Does Cloud Love Tifa? Greatest Mystery Of Final Fantasy 7

Does Cloud Love Tifa

Does Cloud Love Tifa is a question many of the fans of the hit game Final Fantasy VII have been asking? Like any other lore that hints at a romantic relationship, Final Fantasy has its fair share of shippers; obviously, Cloud and Tifa are shipped by many. Cloud is also shipped with many other characters. These shippers are curious to know the romantic relationship status of Cloud and Tifa. 

It is unfair to talk about Cloud and Tifa’s relationship without understanding who these characters are. Only if we understand who Cloud and Tifa are will we be able to answer the question, Does Cloud Love Tifa. That being said, let’s begin. 

Who Is Cloud? 

Cloud Strife is the main playable character in many different Final Fantasy games such as Final Fantasy VII, Final Fantasy VII Remake, and Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. He also appears in a few spinoff games and as a supporting character in a few games. 

He is initially seen as an arrogant and proud person who is a very skilled swordsman. He was a former elite warrior who turned into a mercenary. He puts forth a hardened person who cares about nothing other than the task at hand, which is just a cover-up for who he truly is, a sensitive and caring person who is struggling to open up and striving to become a hero. 

Later on, he discovers his past and understands there is more to being a hero than having fame and strength, thanks to the help of his friends. 

Who Is Tifa? 

Tifa Lockhart is one of the playable characters in the game Final Fantasy VII. She is a childhood friend of Cloud and a member of Avalanche, a resistance group. 

She grew up in Nibelheim along with Cloud but was not in contact with him for a long time. After the duo gets back in touch, she asks him and convinces him to join the resistance group with her. It was here that Tifa reconnected and rekindled her relationship with Tifa. 

She supports and helps Cloud, considers him a comrade, and helps in his fight against Sephiroth. 

Does Cloud Love Tifa? 

Does Cloud love Tifa is a question that does not have an answer in the canon. However, many fans believe that Tifa is the one true love of Cloud. The other romantic interest Cloud is Aerith. While there is no denying that there was an attitude of attraction between them, many fans refuse to consider that they were in love as it was under false pretenses.

Cloud and Tifa Interacting
Cloud and Tifa Interacting

Aerith was attracted to Cloud because he was exactly like Zack and reminded her of him, who was her first love, and Cloud was romantically interested in Aerith because he was Zack or he was mimicking his tendencies. Since Aerith never met or knew the real Cloud, many fans have asked how can Aerith have ever loved Cloud if she had never met the real Cloud. 

Tifa is someone who does know Cloud. She has been friends with him since his childhood and has always been in his life, guiding and supporting him. 

In one of the scenes under the airship, Cloud had said to Tifa how he had a lot of things he wanted to tell her. This was before the scene of implied coitus. Adding to this, when Tifa and Cloud enter his subconscious, his thoughts can be heard by you as he thinks. These thoughts are about Txifa and say something related to “Tender feelings” and “no one can know”.

Cloud Loves Tifa
Cloud Loves Tifa

He has also mentioned how Tifa’s voice helped him get his mind back together when he heard it call to him.

Keeping all this aside, just by how Cloud talks about Tifa, we can know how he feels about her. The main reason Cloud decided to be a soldier is in an attempt to impress her. While Aerith and Cloud had a playful crush, it is safe to say that Cloud loves Tifa and always has been in love with her. 

Does Tifa have a crush on Cloud?

Cloud and Tifa Interacting in-game
Cloud and Tifa Interacting in-game

Tifa and Cloud have been friends since childhood. They were also neighbors. Cloud has had a crush on Tifa since they were young. However, there is no confirmation in the canon that Tifa has had any romantic feelings for him, although she has supported him on everything. 

Does Aerith love Cloud or Zack?

Zack was Aerith’s first and true love. Later on, she learns to love Cloud. However, this was during the phase in which Cloud mimicked Zack’s tendencies, and many believe that the only reason Aerith thought she loved Cloud was because of how much he reminded her of Zack.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Tifa and Cloud together?

Tifa and Cloud do not end up together. He does not end up with Aerith either in Final Fantasy VII Remake. However, depending on the choices made by the players in the earlier chapters, you can get a special semi-romantic scene in chapter 14. The scene can be with either Tifa or Aerith. 

Who is Cloud’s true love?

Cloud’s true love is Tifa Lockhart. At least, that is what the majority of the fans of the game believe. 


Does Cloud love Tifa is a question many fans of the hit game Final Fantasy VII have been asking. This question does not have a proper answer that satisfies the canon’s fans. This has led to many theories and fan fiction. Even though a proper answer has not yet been provided for this question, that does not mean that fans don’t know who it is. At least, they believe that to be the case. 

Cloud has two romantic interests in the game – Aerith and Tifa, and many of the game fans believe that their one true love of Cloud is Tifa. The case for why Tifa is the true love of Cloud has been mentioned in this article. 

Hopefully, this article has cleared all your doubts regarding the question “Does Cloud love Tifa” and would appreciate the lore, story, and characters of Final Fantasy VII even more and lead to a much better and more immersive gaming experience.

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