Create Minecraft Clock Tower With These Easy Steps

Minecraft Clock Tower

Minecraft is a sandbox video game designed by Mojang in 2009. It has more than 100 million registered users. Mine craft is launched on a few Smartphones, Mac, Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3. A clock tower is the tallest building in Minecraft. Continue reading to know more about the Clock Tower.

Minecraft Clock Tower is a large structure in the game which has a clock on top of it. By using this Clock Tower, you can keep watch on your surroundings and keep track of time while roaming in the game.

What is Minecraft Clock Tower?

Minecraft Clock Tower

A Minecraft clock tower is a Redstone – intensive gadget that indicates when an hour is over. This is a regular four-clock extension except a 75- or 150-clock extension. Notice that an hour in the game is 50 seconds in real-time. Also, because of the number of resources required for all the modules, this software is most useful for stock editing.

Items Required To Build A Minecraft Clock Tower 

Minecraft Clock Tower Requirement

Redstone Repeater

A Redstone repeater is a body that is used to “repeat” signals from Redstone to maximum amplitude, to delay signs, to keep signals from returning, or to “lock” signals in one state. A Minecraft clock tower requires 75 – 150 Redstone Repeaters.

Redstone Dust

Redstone dust is a mineral that can transmit Redstone strength when positioned as a block. Few stacks of Redstone Dust is also one of the items to build a Minecraft clock tower.

Redstone Torch

A Redstone torch is a solid-free block, which can be used as a power source toggle and signal inverter. Use about 1- 2 Redstone torch to construct a clock tower.


A Noteblock is a sound-emitting music block operated by Redstone. Clock tower uses a few note blocks for construction.


A piston is a block with Redstone’s pulse, which moves blocks, players, and mobs. A stubborn piston serves the same function as a regular piston, but it may also drive a block on its side when it is pushed out.

Step By Step Process To Build A Minecraft Clock Tower

Building this clocktower requires the 7×7 base area to be covered, excluding the pop-out blocks. To better understand the process, the clockwork building process is divided into five segments – the base, 1st floor, 2nd floor, 3rd floor, and the roof of clockwork, and the height of the clocktower is 87 blocks high. Let’s get started with the process.


clock tower base

Create a frame of 7×7 square.

On all four edges, add six blocks tall pillars and connect the structure in a cube.

Add pop-outs on the top edge of the wooden frame and similarly do it on the bottom side. Above the bottom, pop-outs add single-step stairs. Pop-out below the leading edge, add open fence gates, and the face of wooden pop-outs adds stones in the middle.

Create the inner walls of the cube, place similar stone bricks on the four outer corners edge of the wall.

Now, connect all the outer sides with stairs, leaving the space on a block on all sides. On the ground, place stone slabs to level it along with the wooden frame. From top to bottom, add alternate stone slabs in the middle and connect them with small walls.

Fill the left and right sides of the stairs with anvils.

Copy the wall design to any adjacent side, and for creating the window, paste the same design on the third side and remove the 3×3 frame from the middle.

Cover two blocks on the ground (one row behind from the outer side) with a stone slab, and on the top side, with the alignment of ground blocks, place three stone slabs. Below it, put two stone stairs on the two sides.

Now, cut a single middle block on the ground, place a stone stair, and add two slabs on two sides while leaving the space in between.

Place wooden planks on the inner edge of the walls and connect the walls. It can be considered as a frame for the window.

From the inside (behind the stone slabs), place three stone slabs on the ground level, make glass pillars on the two sides above the inside stone slabs (height=covering the whole window) and connect the two glass pillars with the glass sheet.

At the outside frame, on the top (below the wooden frame), place a stone stair in the middle and connect it with a stone brick slab on two sides.

On the leftover side, we need to build a door. Place two stone blocks adjacent to wooden blocks, and in front of the stone blocks place two stone stairs; similarly, on top of the stone blocks, place stone stairs. Above these stairs, place a single block stone slab to give it a look of inverted stairs.

