How to make your Horse Faster in Minecraft?

How to make your horse faster in Minecraft?

The popular game Minecraft has skyrocketed in the past 10 years. Kids absolutely love this game. They not only love playing this game but also like to watch Minecraft videos and tutorials to get better in the game. According to a survey, kids who play Minecraft are found to be more proactive and creative at the same time.

The temptation of a faster horse arises the question, how to make your horse faster in Minecraft? Having a horse that runs faster and jumps higher is definitely worth your time. This post will guide you step by step to breed the best horse for you. Let’s dive right into it.

What is a Minecraft Horse?

How to make your horse faster in Minecraft?

Horses are part of friendly mobs in Minecraft. They allow us to ride them when tamed. When riding, they allow us to climb mountains faster, jump up on the fences, and even help our expedition. This power of horses tempts us to be faster.

These creatures are extremely helpful in traveling around the world in Minecraft. As there are very few means of transport in default Minecraft, horses serve as a primary transport source. In other Minecraft SCP servers, there are other traveling utilities like cars, bikes, etc. But in the default version, you have to stick with your horse.

How to obtain a horse in Minecraft?

Horses are usually spawned in Minecraft in groups of two to six, usually in plains and savanna biomes. While the color of all the horses that are spawned in a group is the same, their individual markings usually vary. 

Among the horses, the different varieties with different colors and markings all have the same probability of spawning in the game. Of the horses spawned, one out of five horses may be spawned will be a foal. 

If you wish to tame a horse and make it the fastest in Minecraft, you have to mount it. Make sure your hand is empty or at least not holding a saddle to not scare away the horse you are trying to tame. 

The chances are this horse you are trying to tame will buck you off a few times before red hearts start showing up, indicating that you have successfully tamed the horse. Once it is successfully tamed, you can place a saddle on the horse and ride it. 

What Are Horse’s Abilities?

Firstly, before getting a good horse, you should know what traits you need to check if a horse is good or bad. These trait values are completely random and cannot be changed later on. One trait’s value is dependent on others, which means that if a horse has more health, he has more chance of slower speed than high speed. There are three main traits that you’ll need, these are mentioned below –

1. Horse’s Health

horse health minecraft

A horse’s Health is a randomly generated value between 15-30. That is 7.5 to 15 hearts.

2. Horse’s Jump Strength

The jump strength of a horse is between 0.4 to 0.7 inclusive. This corresponds to 1.087 to 5.29 blocks of height. This has a formula of

-0.1817584952 * (x^3) + 3.689713992 * (x^2) + 2.128599134 * x - 0.343930367

where x is jump strength.

3. Horse’s Speed

The movement speed of a horse varies from 4.32 to 14.23 blocks/sec. Movement speed also has its internal formula but it’s not disclosed by developers. The average speed for a horse is found to be 9 blocks/sec. In this post will learn how to make faster horses in Minecraft.

What Things Are Required To Make A Horse Faster?

We’re going to use the breeding process to obtain a better horse. To make this work we need the following things –

1. Many Golden Apple/Carrot

golden apple craft minecraft

Golden Apples/Carrots can be used to tame and breed horses. You can get a golden apple by crafting an apple with eight gold ingots. Golden Apples are also spawned naturally in Dungeon, Bastion remnant, Desert Temple, Ruined Portal, Underwater Ruins, Woodland Mansion, Stronghold, Igloo, and Mineshaft.

2. Horses (Atleast two)

horses minecraft

The main requirement for breeding is horses itself. You need at least two horses to start with. Horses can be found in grassland biomes easily. Just find and two horses and bring them to your stable. Feed them with Golden Apples, Golden Carrots, or Wheat to tame them. Taming them will help the horse to stay with you.

How to make your horse faster in Minecraft?

We’ll use a breeding method to generate a horse that is faster than both the parent horses. Minecraft breeding process is quite similar to the real-life breeding process, which has genetic mutations. You’ll think that breeding two-parent horses will make a baby horse whose ability values are average of both parents. But it’s not the case, a third randomly generated parent’s ability values are added and this makes a huge difference.

