How To Create An Awesome Minecraft Chandelier?

Minecraft Chandelier

Minecraft is one of the excellent sand-box strategy games developed by Mojang. The players of Minecraft explore an infinite terrain of a blocky, procedurally generated 3D environment. The game avails the discovery of crafting instruments, raw materials, and other stuff to build structures and earthworks.

Minecraft Chandelier is one of the types of structures that the players can build to ripe its benefits. In layman’s terms, Chandelier refers to hanging glass decorations on your roof to make your room look better. But the newbies to Minecraft often wonder about the designs and methods to construct the perfect Chandelier. No worries, scroll down to grasp an efficient guide to build the ideal Chandelier.

What is Minecraft Chandelier?

Minecraft Chandelier

Minecraft Chandelier is among the essential structures that the players can build, amalgamating different raw materials, crafting tools, and other stuff. The Chandelier is a light illuminating block added to the Extra utility mods. Besides being a light exhibitor, it also prohibits mobs’ spawning within a radius of 16 blocks.

The Chandelier may not affect spawners’ Soul Shards or vanilla; however, these blocks’ activities are identical to the Magnum Torch, which also functions by preventing mobs’ spawn within 16 blocks radius. But the only difference that peaks out is that the players can place Chandelier only on the ceiling, unlike Magnum Torch.

Minecraft is all about creating new items and decorations for your house. A suitable Chandelier adds a great touch to your room and serves as a great source of light. With the steps mentioned below, you can create a massive Chandelier by using glass and other materials.

Items Required To Build Minecraft Chandelier

The large, attractive structure attracts many players. But here, the players are often curious about what items they will have to amalgamate to build an adorable chandelier.

Items Required To Build Minecraft Chandelier Infographics

Here is the entire list of items required to build a Chandelier –

  • Space – In Minecraft, the players need a large and high ceiling to construct a chandelier, so one must have a spacious room.
  • Cobblestone Walls – Introduced in 1.4.3 update, it is one of the most attractive types of block. It is mainly used for adornment purposes and prevents the mobs’ entrance or exit in an area.
  • Birch Fences – The recipe to create Birch Fences is the combined use of birch wood planks and sticks.
  • Iron Bars – Being fabricated from iron, these blocks that serve identical purpose as the glass planes.
  • Sea Lanterns – These blocks are the source of underwater illumination, and one can often found these in underwater ruins and underwater monuments.
  • Hoppers – These are blocks accustomed to grasping item entities or transfer items within or out of containers.
  • White Stained Glass Panes –  One of the essential decoration items that the player must add to his inventory is White Stained Glass Panes. The crafting method can produce 16 White Stained Glass Panes at a time.
  • White Stained Glass – These are one of the numerous building blocks that the players can create. The crafting method assists the players in creating 8 White glass at a time.
  • End Rods – These are an ornamental source of illumination that discharges white particles. Adding them to the bottom of the Chandelier will create a good sparkling effect.

Step by Step Process to Build Minecraft Chandelier

The newbies often hassle to build the ideal Minecraft Chandelier. But with efficient knowledge and a helpful guide, the trick of constructing the Chandelier lies in your pocket. To find the Step by Step Process to Build Minecraft Chandelier, keep scrolling down –

The first task that the player needs to perform is to find a high ceiling to start the construction of the Minecraft Chandelier. Make sure to create a ceiling with tremendous height to ensure that the Chandelier doesn’t interfere with basic activities.

Chandelier Empty Space Minecraft

The construction of the Chandelier begins with going up to the high ceiling to place a Cobblestone Wall on it. This Cobblestone Block serves as the base for your Chandelier to hang.

Chandelier Cobblestone Minecraft

Then place down a Birch Fence underneath it. Birch Fence adds a better touch to your Minecraft Chandelier, and you can put other objects on the bottom of it.

Then go underneath the whole setup to place an Iron Bar there.

Chandelier Birch Wood + Iron bar Minecraft

Then place a Sea Lantern down the setup. This Lantern will serve as a source of light in your Chandelier.

Minecraft Chandelier Sea Lantern

Now, put a Hopper down the setup. Hopper adds a good bottom look on the Lantern.

Minecraft Chandelier Hopper

Now, you must put the White Stained Glass Panes around the Iron Bar, one on each of the four sides of the Minecraft Chandelier. All these four Panes will act as a base for outer Panes covering.

Chandelier Glass Panes Minecraft

Now, you must get your hands on the White Stained Glass and place it on the Sea Lantern and Hopper on each side.

Now, go underneath the developing Chandelier to place two White Stained Glass.

White Stained Glasses for Chandelier

Now, let’s make the Minecraft Chandelier more attractive and adorable by placing additional details on it.

To start with, you must place the White Stained Glass Panes on each side of the hollow corners of the Chandelier. These Panes will create an excellent outer covering for your Chandelier.

Outer Covering for Chandelier

Then you need to turn to a location down the hopper where you placed the White Strained Glass, and now you need to place the White Stained Glass Panes, one on each of the four sides.

You need to go underneath the Chandelier to place an end rod there. End Rod shines with its unique particles and creates a good look at the structure.

Then, it would be best if you placed a glass pane underneath it.

Now comes the last stage, where you need to apply end rods to each Chandelier corners to make it more attractive.

End Rods for Minecraft Chandelier


How do you make a pretty chandelier in Minecraft?

A pretty Chandelier can easily be made by using glasses and any light-emitting blocks like glowstone, Lantern, or Redstone Lamp. Arrange these blocks above your ceiling to create a pretty chandelier effect.

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Final Words

Minecraft has experienced a rising tide of recognition in today’s time, with about 126 million players. Almost every Minecraft player wishes to decorate their place with an adorable chandelier. With thousands of creative ideas, you can build anything you want in Minecraft.

So why are you waiting? Grab the step-by-step guide to build Chandelier and start building your in-game Chandelier now.

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