How To Make Backpack In Minecraft

How To Make Backpack In Minecraft

A backpack is obviously a very useful thing to have. A functional one will help you through some very tight spots. This storage item will require materials like a crafting table, chest, leather, nametag, and anvil to craft.

Make Backpack In Minecraft to get 27 slots of storage space and players will be free to choose any color they like! The whole process of crafting a backpack is a lengthy one, but with the right skills and steps, you will be able to do so without much hassle.

In this post, we’ll go through the process to make Razzle Backpack.

Note that the Traveler’s Backpack is only available if you install the Traveller’s Backpack Mod. This mod is already being used by 4.7 Million users and is growing rapidly. Since it has almost two times the capacity of a normal bag, you can go on long adventures with this bag. Moreover, the bag has slots to store water or lava and weapons on its side.

While making it though, make sure you are friends with patience first! Read on to find out everything you need to know about making a backpack in Minecraft.

Materials Required To Make Backpack In Minecraft

Our How To Make Backpack In Minecraft Guide will help you throughout the process. Well, let’s take a look at the materials we will need to make backpack in Minecraft –

  • Crafting Table
  • Leather – To acquire leather you will have to hunt down a few cows. Hunt down some cows. You will be able to find them during daytime in grassland biomes.
  • Nametag
  • Anvil

How To Make Backpack In Minecraft

Players will obviously require a crafting table first. Place a chest, leather and nametag on your crafting table from your inventory. Now click on Repair and Name and place the Name Tag on the top. You can give it any name you want (from supercool Greek ones to your favorite fictional characters).

Put the Name Tag right in the middle of your grid and surround it with leather on all blocks to get a Razzlepack. Drag your Razzlepack to your inventory.

Razzlepack recipe in minecraft

You can now go and put the Razzlepack down. You will not be able to open it just yet. Remember the Name Tag you made? Place it on top and you will see hearts rising over your Razzlepack.

Now you will be able to see that your inventory space has increased at least a bit. If you are a hoarder (like most crows and magpies) you will now have double inventory space which invariably makes survival a whole lot easier. You can just run into the backpack and if you spot a shadow it would mean that the backpack is where it belongs – on your back.

One of the best things about this backpack is that you wouldn’t have to keep worrying about losing it. If anything, getting rid of it can be such a job. The backpack will stay on your back no matter what unless you start swimming or crouching.

If you enter the water, the backpack will automatically come off. But you can run as much as want, fly, walk and the backpack will still have your back.

You can also have the backpack on you while being on a boat on some waterbody or riding a horse. This will increase your chances of survival in both adventurous journeys and missions. And like we have already mentioned you can change the color of your backpack by choosing any one of the many dyes available!

How To Use Backpack

Razzlepack on ground

You can use the backpack by right-clicking on it. You can use Sneak + Right Click on a click with inventory to let the player view both the clicked inventory and backpack inventory for hassle-free, organized item management.

Traveller’s Backpack: There is a sleeping bag available in the Backpack which you can use to sleep if you’re not close to your bed. This will save you in difficult times of night where zombies and creepers may ruin your sport.

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