Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed – Essential Usage And Top Locations

Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds

Genshin Impact game is a package of exploration, research, tasks, and characters. If a player starts to play this game, he or she may love the diversity of things they can perform and keep them indulged in finding something new, and this turns out to be the significant reason for the popularity of this game.

Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed is categorized under a useable item that is found only in the Mondstadt region. There are many other items present in the game that a player needs to discover for using and knowing the benefits of these types of items.

What is Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed

Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds
Dandelion Seeds Appearance

Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed is a location-specific item that is discovered in the Mondstadt kingdom. It is obtained by the plant named Dandelion Plant, which can be seen near the Mondstadt region’s gates. But you cannot pluck it to obtain; to get it, you need to use the Anemo attack (Wind attack) on the plant, which makes the seeds fall on the ground.

It is the seed of the Dandelion Plant obtained by performing the Wind attack (Anemo attack). If you are interested in getting the Dandelion Seed, you should visit the Mondstadt kingdom, and you can see it on the Dandelion Plant at the gates of the kingdom. This seed is the toughest to obtain as you need to have an Anemo character perform the Anemo attack on the plant to make the seeds fall.

Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed Locations

Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds Location

You can find it in the Modstadt kingdom. It is evident that the seeds are stuck on the Dandelion Plant, but the plant is located at the gates of the Mondstadt kingdom. If you get to see, the Dandelion Seed performs the Anemo attack, which can be done by an Anemo character.

Other than this location, you can find it in the wild while exploring.

Use of Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed

Dandelion Seeds Location 2

Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed is very beneficial and rare for the players of Genshin Impact. One can use these seeds to level Jean’s character, but at first, you need to collect a total of 186 seeds. But it is so tough to obtain the seeds that players think twice before spending these seeds just for leveling the character by one. So, it is suggested that you find a productive way to use these seeds or regret wasting it.

Dandelion Seeds Location 3

Secondly, Dandelion Seeds can be used as ingredients for making Anemo Magic Potions. It helps to reduce the Anemo damage received and increases the effect of Anemo attack. There are two types of potion which a player can make-:

  1. Gushing Essential Oil: It is categorized under the crafting type called Alchemy, which needs to use 1 Dandelion Seed. Using this Gushing Essential Oil, you can increase the Anemo Damage by 25% for all the party members for 300 seconds.
  2. Windbarrier Potion: It is also categorized under the same crafting type that is Alchemy; you need 1 Dandelion Seed to brew this potion. It is a mysterious potion that boosts the Anemo Resistance making one to deal with the strong winds. Significantly, Windbarrier Potion increases the Anemo Resistance by 25% for all the party members, which lasts for 300 seconds.

Anemoculus Resonance Stone

It is a special kind of crafting made by using the Dandelion seed. It is not a potion, which instead is a gadget of three-star rarity. To make this consumable gadget, a player needs to reach reputation level 2 in the region of Mondstadt.

You need 5 Dandelion seeds while crafting this gadget. To use this crafted material, you have to be in the region of Mondstadt. Once you equip this from the inventory, it can help you for searching the Anemoculus within the specific area.

While searching for the Anemoculus, if you fail, the gadget will not be consumed, which provides the player with the advantage of not wasting the Genshin Impact Dandelion Seeds.

Character Ascension

Character Ascension means; “to which character the specified item of Genshin Impact is affiliated to.” And to justify this statement, Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed is affiliated with the game’s 5-star rarity character, called the Jean.

Weapon Ascension

Similar to character ascension, Dandelion Seed is currently not practical for any of the weapons in Genshin Impact.

Final Words

Genshin Impact Dandelion Seed is the toughest which can be obtained by any player in the game. This seed is rare because you cannot found it everywhere, nor can you pluck it easily; as we know, to get this, we need the help of an Anemo character and visit the Mondstadt region near the gates of the kingdom, there is a Dandelion Plant. After finding this Dandelion Plant your, Anemo character needs to perform the Anemo attack (wind attack), which helps obtain the Dandelion seed. Altogether this makes it to be the rare item of Genshin Impact.

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