Minecraft Piercing Enchantment Guide

Minecraft Piercing

Minecraft is all about upgrading your weapons and enchanting them. Piercing is one of those enchantments to make your weapons powerful. So, the main question arises, What exactly are enchantments? Enchantments are a way to increase the abilities of your character, weapon, armor, tools, and books. These enchantments give you additional benefits to battle or travel faster.

Minecraft Piercing is an enchantment to bow powerful. In layman’s terms, Piercing refers to pass through an object completely. Similarly in Minecraft, after applying Piercing enchantment, you can make your bow pass through multiple mobs. In this post, we’ll learn more about Piercing in detail.

Minecraft Piercing Enchantment Effect
Minecraft Piercing Enchantment Effect

Minecraft has added many new things such as enchantments, breeding, crafting for a smoother experience. Minecraft is often conceived as a “sandbox game”, that means people can have whole different experiences. Minecraft is a representation of the real-world in the virtual world.

What Does Piercing Do In Minecraft?

The Crossbow was introduced in the April 2019 Update of Village & Pillage. Minecraft Piercing is an enchantment for your Crossbow. Just as it means your bow pierces through enemies when enchanted with Piercing.

It can also pierce through shields even if they are blocking. Multishot enchantment cannot be applied when using Piercing, which means, either you can have Piercing Enchantment or Multishot Enchantment, but not both.

The piercing capacity is according to formula –

piercing_capacity = level + 1

The number of entities damaged by piercing levels can be calculated from the formula. That means if your enchantment level is 2 when you can damage a maximum of 3 entities using this enchantment. Please remember that Piercing enchantment doesn’t work on firework rockets fired from a crossbow.

What are the levels of Minecraft Piercing?

Currently, there are only four levels of Piercing Enchantments available in Minecraft. They are as follows –

Piercing 1

Piercing 1 is the lowest level of this enchantment. This level shoots through 1 mob and is capable of hitting two mobs in total.

Piercing 2

Piercing 2 is the second-lowest level of this enchantment. This level is capable of hitting three mobs.

Piercing 3

Piercing 3 is the second top level of this enchantment. Using Crossbow enchanted with this level has the scope of hitting four mobs.

Piercing 4

Piercing 4 is the maximum level of this enchantment. This enchantment is pretty insane at this level. It shoots through four mobs at a time and can hit five mobs with some damage drop off. If your favorite weapon is the Crossbow, then Piercing 4 is a must enchantment!

How to enchant Minecraft Piercing to your Crossbow?

The enchanting process is pretty easy once you understand it. To enchant a Piercing, you need these items – Crossbow, Enchantment Table, and Lapis Lazuli

1. Go to your enchantment table

Enchantment table in Minecraft
Enchantment table in Minecraft

The enchantment table is used to enchant certain items, tools, and weapons with sure buffs at your experience’s cost. The enchanting table also serves as a light source.

2. Place Bookshelves (Optional)

Placing bookshelves around your enchantment table increases the maximum level of enchantment that can be obtained. Placing 15 bookshelves around your enchantment table gives you the full possibility to get more fantastic enchantments. Using bookshelves saves you many XP, lapis lazuli and allows the enchantment to combine without Anvil.

3. Use Enchanting table

Enchanting table piercing minecraft
Enchanting table to get Piercing Minecraft

Now, place the Crossbow and Lapis Lazuli on the left side on the enchanting menu. Now, you’ll have three options to select from the right side. Select the Piercing IV from the right side of the enchanting menu.

Piercing IV enchantment
Piercing IV Enchantment

4. Use Your Crossbow

Now time to test your new enchanted Crossbow. To try the Crossbow, place some spawn-able mobs in a line, then fire a crossbow and check how many mobs does it pierce. Theoretically, it should penetrate four mobs.

What advancements can you earn with Minecraft Piercing?

Advancements are challenges in Minecraft to guide the new players. There are five types of advancements in Minecraft as of now, namely, Minecraft, Nether, The End, Adventure, and Husbandry. There are certain advancements you can earn with Piercing easily. They are as follows –

1. Two Birds, One Arrow

This advancement needs to kill two Phantoms with one arrow. Without piercing, this is impossible to achieve. You’ll need at least level 1 Piercing to be able to complete this advancement.

2. Arbalistic

This advancement needs you to kill five unique mobs with one arrow from a crossbow. For this advancement, you need the maximum level of Piercing, i.e., level IV. Use Piercing with enchantments like infinity, flame, and power to complete this advancement.

3. Enchanter

This advancement needs you to enchant any item at Enchanting Table. This is one of the easiest advancements to achieve.

Other Enchantments

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Following are the FAQs regarding Piercing in Minecraft –

Is Piercing a good enchantment?

Yes, Piercing is one of the best enchantments. The ability to hit multiple enemies at once make it even better.

Is multishot or Piercing better?

It depends on use case. If you are getting approached by enemies from multiple directions, Multishot would be good for you. But if you have enemies approaching you in single line, the Piercing is definitely better.

Can bows have Piercing?

No, bows cannot have Piercing enchantment. Only, crossbows are allowed to have Piercing enchantment in Minecraft.

Does Piercing do more damage?

No, Piercing only pierces through multiple enemies. It does not deal more damage than the base crossbow damage.

Is there Piercing 5?

No, level 5 of Piercing does not exist. The maximum level for Piercing enchantment is level 4.


Minecraft Piercing is one of the best enchantments for your Crossbow. If you complement this enchantment with other enchantments like flame or power, you can make your Crossbow really good. Use this enchantment to your advantage as much as possible.

Based on your interest in Piercing enchantment, have a look at Best Proven Impaling Minecraft Techniques. This post focuses on impaling enchantment for your Trident.

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