FFXIV Housing Guide | Timer, Unlocking and Types

Ffxiv Housing Guide

How To Unlock Property In Ffxiv Housing?

For unlocking the property in FFXIV housing, you have to note and follow down some steps given in the following section of the article. Below is an inventory of all available four districts where you have an option to purchase the property. But getting towards those areas is very challenging, and for that first, you have to unlock them all. So, below is the information on opening all the FFXIV housing in the entire four districts, and they are as follows:

  • Lavender Beds:  For unlocking Lavender Beds, firstly, you should have a word with Margeria at Bentbranch Meadows, located at Central Shroud.
  • Goblet: Goblet is the second district on our list, and for unlocking it, you have to talk with Scorpion Crossing, situated at Western Thanalan.
  • Mist: Thirdly, for unlocking the Mist, you will have to have a word with Ahctkoen, found at the Red Rooster Stead in the Lower La Noscea in the game.
  • Shirogane: Finally, you can unlock Shringane by talking with Tsurubami located in Kugane. But for opening the region, you have to reach Stormblood expansion. 

Ffxiv Housing Types

FFXIV Housing Property

In FFXIV, you have permission to purchase housing spaces for different varieties. You can buy a property for your usage or construct a Free Company (FC). Thus, below is the list of each housing type that you will avail in this game, and they are as follows:

  • The Apartments
  • The Small plot 
  • The Medium plot 
  • The Large plot 
  • The Private Chambers

How To Get A Construction Permit In Ffxiv Housing?

Ffxiv Housing Construction

How To Get A Construction Permit In Ffxiv Housing?

Total Time: 24 hours

Construction Permit

Before constructing the house, you should get a construction permit. The next steps will guide you on how to obtain a license for these constructions.

Social Menu

Move towards the Social menu that is available in Final Fantasy XIV.

Housing Options

You will have to search and get a drop-down option titled “Housing” in the game.

Estate Hall Section

In the further step, you have to select the “Estate Hall.”

Purchase a Permit

After getting till here successfully, you are in, and you can purchase a permit and also have an option to select the type of building you wish.

Build Estate

Finally, it is the last step in this list in which you have to select the ”Build Estate Hall,” and thus, your building is completed in the game.

Estimated Cost: 3000000 Gil


  • Construction Permit
  • Building Objects


  • Construction Tool
  • Partition Materials

What is the FFXIV Housing Timer? 

In the FFXIV game, the timer is famous as an invisible timer, and this timer can last long anywhere from thirty minutes to twenty-four hours in the game. You should note an important point: primarily, all the houses sell around the duration of the twelve-hour mark after they get open in the game.

There are possibilities of increase or decrease two hours and therefore the window from ten hours to fourteen hours is famous primarily as Primetime. Primetime is also considered the best time for clicking on a placard. But the timer is highly random in the game, and thus it creates an extreme and challenging competition in the game system. 

How Long Is The Ffxiv Housing Timer?

FFXIV Housing Timer

In the game, the timer appears very randomly and surprisingly on the screen, and thus after appearing, the Housing timer has the range of some hours up to twenty-plus hours in the gameplay.

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How Do Housing Timers Work Ffxiv?

In the game, getting a property is not an easy task, and it is challenging, and there are only limited sets of plots available in the game. And if all the plots are accounted there is only one single method to buy, and forgetting one opportunity is only by not entering the house for forty-five days. As it gets destroyed anyway, you have paid a reasonable amount for it.

But there is a challenging issue for you planned in this game. You have to be calm and wait until the plot is available in the market, and it can be done at any random time. There is no knowledge or a hint for the timer will be available and thus creates a purchasing opportunity. As the FFXIV housings are very limited in the game, you have to have a tough competition against many other players waiting to acquire the land.

The timer could last long for twenty-four hours in the game, or it can be within six hours. So, you have to prepare yourself to be patient, sit in front of your game screen, and wait for the land to appear for a reasonable amount of time. Also, you should practice and train the clicking finger as the challenges of you for acquiring the house is a meager percentage in the gameplay.

How Many Times Can A House Devalue Ffxiv?

In the game, the price of a plot is reduced by 0.43% every six hours and for a maximum of one hundred and twenty times. And after thirty days, the pricing will reduce to its half its initial price. Below is an example for the case of a small land in the game, and they are as follows:

  • The initial Price is 3,000,000 Gil
  • After 7 Days, the pricing is 2,647,200 Gil
  • After 15 Days, the pricing is 2,244,000 Gil
  • After 30 Days, the pricing is 1,488,000 Gil

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