Is Broly Stronger Than Jiren? Finding The Better Fighter Of The Two

Is Broly Stronger Than Jiren

Dragon Ball is one of the most famous anime series in the world. There might not be many people worldwide who haven’t heard of Dragon Ball or Goku. There is a question that is being asked by many fans of the show – Is Broly Stronger than Jiren? To find out who among these villains is strong, we first need to understand who Broly and Jiren are. 

So let’s dive into the world of Dragon Ball and understand who these characters are. 

Who Is Broly? 

Broly was the main villain of the movie Dragon Ball Super: and still remains one of the biggest and most dreadful threats Goku has ever faced. Broly is the son of Paragus and was led down the wrong path by his own father, which made him one of the biggest threats in the Dragon Ball Universe. 


He was able to create his own version of Super Saiyan, which was called Wrathful. This Super Saiyan was stronger than the Super Saiyan Blue of Goku and Vegeta. 

He has shown incredible strength and durability. Broly is considered the true Legendary Saiyan who is born every 1000 years and stays on a level superior to the Blue Form of Goku. His father Paragus placed a limiter around his neck to prevent complete and utter destruction as his powers were something that no one could control but made little difference. 

Broly could break the limiter, which resulted in him showing his firm to everyone else. Goku, Vegeta, and Frieza were pushed to their limits and were given a tough battle by Broly. 

Even though he is very strong, he is still not as strong as the Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta, and had Goku used his Ultra Instinct; he would have defeated Broly Easily. This was one primary reason for this question: “Is Broly Stronger Than Jiren?”

Who Is Jiren? 

Jiren is another villain that provided a challenge to Goku. He was the main villain in the arc of Tournament of Power in the Dragon Ball Super and was considered the most likely candidate to be the tournament winner. He was an incredibly powerful character and could defeat almost every fighter from the different universes. 


He was even able to defeat his planet’s God Of Destruction and still remains the one and only mortal who has been able to do this. 

If the fight were one-on-one, it is safe to say that he would defeat anyone. Even when Goku, Vegeta, Golden Frieza, and Android 17 ganged up on Jiren, he couldn’t be ultimately defeated. The only person who was able to cause a bit of trouble for Jiren was Ultra Instinct Goku. However, even the most powerful version of Goku to ever exist could not hold on with Jiren as Jiren powers up and gave a strong fight to even Ultra Instinct Goku. 

It took the strongest form of Goku to corner Jiren and all the fighters of Universe 7 to defeat him. It took Frieza and Goku, two great rivals, to work together to get Jiren out of the picture. So, what do you think? Is Broly Stronger Than Jiren?. Let’s get into details in the next section.

Is Broly Stronger Than Jiren 

There is a common conflict among the fans as to which among the characters, Broly or Jiren, is Dragon Ball’s strongest villain. Jiren is the strongest warrior in Universe 11 and was Goku’s final opponent in Dragon Ball Super, making him the main antagonist of the Tournament of Power. After Goku Battled with Jiren, he and Vegeta had to team up to defeat Broly. 

Broly vs Jiren
Broly vs Jiren

Broly was a Super Saiyan capable of reaching a very high, almost impossible level of power. Frieza ensured his two biggest enemies, Goku and Vegeta, were fighting this super strong being. 

After watching him fight, Frieza believed he could use Brolly to get revenge against Goku and Vegeta. Goku and Vegeta were not able to defeat Broly – alone or together. This resulted in them having to be Super Saiyan Blue Gogeta to take down Broly, and finally, towards the end of the movie, Broly was brought down to his knees. 

Typically, with each new addition to the Dragon Ball franchise, the new antagonist would be stronger and more powerful than the previous one. 

By that logic, Broly should be more powerful than Jiren, but this is a unique case. Goku had to activate his ultra instinct to defeat Jiren, but that wasn’t needed for Broly. In Dragon Ball Super: Broly, he provided no definite answer to whether or not he is stronger than the rest. If we were to compare the various fights, this would provide evidence that Jiren is, in fact, stronger. 

The biggest clues to help come to a conclusion is by examining how Frieza fought against both fighters. A severely weakened Jiren struggled with Frieza at the end of the tournament, but when Jiren was at full fighting strength, he could dispose of Golden Frieza with just one blow. This is very different from how Broky performed against him. Frieza fought with Broly for an entire hour as he waited for Vegeta and Goku. 

Even though Frieza could not hurt him, he stayed in the fight for a long time, which is impressive and shows the strength of Broly when compared to Jiren, as Frieza was unable to fight with Jiren for that long. 

In addition, Goku mentioned how Broly might be a bit stronger than Beerus. In a comment in Dragon Ball Super, it was clear how Beerus was completely trashed by Jiren. If this is true, Jiren would be stronger than every other villain in the Dragon Ball Universe, including the legendary Super Saiyan Broly. 

So, Is Broly Stronger Than Jiren? If Jiren and Broly were to fight, the chances are the more experienced and disciplined Universe 11 Pride Trooper would prevail over the reckless, less-focused Universe 7 Saiyan. However, it cannot be said that Broly will never surpass Jiren’s strength as presently, he has much less training than the latter. So with more training and discipline, Broly could someday be the strongest villain in Dragon Ball.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is stronger, Jiren or Broly?

While Jiren is considered stronger right now, it is possible for Broly to overtake Jiren in terms of strength and become more powerful as he has had little training and still held on in a fight against Goku and company. 

Can Broly defeat Jiren?

As of right now, Jiren would win. However, there is a high possibility for the tables to turn, and Broly defeats Jiren. 

Who is more powerful than Broly?

Goku is a character who is stronger than Broly. 

Is Broly the strongest?

Broly has the title of “Universal Strongest” within the lore of Dragon Ball. This shows that Broly is one of the strongest, but Goku still remains stronger with his overpowered power-ups. 


The question is Broly Stronger than Jiren is a question that many fans of the Dragon Ball series have been curious to know the answer to. At the same time, the answer to this question is not known for sure as Broly has not had proper training, unlike Jiren and even then holding up against Goku and Company. While Jiren might be stronger than Broly now, that does not mean that Broly could rise above Jiren as he is called the Universal Strongest. It is more likely for Broly to become incredibly strong very soon. 

Hopefully, this article has been insightful, provided a better understanding of the Dragon Ball lore, and cleared all your doubts about the question “Is Broly Stronger Than Jiren?”

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