Assume your parent horses have 6 and 7 blocks/sec movement speed, respectively. But the third random parent has 13 blocks/sec movement, then your baby horse will have 6+7+13/3 = 8.67 blocks/sec speed. This is greater than both parents. Of course, this can work vice versa and you can get low movement speed. But we can we this to our advantage if we do the process neatly. Let’s get started –

1. Decide Your Expectations

First of all, decide what you want from your horse. It’s very rare to have a horse will full health, faster speed, and jumping strength. I’m focusing on obtaining a faster horse. You have to give up on some factors in order to achieve your goal. Your horse can’t be a master of all skills. It’s achievable by extremely hard.

2. Feed Golden Apple

golden apple feed horses minecraft

Now select the two best horses from your stable and feed a golden apple to them. This will activate the love mode, and produce a foal. During love mode try not to attack the horse, your golden apple will be wasted. The new foal will have a 44.44% chance of having either of his parent’s color and an 11.11% chance to have a random color.

3. Wait For Foal

Foal minecraft

Now, wait for the foal to fully mature in order to ride him. If you want to mature the foal fastly, then feed them with golden apples. This will speed up the growth process.

4. Test The New Horse

Now test the new horse, by riding on it. If your horse is superior to your parent horse, then congrats, you made it! Now its time to test your new horse. There are two possible outcomes of this –

New Horse is Equal or Less Capable Than Its Parent (Bad Outcome) –

If your horse is less capable than it’s parent, then you don’t need that horse of further breeding. You can keep him in your stable or leave him in the grasslands. The choice is yours.

New Horse Superior Than It’s Parent (Good Outcome) –

If your horse fulfills your expectations then you can stop right here. But if it doesn’t meet your expectations, then breed this new horse with one of your parents.

Now repeat the steps from 1-4 until you find a horse matching your expectations. Just remember that breeding will become difficult if you’re expectations are too high. Breeding becomes exponentially harder when you’re parent horse is too much good. Because the thirds genetic factor is randomly generated.

These are the exact steps to follow if you want a faster horse in Minecraft. Please make sure you understand the concept of breeding before you start breeding blindly.

How to Naturally Find a Horse That is fast in Minecraft?

The only way to naturally find a horse that is fast in Minecraft may be a hard task. The only way to do so is by using a trial-and-error method. You will have to try and tame a lot of horses that are spawned, then ride them to find the fastest horse you have ever mounted on. 

According to regular players and fans of Minecraft, white horses are usually found to be the naturally faster horses in the game even though the other ones have a higher advantage of being capable of jumping higher or having more health. 

If you find two of the fastest horses you could find in the game, breed them to get an even faster foal. This may be the best way for you to get the fastest horse naturally without training them. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the fastest speed at which a horse can go in Minecraft?

It is recorded that the maximum speed at which a horse can run in the popular game Minecraft is between 4.74 and 14.23 blocks/second. On average the horses in Minecraft run at a rate of 9.71 m/s while the fastest kind of horses moves at a rate of 14.57 m/s.

What is the fastest type of horse in Minecraft?

It is noted that white-colored horses exhibit a speed more than any other type of horse in the game Minecraft. So, gamers usually prefer to breed two white horses to spawn a faster foal if they wish to get the fastest horse in Minecraft. 

Do the speeds of all horses in Minecraft spawn almost the same?

No, the speeds of all the spawned horses are not the same at all. The speeds of horses are randomized stats that are generated when they spawn. So each of the horses even those in the same group that spawns will have different speeds ranging from 6 blocks/sec to 14 blocks/sec. 

Final Words

To summarize, Breeding is a lucky process to make your horse faster in Minecraft. Sometimes, it would take 4-5 tries before getting good speed, sometimes, it’ll take ages. Anyways, it’s a well-proven way to increase your horse speed. Now I’d like to hear things from you:

What is your maximum speed horse obtained from breeding?

Let me know by leaving a comment below right now.

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