How To Walk In FFXIV – Tricks for Moving Slowly

How To Walk In FFXIV

“How to walk in FFXIV?” is a question that a lot of players of Final Fantasy XIV seem to be asking and it is indeed that question that this article would be answering. 

Many people find that it is difficult to switch to Walking in FFXIV. In Final Fantasy 10 and Final Fantasy 12, there have been key bindings made for Walk mode but in Final Fantasy 14, it is not so easy to find the walk mode. 

What is Final Fantasy XIV? 

Final Fantasy is one of the biggest as well as one of the most popular game franchises in the world. FFXIV is the 14th game in the franchise and is the second game to follow the MMORPG (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) format after Final Fantasy XI which was the first MMORPG of the series. 

The game ranks First in the list of the Top 20 MMOs of All Time. 

Why Toggle Between Run and Walk? 

Many players have found that it is very hard to toggle between Walking and Running. This issue makes it more difficult and frustrating to make small fine movements in tight spaces while exploring. Some players might accidentally press buttons unknowingly which would result in the players wanting to know how to switch back to running. 

Character Running in Final Fantasy Games
Character Running in Final Fantasy Games

Many players have also found it frustrating to see the character of Noctis running all the time. 

All these frustrating aspects of the otherwise very enjoyable and mesmerizing game could result in the players having a less enjoyable experience. To have a smoother experience of Final Fantasy XIV it is always better to know all the key bindings of the game, especially one as confusing as switching between Walking and Running. 

How To Walk In FFXIV? 

By default, the character runs in the Final Fantasy games. For various reasons, certain players wish to make the players walk. It is this question that the section would attempt at answering. 

There are different methods to toggle walking in FFXIV on different systems. 

How To Walk In FFXIV – PC

By default, the character is set to run in Final Fantasy XIV. In order to switch the character from Running to Walking one needs to press the “/” on the number pad on the keyboard. 

Holding down the Phase button or the Block Button also will make Noctis walk. 

If the player is making use of a gamepad then walking can be triggered by holding the “B” button on the gamepad. 

View Keybindings in FFXIV
View Keybindings in FFXIV

A player will be able to look at the various key bindings of each key in the control menu. 

How To Walk In FFXIV – Xbox

It is possible to toggle autorun in Xbox. The player will need to press the L1 button and provide the direction in which the player would like the character to move. Pressing L1 again or pulling the left stick back makes the player stop autorunning and switch back to walking. 

L1 Button on Xbox Controller
L1 Button on Xbox Controller

Holding the X key on the Xbox controller also switches to walking. If the player is using a Dualshock controller then the player can hold the square button to make the character walk. 

How To Walk In FFXIV – PlayStation

In the PlayStation line of consoles, mainly PS3, PS4, and PS5 there are options available to toggle walking. 

In PS3 walking is possible if the player holds down the “B” button on the controller. In PS4 and PS5 there is a small change. In PS5 and PS4 walking can be done by holding down the “O” button. 

O button on Playstation Controller
O button on Playstation Controller

A lot of players have noticed that after restarting the game the Walk toggle would be turned off. In such cases, the player would have to switch the walking back on while playing the game.

Quick Note: Just like in the PC version Key bindings are also available for the consoles and one would be able to find out the function of the various keys by checking the “Control Menu”

Frequently Asked Questions 

Is there an Auto Walk in Final Fantasy 14?

In the Menu for Key binding, there is an option to Toggle between running and walking. There is also an option available for autorun however, there is no key binding for auto walk toggle. It is built into the game nonetheless. If the player holds the backwards moving Key and toggles autorun the character would instead start to walk. 

Is there a walk button in ESO?

Press Escape and go to the Main Menu. Select the “Control Menu” and find the key designated for the role of toggle auto walk or AutoRun. 

How do I play Ffxiv on the keyboard?

There will be keys bound for each specific function within the game. Whether it is movement, attack, or diving. The player will be able to see the key bindings by going into the control option in the Menu. 

How do you sprint in Final Fantasy 14?

The playable character within the game Final Fantasy XIV will be able to perform the action of Sprinting if the player presses the P Key on the keyboard. By default, it is P that is used to trigger Sprinting. A player can change the key bindings in the control menu. 


In the hit Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Game Final Fantasy XIV it is not possible to walk easily as by default the game makes the characters run. This is done in most of the Massive Online RPGs as the player would be made to explore a lot and cross a lot of vast areas. In order to make it easier for the player to traverse such vast expanses of land game developers make running the default movement in the game. 

The same is the case in Final Fantasy XIV as well so it is only natural that a player would ask the question “How to Walk in FFXIV?” This article has answered the question of how to walk in FFXIV on the different consoles the game runs on as well as PC. 

Hopefully, this article has been informative and would provide the reader with a better understanding of How To Walk in FFXIV.

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