Above the block stone slabs, place an anvil, and fill it with stone bricks above the anvil.

Below the stone slabs and adjacent to the anvil create inverted stairs on the two sides. Now, make the wooden frame on two sides below the two anvils.

To make the door, from inside, place four wooden sheets alternatively leaving one space and then while looking outside, remove the vertical blocks making the space for a door. And from the outside, place a wooden block with a handle.

Now, on the upper block of the wooden frame, add stone stairs alternatively and connect them with stone slabs. The top of the wooden frame aligns two more stone slabs and creates an inverted stair between two slabs. Copy this on all four sides.

Clock Tower Base finished

Above the door on the left side, add a block of stone with two wooden side frames, extend it with a small pillar of a wooden block, and attach a small lantern.

After this, we are done with the base of the clock tower.

1st Floor

Clock Tower 1st floor

On all four edges, add six blocks tall pillars and connect the structure in the form of a cube.

Add pop-outs on the top edge of the wooden frame and cover the outer two sides of the pillar with a wooden plank on the top and the bottom. Similarly, do it on all four posts.

Divide the pillar from the middle, place an anvil, and similarly do it on all four posts.

Now, add stones in the middle on the face of all the wooden pop-outs.

To create the first wall, fill the second and fourth columns with dark wooden blocks. For the 1st, 3rd, and 5th column, add light-colored wooden planks, and to decorate it, you can use some stripped oak logs as per your choice. Now, copy it on two adjacent sides to create walls.

On the fourth side, we need to create a window. Make a pillar of light-colored wooden blocks on two edges, and in between the foot of these two pillars place three blocks – a dark wooden block, a light wooden block, and again a dark wooden block. Above it, add three blocks of spruce planks and a mirror on the top side, below the frame.

Add spruce stairs in front of the wooden blocks on the top and bottom (inverted stairs).

Now in the inner sidewalls and two pillars of white stained glass blocks attached to wooden posts, and in front to it in the middle, add a pillar of glass blocks and fill the gaps between the three glass pillars, use glass panes in between.

On the outer side of the glass pillars above the light color pillars, decorate it with dark wooden planks on both sides and do the texturizing of light color wooden blocks.

In this way, we are done with the 1st floor.

2nd Floor

Clock Tower 2nd floor

On all four edges, add ten blocks tall pillars and connect all the sides.

Add pop-outs on the top edge of the wooden frame and cover the outer two sides of the pillar with a wooden plank. Similarly, do it on all four posts.

On the foot of the pillars, remove one block and replace it with a barrel. In front of the barrel, attach grindstone on two adjacent sides.

Above the barrel, add spruce on both sides.

In the middle of the pillar, remove from the block and place an anvil.

Add a stone button on the pop-outs located at the top side of the pillar, and below the pop-out, replace the wooden block with a barrel. Below the barrel, add spruce on both sides.

In the front of the barrel, add open spruce (attaching the pop out and the barrel) on both sides.

In between the pop-outs of the pillar, add dark-colored fence gates. Similarly, do the same thing for all the posts on the 2nd floor.

Aligned to the door side on the 2nd floor, add two light-colored wooden pillars on the edges, and join the pillars from the top using the same block.

On the foot of the pillars, create spruce stairs (edge side stairs will be facing each other, and the stairs in between will face outside).

Above the edge of spruce stairs on both pillars, attach trap door frames from top to bottom. Remove one trap door from the top side of both the posts and place two spruce stairs on the edges facing each other. In between the spruce stairs, fill the gap by using a wooden plank.

From the inside, attach spruce planks to the pillars and join them with spruce planks. Join the foot of inside posts using spruce stairs.

Place black stain glass panes on the head of the spruce stairs attached to the pillar edge; in between the black stain glass, place a grey stain glass to connect them.

And now, to create a glass window, make a checkered pattern with these two colored glass panes; after completing this window, copy-paste the same window on the opposite side also.

