Emet Selch – The Good or Bad Character in Final Fantasy?

Emet Selch

Emet Selch is popularly famous by its second name known as Solus by his Ascian name or Hades with its correct name. He is more eccentric and much more talkative compared to other average Ascians. He has been unpredictable and superior towards his combinations in the game. The eccentricities of Emet Selch are enraged or insense.

Emet Selch – Appearance

Emet Selch Appearance

Inspired by an older adult named Solus zos Galvus in the game consisting of a white beard. Additionally, you will see him wearing full body armor as an attire over his body along with the Garlean crown. Also, in the game for walking, he utilizes a walking cane as a support

While he is in his younger form, you will find yellow eyes also with the burgundy shade hair containing a white streak. In the game, you will notice him wearing a stylish black military coat on his body decorated with the gold color on his chest and white-colored fur along with the trimmings of the skin. He also wears white hand gloves. 

The verified identity of Emet Slech is an Ascian whose name is Hades. Similar to his brethren, he has an Ascian mark. However, he is much more-lower in design if we compare to his Pragon companions. He will wear Ascian’s Black robes very rarely from the time taking the vessel of Solus zos Galvus. The final form of Hade’s resembles the second form of Esper Zodiark from the Final Fantasy XII.

In the game, Emet Selch is the only Ascian whom you will see wearing a red-colored mask. In the side story of “Tales from the Shadows,” his original form is inspired as a typical form of an Amaroutine who is a tall humanoid containing white hair. Like all other members of the Convocation, you will see him wearing a different red-colored mask in the game.

Emet Selch – Personality

Emet Selch Personality

Emperor Solus is declared as an enthusiastic theater-goer and secondly as a patron of the arts. He is commissioned for the building that contains an airship for the renowned company named a Majestic Imperial Theater Company. The key reason was that they could move the realm and get their performances to the far reaches of the Empire. It will hear to the Tantalus Theater Troupe, which you will find in the Final Fantasy IX.

Emet-Selch has a loner personality, and though you will find him operating with his top objective. His fundamental purpose was to bring about the Rejoining. His actions are mostly considered as being not predictable in the game. Below his eccentricity and cheerfulness, he holds the stress of centuries filled with sorrows and pain overall him. The reason is that he, along with his people, has sadly lost.

Also, he has a fire of hatred for Hydaelyn in his heart and all about to fight in Her name. In the difference to the maniacal, which is the scheming of Lahabrea and the cold rationality of Elidibus in the game. In the story, Emet-Selch is the only single member of the unsundered to keep his sense of self over the ages and shows deep sadness over the fall of Amaurot’s. Also, whenever he tells his true feelings, his voice will intensify and become more serious.

History of Emet Selch in Final Fantasy Series

Emet Selch History

In the game Final Fantasy Series, Emet Selch is born as one of the few amongst the ancients who have been rewarded with the gift of “soul sight.” He is the special man who is popularly known as Hades. He had been selected and gave the responsibility to cover the seat of Emet-Selch for the Convocation of Fourteen.

It is a group that served as guardians of the city named Amaurot and the world. Hades was good friends and some other ancients known as Hythlodaeus, along with the second ancient with soul sight. Also, the Chief of the Bureau of the Architect; and his fellow companions’ convocation members were there to fill the seat of Azem. Jumping into despair when the calamity surrounded their world from within, Hades joined his companions.

The Convocation members and devised had a plan to stop the catastrophe and call for the planet’s will, the primal Zodiark. The price to complete this feat successfully would be grave, which is the crucial reason for Azem to leave indifference in the group’s opinion. However, half of their people had already ready and were prepared to sacrifice to offer up the essential aether for completing the ritual.

Who is Emet Selch’s Voice Actor?

The main voice actor behind the famous character Emet Selch was Rene Zagger. He is a renowned voice-over artist in the industry and is one of the critical reasons for making the game very popular among players worldwide.

Is Emet Selch A Good Guy?

Emet Selch is 100 percent a lousy guy. Anyhow, along with the story of his past, which is sad and traumatizing till today, he is very evil and cruel. The ending of the story does not justify the meaning of the game.

Some Of The Famous Emet Selch Quotes

Below is the list of some famous quotes by Emet Selch, and they are as follows:

  • “I have lived a thousand thousand of your lives. I have broken bread with you, fought with you, grown ill, grown old, sired children and yes, welcomed death’s sweet embrace.”
  • “By your Twelve, boy, have I not told you before that everything I said was the truth?”
  • “What of this anguish which yet burns in my breast, even after the passing of eons?!”
  • “Every hour of every day. But never you mind about that. As I have told you a thousand times before: I like to watch. Nothing more.”
  • “You’ve committed the cardinal sin of boring me. And so I retire to the shade.”
  • “A savior mighty and magnificent, deserving of reverence and gratitude… one would have thought. Yet some thought otherwise.”
  • “They are gods after a fashion, yes, but no different from the kind with which you are so intimately acquainted.”
  • “Ahhhh, what irony. What Vauthry achieved through bliss, you shall achieve through despair.”
  • “But yes, moral relativism and all that. Case in point–I do not consider you to be truly alive. Ergo, I will not be guilty of murder if I kill you.”

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