How To Get Bricks In Minecraft Survival

How To Get Bricks In Minecraft Survival

A legendary update back in 2009 introduced bricks to the world of Minecraft. These sturdy pieces are mainly used in two ways – you can either use them to craft brick blocks or make flower pots. Players can easily spot brick blocks in houses that give off a very modern minimalist look.

Bricks in Minecraft Survival can only be made (quite similar to real-world) and they have to be made from clay. But where would one find clay? And how to make a brick once you have gotten yourself some clay?

Placing a clay bell in the top cell in the furnace GUI with the lower cell containing any fuel you find suitable will work. You will need to wait a bit for the middle to fill to build a brick. But that’s just an overview of how to make bricks in Minecraft Survival, where’s the detailed process?

We will be answering all these questions and more. Keep reading!

Materials Required To Make Bricks In Minecraft Survival

  1. Clay – Players will be able to find clay in regions that have shallow water in them. So you can look for clay in places like lakes and ponds. You will not find them anywhere else, especially not in vast seas or deep oceans. You will find large deposits of them in ponds, swamps, lakes and other shallow water bodies. Every clay block will provide you with four clay balls. You can use a shovel a break the clay blocks.
  2. Access To A Furnace
  3. Furnace Fuel

How To Get Bricks In Minecraft Survival: Step By Step Process

First things first, you will need to interact with any furnace to open a furnace menu. For the next step, you will have to place the clay you have found in the top slot. Now add any sort of wood, coal, or lava buckets in the bottom slot to use it as your furnace fuel.

Using Clay to make brick in Minecraft Survival

Once you have added the furnace fuel you will have to wait for the arrow to fill and become completely white (it means the arrow is full). A brick now is generated and you will find it on the right side of the furnace slot.

You’ve successfully created a Bricks In Minecraft Survival! Go you! You will just have to drag it out of the furnace slot into your own inventory now.

Making Bricks in Furnace

Now that you have made bricks you can move on to making brick blocks. Combine four bricks in the 2×2 slot of your crafting menu.

Brick Blocks in Minecraft Survivial

Use the command /give @p minecraft:bricks 64 to get yourself some brick blocks. Use /give @p minecraft:brick 64 to get brick blocks in creative mode with cheats enabled.

If you aren’t able to find any clay around you can go look for some Mason villagers who will tread one emerald for ten Bricks In Minecraft Survival. It’s sort of pricey but this is something you can try if you are desperately looking for swamps, ponds, or lakes and can find none.

If you find yourself miles away from a village you can try turning a Zombie villager to how a normal one. Place a stonecutter near them to turn them back into a mason villager.

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