Now, you are left with the two blank sides of this floor; cover both sides with dark and light-colored wooden block pillars. Later on, we need to place the gears, starting from the backside of the gate on the 2nd floor. Place the small gear on the left side and align it adjacently to one block down the anvil; leaving one pillar, place the big gear aligned to the middle of the anvil.

On the opposite side, place the medium-sized gear aligned one block above the anvil. Use the middle pillar for placing the medium-sized gear.

3rd Floor

Clock Tower 3rd floor

On all four edges, add 11 blocks tall pillars and connect all the sides.

Add pop-outs on the top edge of the wooden frame and attach a stone button to it. Similarly, do it on all four pillars.

Above the pop-out place, inverted dark stairs are followed by a regular stair and continue till you reach the next pop-out. On both endings, place a dark wooden slab. Now, place dark logs on the head of upside downstairs. Do it on all sides.

Place a grindstone (facing outwards) below the dark wooden slab and connect it to the adjacent pillar by placing a spruce fence below it. Extend the chains using a spruce fence (as per your requirement) and attach a stone block at the end of the chain. Copy the construction on all sides.

Remove the last block from the pillar and replace it with a barrel, followed by the trap doors (facing upwards) on both sides. On the top of the post, do the same thing, and the trap door will be facing downwards, and in the middle of the pillar, place a barrel. Similarly, do it on all four sides.

Add spruce fence on the adjacent sides of the top barrel. On all the sides do the same construction.

Now, connect the pop-outs using a dark oak fence and gates, which are alternatively.

Above the door on the third floor, place three stripped oak logs in the 2nd inside column and on the fourth inside column. Place the light-colored oak log between the two stripped oak logs, and it should be on the block below the adjacent logs.

Place light stripped oak logs on the first and fifth inside column. Fill the head above the light-colored oak log (3rd inside column) with light white-colored concrete powder, and above it, create a complete row with white concrete powder between the two pillars.

After creating the row of white concrete powder on the sides above it, create a pillar of five blocks using the same material and fill it.

To close the leftover space, mirror the first three blocks as done at the foot of the third floor.

On the second row on the foot of the third floor, place a spruce slab and one below it. Then create a step on both the sides, one above the middle block, and then extend one block above it with spruce stairs facing each other. Extend these stairs with inverted spruce stairs, then place a spruce plank above it and do the same thing on the other side.

Then copy the same thing to close the top of this design but do the mirror designing to give it a circle look.

In the pillar, joining the upper and lower structure of the circle needs the addition of spruce slabs to make it a perfect circle (exclude the middle block of the pillar). Lastly, on the head of the circle, place one spruce slab.

In the middle of the circle, place a spruce log and add a stone button to it. On the top side of the spruce log, add three oak fences, and on the left, add a dark oak fence gate. This construction gives a look of a clock. Similarly, copy this structure on the opposite side also.

Now, select either side and start placing stripped oak log and dark oak log alternatively to fill the inner edge.

Create a line of dark oak logs above it, and also, on the top side, place a line of dark oak logs.

On the bottom edges, place two spruce stairs facing each other and do the same on the top side.

Next to all the spruce stairs, attach trap doors.

Behind these blocks on the inner sides, create three pillars of oak planks in the 1st, 3rd, 5th row. Cover the leftover space with stripped oak log pillars. On the outer side of this wall, you can place signboards to give it a few pop-outs.

Add trap doors on the bottom base of the 3rd floor; you need to place them on the 1st, 3rd, and 5th block places. Copy the same thing on the top side also. Similarly, do the same wall design on the opposite side.

Now, place the large gear (half designed only), aligning on top of the small gear from the 2nd floor and the barrel as a midpoint. After this placement, small gear is aligned above the large gear from the 2nd floor and considers the barrel the midpoint.

We are done with the most time-consuming floor and moving towards the construction of the roof.


Place a dark oak plank on top of the pop-out, and on the right, attach a dark oak stair to it. On the left side, add a dark oak slab.

