Create an Awesome Minecraft Tavern With 30 Easy Steps!

Minecraft Tavern

If you are searching for a game that will let you create your world and do whatever you want to do, Minecraft is the best game. Minecraft allows a player to find a place and create anything they want to, and later on, if a player feels frustrated, he can break whatever he wants. The freedom Minecraft game allows a player has made this game popular instantly.

Minecraft Tavern is required to provide a place of business on the map. A tavern is similar to a real-life tavern, but you need to build it all by yourself. To construct a Tavern, you need to collect many items but have a spare time of 30 minutes in hand since the process mentioned below will let you build this building faster than other Taverns.

What is Minecraft Tavern?

Tavern in Minecraft

A Tavern is like a bar, where people gather to do business while sharing alcohol. Inside a Tavern, food is also served along with the beverages; even lodge people if someone wants to stay. It is an inn, which requires a license, especially for the stay of guests as lodgers.

Items required to build a Minecraft Tavern

Before building a tavern, go through the list which mentions the items you require to create a bar.

  • Vacant area of 10×13
  • Light Color Wooden Blocks
  • Brown Wooden Blocks
  • Cemented Blocks of white color
  • Glass
  • Door
  • Plants

Step by step process to build a Minecraft Tavern

Let’s get into the process of building a Minecraft Tavern.

Step 1: Find an empty place of 10×13. Ensure that you select a good place for your Minecraft Tavern because you cannot shift it later on.

Place for Tavern

Step 2: On the breadth side, place four wooden blocks, and on the length side, cover the distance with two wooden blocks. These blocks will serve as basic support for your Tavern.

Basic support for your tavern

Step 3: Now, fill the gaps between the wooden blocks by filling them with the cemented blocks. Leave a space of one block to create an entrance. Only fill the top layer of the blocks.


Step 4: Plough the ground (inside edge of the tavern) one block below the surface. This makes a place for your tavern and you can fill this with wood/cement blocks to make it more stable.


Step 5: Now, fill the plowed ground with the wooden blocks to provide a base for the Minecraft Tavern.


Step 6: According to Step 2, create the pillars on the blocks. You can either have pillars of 3 blocks height or 4 blocks heights.


Step 7: Join the pillars from the top and alongside provide a design to the alignment. make sure that the two blocks must be inside and two blocks must be from outside.


Step 8: Fill the opposites of the entrance with cemented block till the alignment of pillars.

Step 9: Cover all the sides of pillars with cemented block, and leave a space for windows if required. (Do not cover the entrance fully)


Step 10: Join the left side pillar of the entrance with the opposite pillar, located at the back.

Step 11: Fill the roof on the right with light-colored wooden blocks. This will become the first floor of your Minecraft Tavern. The empty space left is used for stairs.


Step 12: Double the height of the pillars, and join their base with cemented blocks. Now, to build roof, you need to extend the main pillars on top.


Step 13: Again, join the pillars from the top and provide a design to the alignment.


Step 14: Create windows and walls with a combination of wooden and cemented blocks. Please don’t fill the space with glasses as of now; we’ll fill them later on.

Step 15: Cover the roof fully with light color wooden blocks. You can do this or start creating the roof directly on those pillars.


Step 16: On the roof, create a design on the four sides by using the combination of cemented, wooden and light blocks. Make the structure look like slanting cemented blocks.

Step 17: On the front side of the building above the entrance, create architecture to make it fancy. Also, extend these walls till the bottom and use cemented stairs.


Step 18: Create a hut design (in the form of a staircase) on the two sides of the front roof using light-colored wooden blocks. Use only stairs to fill this area. Using blocks will destroy the look of the Minecraft Tavern.


Step 19: Repeat Step 18 for the completion of the backside of the roof. Extend both the sides to the same height and extending it until there is exactly one block of space left.

Step 20: Join the front and back hut design gap with a horizontal wooden pillar tied with white cemented blocks.

Step 21: Close all the roof gaps by using wooden blocks, and ultimately you get a beautiful Minecraft Tavern roof in the shape of a hut. Don’t use reversed stairs here because the roof will look too spiky. One single block layer adds a good touch to the roof.


Step 22: Decorate the entrance a little more in a similar shape.

Step 23: Do the finishing work on the outer side of the roof. Use stairs and other blocks to add a finishing touch to it.

Step 24: Close all the windows by using glass. You can increase/decrease windows depending on your choice. You can also use yellow stained glasses to make it look good.


Step 25: On the outer side of the windows, add an edge with lights installed in it.

Step 26: Create a cemented path in front of the entrance. Add some designs in this cemented path.

Step 27: Add a door to the entrance of Minecraft Tavern. You can use any door for this purpose, but a wooden door will add more touch to the theme of the tavern.


Step 28: Exactly above the Door, create a wooden box in the shape of a lantern and some lights facing the ground.

Step 29: On the sides of the lantern, add an image that will match with word tavern.

Step 30: (Important) Create a lawn on the Minecraft Tavern’s sides and do the fencing with cemented blocks. Create a boundary of at least 2 blocks height to avoid interfering with any jumping of zombies and other mobs.

Now, you are done with the construction of the tavern. You can add some more architecture to decorate the tavern.

Complete Minecraft Tavern Build

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Final Words

The Minecraft Tavern is basically a bar with a facility of lodging, and if a player wants to create it in the Minecraft game, then he has to gather all the materials and find an empty place for the construction. Minecraft has allowed the players to roam around and create anything they want, anywhere they like to. So, creating a tavern is not so tough, and it can be built in under 30 minutes.

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2 years ago

This is so confusing

Pratik Kinage
2 years ago
Reply to  anon

Can you let us know which part is confusing so that we can provide a guide on that?

1 year ago
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It gets super confusing around step 18. The instructions are not descriptive enough and the pictures are really hard to follow. Pictures are also grainy, like there’s some filter on them, so it makes some parts too dark to count blocks.

Pratik Kinage
1 year ago
Reply to  K1R573N

I apologize for unclear instructions. I’ll try to update the post again. The image might’ve been compressed badly by image optimizer making them dark. I’ll replace them as well.