Genshin Impact Radish – Essential Usage and Top Locations

Genshin Impact Radish

Genshin Impact Radish is one of the well-known cooking ingredients used in several recipes in the Genshin Impact. Food products play a crucial role in Genshin impact. Radish is one of these food items in this game. So, it is essential to find Radish in Genshin Impact. Hence, here is what you need to know about Genshin impact Radish – a well-known cooking ingredient.

What is Radish?

Genshin Impact Radish

Radish is a vital cooking component in Genshin Impact. It encourages players to develop many recipes in several fields like recovery of health, improvement of endurance, and many research projects. These are fiber dense and contain different nutrients. It can be used in Fried radish balls and radish veggie soup.

Genshin Impact Radish Locations

Radish is one of the most popular food products in the field of Genshin Impact, so it’s necessary to know the Radish locations of the Genshin impact. When we talk about the food, we already know how these goods import, so you can use food to prepare various recipes to increase agility, restore health, and many others, which encourage the player to go forward. Likewise, radishes’ location should also be known because this food item is incredibly rich in fiber and other nutrients and gives the player help in finding radishes and producing various recipe items.

Found in the Wild

Radish Dawn Winery
Radish Dawn Winery

The garden present in the south of the Dawn Winery has a collection of carrots and radishes. Some radishes can also be taken from the Stone Gate near the lone house southeast of the lane.

Investigate Areas

It can be found in a few research areas where Teyvat may be tested. The goods are crafted from objects from low stars, weapons, and even fruits. Look through these locations to get few radishes.

Obtain through Expeditions

Sending expedition characters will earn you different prizes based on where the name is sent. The stone forest of Guyun in Liyue and Mondstadt and the wolf can be reached at a slow speed with radish.


Radish Springvale
Radish Springvale

Springvale has only one market for radishes, where you can find a couple of radishes. The place is similar to the Dawn Winery in Mondstadt so that you can reach both areas with lots of radishes. Radishes appear to respond for the next one to two days. If you expect a lot of radishes, you can farm this route a few times a week.

How to use Radish?

Genshin impact has a set of cooking items and ingredients. Genshin impact Radish can be used in multiple recipes to cook your food. Every type of food requires a different amount of Genshin impact Radish. Following is the list of foods that can be made using radish –

Fried Radish Balls

Genshin Impact Fried Radish Balls
Fried Radish Balls
  • Item Type – Cooking component
  • Ingredients Required – Flour, Radish, Pepper
  • Amount Required – Flour : 3, Radish : 2, Pepper : 1

This recipe is rich in fiber and nutrients. It is easy to cultivate and harvest. This recipe increases the ATK of all group participants by 65-92 for 300 seconds.

Radish Veggie Soup

Genshin Impact Radish Veggie Soup
Radish Veggie Soup

Below are the ingredients needed to make radish veggie soup. It is a unique recipe with fewer ingredients.

  • Item Type – Cooking component
  • Ingredients required – Radish, Mint
  • The amount necessary – Radish: 1, Mint: 1

This food product helps to restore 8 to 10 percent of the maximum horsepower of the chosen character. For the next 30 seconds, it will generate 210 to 300 HP every 5 seconds. This vegetable soup is a sweet, balanced dish.

Character Ascension of Genshin Impact Radish

You can unlock the rise of the character by collecting certain items in Genshin Impact. These items must be regularly grown for this purpose. You can also use Radish to unlock certain characters. As of now, there is no character Ascension available by using Radish. Radish is a pretty common cooking ingredient used to make soup and radish balls.

Weapon Ascension of Genshin Impact Radish

Items in Genshin Impact can be used to update your weapons. White Tassel and Halberd are the safest options in Genshin impact Radish in the field of firearms. Both are three-star polearms with outstanding passive Xiangling skills. White Tassel has default Base ATK and CRIT stats, which increase standard assault DMG by 24 percent. Halberd has Base ATK and ATK statistics with a passive system that provides 320 percent DMG extra in regular attacks. Xiangling is a prime candidate. Base ATK and Energy Recharge stats are available on the polearm standard. Therefore, you can use weapon Ascension for Genshin impact Radish.

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Final Verdict

Genshin Impact contains several cooking ingredients. Radish is one of the most well-known components; few good tutorials are already available for growing radish. That’s how you get Genshin Impact Radish and use it for additional effects in your cooking recipes.

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