Genshin Impact Lotus Head – A Delicious and Healthy Plant

Genshin Impact Lotus Head

Players in this big open world game need to start traveling to explore and obtain different vital resources. Here is another item seeking an agricultural guide and all about Genshin Impact Lotus Head. Genshin Impact players are going to need a lot of assets for various items. Sometimes objects found throughout the world are used for powerful alchemical recipes. For the ascent of a character, individual objects are required like Dandelion seeds.

The Lotus Heads are another thing that players need a lot as they sometimes come up as adventurers’ guild commissions. Read on to know more about Genshin Impact Lotus Head.

What is Genshin Impact Lotus Head?

Genshin Impact Lotus Head Appearance
Lotus Head Appearance

Genshin Impact Lotus Head is a small herb in Genshin Impact. It grows in water in the area of Liyue, and it is used for cooking and alchemy. A Liyue-born aquatic plant that is developing and flowering together. One is scented, and the other is bitter. It is said that it’s good medicine for herbs.

Lotus Head can be used in the manufacturing of Desiccant Potion, Streaming Essential Oil, Jade Parcels, Joy Broth, Qingce, and Birds Egg Soup.

Genshin Impact Lotus Head Wild
Lotus Head Wild

The actual section is very tiny, a green bulb that grows from the flowery body of the rest of the plant. You don’t need to communicate with them in elementary terms, so you can catch them regardless of who’s in your band.

Where can we find Genshin Impact Lotus Head?

Lotus Head Location
Lotus Head Location

The first way to get Lotus Head is to visit Luhua Lake, located in water bodies. Go to the wild areas next to the lakes and rivers to collect Lotus Heads. They are mainly accessible in the region of Liyue. In addition to the Luhua pool in Qingce Village and Liyue Harbor, you can grow Lotus Head in Genshin Impact.

Lotus Head Location 2
Lotus Head Location 2

You can also get Lotus Heads by expeditions if you do not want them to be gathered by visiting sites and collecting them. Send Guili Plains, and Dunyu Ruins a character to get up to 12 Lotus Heads each. Remember to use a name that, particularly in fighting, you do not want to use as a priority. That’s how you won’t be able to use them on expeditions.

Cooking Uses of Genshin Impact Lotus Head

You can win Adventure Rank Experience as well as some other awards if you send Lotus Heads to the Adventurer’s guild as part of your regular committee.

You can also use the plants to make the Desiccant Potion, Jade Parcels, Jewelry broth, Lotus oil, and Birds Egg Soup. The ingredients and quantities of items required to manufacture them are given here.

  • Desiccant Potion: One butterfly wing, one Lotus Head
  • Jade Parcels: Three Lotus Head, Two Jueyun Chilli, Two Cabbage, One Ham
  • Jewelry Soup: Two snapdragons, Two Tofu, One Lotus Head
  • Lotus Seed and Egg Soup: One Lotus Head, One Bird Egg, One Sugar
  • Qingce Stir Fry: Three Mushroom, Two Lotus Head, One Jueyun Chilli, One Cabbage
  • Streaming Essential Oil: One Frog, One Lotus Head

The DEF of any member of the group will be enhanced with Jewelry Soup, the Lotus Seed Soup, and Birds Egg Soup will reduce the endurance which has been limited to sprint for all. This unique item from Lotus Head in Genshin Impact is therefore very significant.

Genshin Impact Lotus Head – Character Ascension

By collecting some items in Genshin Impact, you will activate the change in the character. To this end, these goods must be cultivated annually. You will also unlock certain characters using Lotus Head. As of now, no character ascension with Lotus Head is available. Lotus Head is an extraordinary herb found in Liyue used in making various varieties.

Genshin Impact Lotus Head – Weapon Ascension

The weapons are classified into the following categories by Genshin Impact: Bows, catalysts, Claymores, Polarms, and Swords. There are 1-star to 5-star weapons available to players of any of these divisions.

The higher the value of the star on the weapon, the better it is, but that’s not always accurate. 3-star weapons are much easier to climb, but often these weapons can succeed weapons of 4-star or even 5-star.

Lotus Head is an aquatic plant found in the Liyue region. As of now, there is no information about the weapon ascension in Genshin Impact Lotus Head. It is used as a herb for cooking.

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Final Words

Genshin Impact is full of different objects, materials, skills, weapons, and characters. The demand for the item is added for any character and its effect on the changes in character. Genshin Impact players should consider all aspects of making their character more resilient by using the right tools.

Genshin Impact can handle many different items, but cooking is a significant component. Cooking takes you to the stove, which can be found all around the city and in campfires so that you can cook delicious meals with various ingredients.

Lotus Head is one of the most popular components; some best guides for growing Lotus Heads are already available. It is how you have Genshin Impact Lotus Head and use it in your cooking recipes for added results.

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