Use Minecraft Monday Server To Play Popular Minigames!

Minecraft Monday Servers Game

Minecraft is the best game to explore and do whatever you want to do; one can fulfill their dreams of being alone in the world and do whatever comes to their mind. Minecraft allows the player to do whatever they want to do or even make their dreams come true by creating their world and destroy anything if they feel frustrated. 

Minecraft Monday Server allows a player to participate in the tournaments and win a hefty sum of money. But to join the Monday Server is not easy since it is only supported on the older versions of the game. Monday Servers get loaded very soon since many players eagerly wait to join this Server to earn a little money. Joining the Monday Server is the same as entering a regular server, but it has a different IP.

Minecraft is available across all the platforms, which allows the freedom to access the game on any device; moreover, this game does not require high-end devices to experience much smoother gameplay.

What is Minecraft Monday Server?

Minecraft Mondays Gameplay

Minecraft Monday Server is the largest Server to hold the maximum number of players; it is because, in the Monday Server, a player can participate in tournaments to win huge prizes in the form of money. Monday Server has a different IP address than the standard servers, and as soon as it opens, a large number of players hop in to participate in the tournamentMonday Server is the only Server to host games with huge prizes. You can join the Monday Server every week and can also enter the raffles according to the limit decided by your rank. Famous players like James Charles play this Server.

Features of Minecraft Monday Server

Minecraft Mondays Gameplay

What are the benefits of joining the Minecraft Monday Server are as follows-:

  • You can take part in various game modes like – SpleefTnT Run, and Hunger Games.
  • You can join the raffle program.
  • Iron rank grants you one entry to the raffle every week.
  • Gold rank will allow you three entrances to the raffle every week.
  • Diamond rank lets you enter the raffle five times every week.
  • Participation in various tournaments.
  • Huge rewards.
  • Experienced competitors.

How to join Minecraft Monday Server?

To join the Minecraft Monday Server, you need to perform few game software changes because the servers only run on some older versions of Minecraft. If you have the updated version of the game, then you need to downgrade the version of the game.

Minecraft Mondays Gameplay

Before playing the Minecraft: Java Edition, search for the Installations option and click on it. Then make a new installation, click on it and provide the name of your choice but you have to be sure that the version software you selected is 1.8.9. It is the latest version on which the Monday Server works.

After completing the installation, login to the game, move to the multiplayer section, and select the regular Server. Here type the server name,, and click on connect to join the Monday Server.

What is Minecraft Monday Server IP?

Monday Server IP is similar to other public server IPs, like we join a game in the normal Server, which houses all the players for regular gameplay. Secondly, we can create our Server in the game to have a private lobby with friends. The game developers share the last Server for hosting major events like the Minecraft Monday Server, which incorporates many tournaments. The servers hosted by the developers has the second largest capacity to hold the players in a game.

Minecraft Mondays Gameplay

To join the Monday Server and participate in the tournaments, you need to downgrade the game to current version 1.8.9; and then log in to the game server by connecting to the and then click on connect. Before being accepted to this Server, downgrade the game version; otherwise, it will pop up an error. A player can only join the Monday Server if both the conditions are met; otherwise, it is impossible to get into the Monday Server.

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Final Words

Minecraft Monday Server is one of Minecraft game events’ most significant events; it conducts tournaments and, in return rewards, a player with huge profits. Those who cannot participate in the contest can enjoy the raffle program’s benefitswhich is different for Iron, Gold, and Diamond rank. There is not much required to get into the Server; you need to have the required version of the game and the Monday Server’s IP, which is already mentioned above. Monday Server is the one for which a player eagerly waits to join and try their luck to make huge profits.

Please take advantage of this Monday Server as long as the older version of the game supports it and keeps yourself updated with the Minecraft game’s events.

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