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Ardbert FFXIV

Who Is Ardbert In The Final Fantasy Series?

Ardbert from the Warrior of Darkness and one of the famous lead characters in the Final Fantasy series. He has been seen in Final Fantasy XIV, and most importantly, he is the leader of the Warriors of Darkness. In the series, Ardbert serves as the primary opponent in the patch version of 3.4. And further he is being depicted as a tritagonist from the Final Fantasy XIV: Shadow Bringers.

Ardbert FFXIV is a male human warrior and has the responsibility to be a leader and lead the entire group. He utilizes his pen name Arbert in Eorzea.

Ardbert FFXIV – Appearance

Ardbert FFXIV - Appearance

Albert’s appearance is similar to the Meteor Survivor, inspired by A Realm Reborn as promotional material. Although his armor is blackened, and his axe is Bravura Arma, who displays stains of blood on the blade.

Ardbert FFXIV – Personality

Ardbert FFXIV - Personality

Discussing the appearance, Ardbert or Albert has an angry, assertive, and cynical in the game. He is easy to denounce heroes’ idea and lament his role in dooming his world towards a flood of light. Also, he acts as a wrap to the Warrior of Light and their associates with consonant optimism.

However, Ardbert goes by his heart, has a decent nature, valuables his dearly partners, and expresses his anger and frustration. At the same time, he is being forced to play a villain during the time on the Source, and its purpose is to save the world.

Further in the gameplay, he will meet the Warrior of Light as a spirit on the First. After that, he will follow in his footsteps. Then by observing their following actions visually, he slowly starts regaining his sense of hope in the game. Adbert has light blue color shaded eyes and soft brown color hairs.

Ardbert FFXIV – Back Story

Ardbert starts moving from the Initial point along with one of the shards of the Source. It is a world that is somewhat similar to Hydaelyn. Ardbert was born in an ordinary family located on an island in the middle of the seas named Kholusia. If we discuss this character, he was an intrinsic and odd curious youth. He used to enjoy the fishing activity to gets lost seeing into the world of dreams.

He exhausted his entire childhood spending among the birds and the beasts because there were no children of his age group to play in the mountain region’s village, known as his home. His father gave him lessons and knowledge about caring for all varieties of animals in which amaro was also included in the list. As he was getting ready to turn eighteen years, he started the chase to become an adventurer.

Also, he was following the footsteps of the hobgoblin, which was found at Kholusia, only the reason was leading him into a trap. At the edge of death, he met along with the dwarven healer named Lamitt, and she was the person who healed his wounds. It made him realize that her healing will make it easier for him to pass out with the goblins; after getting healed, Ardbert requested her to join his group. Along with the defeat of the hobgoblins, Lamitt agreed to join Ardbert’s quest and thus made her space in becoming one of the first of his friends.

Later moving on towards the end, Ardbert FFXIV had co traveled to Lakeland to meet the Shadowkeeper. The reason was only to discover whether it was their companion, Cylva, all along the walk. It was difficult for Ardbert to combat against her, but he abstained in killing her out of love for his friend. First, he successfully conquered the Ascians, followed by Loghrif and Mitron, who had been the main culprits to control Cylva for their bidding purpose.

Later he demolished Loghrif and struck Mitron by using the Blade of Light, evolving him into the first sin eater, and after it was popularized with the name of Eden. Ardbert wished for the Light to triumph against the Darkness, which Eden caused for releasing the Flood of Light.

Who Is The Voice Actor Of Ardbert FFXIV?

In the English version Joe Dempsie has given voice to ardbert, and in the Japanese version, Junichhi Sawabe has done it.

What Is The Age Of Ardbert FFXIV?

The age of Ardbert is around twenty-five years in the game.

Is Ardbert FFXIV the Warrior of Light?

Ardbert the Warrior of Light

In the story, Ardbert is very popularly known as Arbert or Warrior of Darkness, and he was one of the warriors from the five Warriors of Light from the first. He is the champion of Hydaelyn, and he, along with members and conquered the Ascian Mitron. By doing this, he also the reason for the cause of Flood of Light which destroyed almost their entire homeworld. By joining the forces and the Ascian Elidibus, he and his friends sacrificed their lives and reached The Source. Here they tried to get out about an Eight Umbral Calamity before getting beaten by the Warrior of Light.

Is Ardbert FFXIV an Elidibus?

In the story, Elidibus will exploit the desperation of Ardbert, who is the Warrior of Light inspired by the Shard popularly known as First on Verge that has been consumed in a Flood of Light.

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