost – 25 Robux
Link – here

RHS Female Uniform Top

shirt 24

This shirt has a red jacket on it. It also has a red tie on it, which makes it look professional. It’s a good-looking shirt with a price tag of 5 Robux only!

Cost- 5 Robux
Link – here

Jacket 1 – Roblox High School

shirt 25

The community much loves this high school shirt. Over 2000+ user’s favorite this shirt is one of the best shirts in 5 Robux!

Cost – 5 Robux
Link – here

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Final Words

Roblox has almost more than 11k+ shirts over its library. We’ve collected some of the fine shirts and posted them here. I hope you liked all of them!

If you have any other good shirts in Roblox?
Let us know in the comments.

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