Place a dark oak slab on the head of the stair place. Extend the stair with a dark spruce slab, and above it place an inverted dark oak stair and attach another stair facing outwards; below it attach a dark oak door. Mirror the constructed structure on the other half side also. Lastly, add a block on the pillars behind the construction.

Do the same design on all the sides.

Now, fill the inside on the 2nd and 4th column with two dark oak logs and the central place stripped oak log of the same size. Similarly, do it on all sides.

For building the frame, place a block in the outer, middle head of the stair and top of it add stair facing outwards, then add a stair behind it followed by the block on top of it. Repeat the same till your reach the middle of the clocktower. Lastly, half the top by one block.

Create this structure on all three sides.

Place three dark prismarine blocks above the inside pillar (stripped oak pillar), do the same thing on its adjacent side to fill the gap and place a dark prismarine stair on top of it.

Now, move diagonally to do the same thing, and next to it, after placing three dark prismarine blocks, place a dark prismarine slab.

Now, in the middle of pillars, attach them by placing three dark prismarine blocks. Fill the two sides of this pillar by placing two more blocks, and on top of them place dark prismarine stairs. Close the top opening by adding one more block.

Copy the same thing on leftover corners.

Extend the top edge of the clocktower by placing dark oak fences.

On the pop-out of the 3rd-floor, place a grindstone slab and a dark oak slab in the middle of it. Below the grindstone, put a fence and extend the lantern from it. Repeat this same structure on all pop-outs of the third floor.

After creating the roof, your steampunk clocktower is completed.

Light Circuit

Firstly, open the craft table so that you have the 3 x 3 board.

Add items to the clock.

Open your crafting menu, and make sure you have all items to craft a clock. To make a clock in the 3×3 crafting grid, keep four gold bars and 1 Redstone (also referred to as Redstone dust) in the grids.

Minecraft Clock Tower Redstone

The gold crystals and Redstone must be put in the following picture’s exact pattern when making a clock. One gold mold is supposed to be in the middlebox in the first row. The first box should hold one gold ingot, the second one should have 1 Redstone, and the final one should be one gold ingot. One gold ingot should be in the center of the third board. This is the Minecraft one-clock craft method.

Now the clock appears in the box to the right when you are loaded with the crafting area’s proper pattern.

Shift the clock

This is the final step to build the clock tower in Minecraft. You need to move this new item to your inventory until you’ve generated clock towers. This completes the construction of the Minecraft clock tower.

This clock is the regular clock circuit for 75-150 ticks, rather than 4-5 ticks. I am using a Redstone torch and a block for setting up an inverter to launch the circuit. A repeater may be mounted either in the range of the inverter or with a wire from the inverter when finished.

A 75-hour is a full-circuit half repeater, and one more signal inverter tells you an hour’s gone past. If the primary circuit has been developed, add 74 more repeaters to the chain and link them to the inverter. 

Then have a wire branch out before the inverter and lead to a new inverter that, in turn, leads to a note block or note blockchain. This is why the second inverter is needed; the note blocks do not vanish once every two cycles because a clock has only 75 replayers rather than 150. There are two sequences on the clock circuit. The first is upright, with the repeaters all on; the other is downright, with all repeaters switched off. This loop continues until a broken chain or a save and stop is interrupted. Sleeping in a bed will contribute to off-time clocks. The pistons can be used to create a reset machine that wastes very little time.

Minecraft Clock Tower base

This writer and builder see a 150 clock as a whole circuit to use the maximum number of repeaters required. Establish the base circuit. Then bring another 149 repeaters into a chain. Then make a wire branch on one side at the end of the circuit and connect two-note blocks or note block sequences. 

Minecraft Clock Tower Top

But placed an inverter in front of one series of the note block. Before a single note block sequence, the inverter enables a note block sequence to be operated by every 150 repeaters working, on or off. This approach takes more materials and effort, but it is more satisfying and enjoyable to show friends or photographs when done.

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Final Words

Clock Tower is one of the tools you can design in Minecraft. Hence, we hope the above article will help you with everything you need to know about Minecraft Clock Tower to create the tower to play this exciting video game.

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