Genshin Impact Jade Plate – Best Ways To Find Massive and Hidden Treasure

Genshin Impact Jade Plate Investigate

The environment of Genshin Impact is massive, with strange things scattered around the land of Teyvat. At some point, players enter various quests called Treasure Lost and Treasure Discovered. They have to reach the ruin and seek odd Jade plates for this task. These objects are, of course, concealed, and it would take some time to reveal their positions. Keep reading to know more about Genshin Impact Jade Plate.

The goals will appear on the left-hand side of the screen at every quest in Genshin Impact. There is usually a search maker which tells players where to go next, but not always. Often players have to think seriously about what is next.

The unlimited access of Genshin Impact revolves around an original plot. The game is filled with various OP characters from which you make the fourth squad. This MMORPG brings games to another level by taking the exclusive Combat Pass system, names, and unlocks the multiplayer mode. But now several players are curious about a challenging quest in the gacha-based game to discover Mysterious Jade Plates. Continue reading to know more about Genshin Impact Jade Plate.

What is Genshin Impact Jade Plate?

Genshin Impact Jade Plate

Genshin Impact Jade Plate is just a hidden treasure that creates enormous suspense, and it is appropriate to start any inconvenience in order to find those essential objectives.

Join a search which leads us to logical thinking and will take us to visit Teyvat, because understanding how to find a mysterious jade in ruins allows us to discover something more when it becomes a complicated task.

How to find a strange Genshin Impact Jade Plate?

The very first thing that we must know is that there are a total of four Genshin Impact Jade Plates, they have been labeled on the map for the benefit of us. It can also be  helpful particularly since it’s a difficult work, it is also important to be aware of the grey symbol in the form of a half square.

We need to realize that there are four places where the monsters defending them will have to be destroyed, which will allow us to consider using Genshin Impact characters that can have 5-star weapons, thus clearing the area so that we will proceed to locate the plate.

Knowing how to locate an odd Genshin Impact Jade Plate in ruin gives us the ability to feel as if we are entering a defeat, offers the chance of obtaining marked stones, but nothing appears to exist.

It is indeed an unusual quest, but it must be performed, somehow, as the return to Soraya would be required to provide us with the information needed in this Genshin Impact region to do the last mission.

When we open the map, we know that a blue spot can be a bunch of water, so it is vital to connect with the endplate. It is because there are a considerable number of enemies that protect the plate, and we have to remember that we are waging hard war.

It’s an essential job for the game because it helps us pick a considerable amount of compensation for extracting and pressing the button again. This allows us to empty the water so that those chests can be revealed.

Genshin Impact Jade Plate Locations

The hunt for the Treasure Lost and Treasure Found is a challenging process that finally includes entering the desolation and discovering strange Genshin Impact Jade plates. Interestingly, you won’t necessarily have to reach ruins; you just need to appeal to the central region and coordinate the round mechanism.

Location 1: West of Lihua Pool

Jade Plate Location 1
Jade Plate Location 1

The first location is situated in the lousy north-eastern shape of the Luhua Pool. The site you’re searching for is just outside the bridge, not far from where one of the Paintbrushes can be found at Vermeer’s Landscape Quest. Destroy the surrounding monsters and examine the last Weird Jade platform mechanism.

Location 2: North-East of Lihua Pool

Jade Plate Location 2
Jade Plate Location 2

Turn south again and go north-east of Luhua pool, to the central Guili Plains. Ruins are just a small distance west of the coast. When you find them, submit some similar enemies and claim the second Odd Jade Plate.

Location 3: Guili Plains Hills

Genshin Impact Jade Plate Location 3
Jade Plate Location 3

And further down towards the south is the third plate. You will quickly enter the Sea of the Clouds spot on the map to get there. Look over the edge of the water to see the ruins beneath the quick travel point. Rinse and repeat: Take any enemies to close by and look for the ruins to expose the third level.

Location 4: Guili Plains Lake

Jade Plate Location 1
Jade Plate Location 4

The first ruin can be located near the Qiongji Estuary in Liyue, only a short ride south of Wangshu Inn. Check the map if you need a reference point. Connect to the sparkling ruins to discover the first Strange Jade Plates.

Genshin Impact Jade Plate – The Final Ruin

Turn again to Soraya and talk to her with all four plates in your collection. She will be gazing at the only ruin hidden away by a circular body of water in the plains of Guili. Check out the map to figure out where it stands.

The key structure is being inspected, with the inauguration of three large-small camps and several smaller creatures. So start taking your time and play cautiously. You will activate the water drainage system in a tub after diligent usage, which shows a set of three chests of treasure.

You will obtain adventurous experience and a few things, such as arms, objects, and ears, to reward your efforts. The significant chest will also have a lore piece for the beginner.

Go back and talk to Soraya, when all that has been said and done. It ends the quest for hidden treasure, treasure found, and opens the conversation to attain the god of the past.

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