Stunning Animal Crossing Outdoor Ideas [2024]

Animal Crossing Outdoor Ideas

We love the most to develop and create our thoughts in the virtual game, and so does the Animal Crossing allows the player to complete their wishes. Many of us love to have an eye-catching outdoor in front of our house but mostly end with creating a junkyard, so here is how you can get the best architecture and construction of the outdoor designed explicitly on theme-based art.

Animal Crossing Outdoor Ideas are the design layouts that can help you to build a fascinating outdoor in New Horizons. As many players can visit your island, you need to build a perfect outdoor for your house so that it can create more attention.

In this post, we’ll have a look at some of the best outdoor ideas.

Animal Crossing Outdoor Ideas

1. Italian Outdoor (London Theme)

Animal Crossing Italian Outdoor (London Theme)
Credits: Twitter

The best thing about the Italian Outdoor is the color combination which represents the New Horizon Outdoor ideas beautifully designed, and it is one of a kind. Players found it to be the recreation of ‘Italian Gardens of Hyde Park’ located in London; making the best and beautiful garden will take a lot of effort to design it precisely, especially when the game is Animal Crossing.

You need to start the design by making a large lake rectangular shape and placing a tiny island at the lake’s center. In the background, add some little waterfalls that will pour water into the lake, construct a mountain on the island, and put a gallant statue on top of the falls. Lastly, the sides of the lake, decorated with statues, flowers, and plenty of shrubs, will provide breathtaking visuals.

2. French Outdoor (Castle Inspired)

Animal Crossing French Outdoor (Castle Inspired)
Credits: Reddit

A Europe theme-based Outdoor inspired by the French Castle Garden gives an iconic look to the Outdoor. To provide it with the best look, you need to design your grand palace instead of having a house; craft it using some ironstone fence that will protect the property, place the statues of stone lion dogs near the door, and two towers in the form of silos. Then in front, put a bold figure which will be the centerpiece of the garden.

Add small hedge sections as the companion of various monuments and statues like Tower of Pisa or Athletic Statue. To complete the Outdoor construction, we need some white flowers to give it a fresh garden look.

3. Alhambra Outdoor

Animal Crossing Alhambra Outdoor
Credits: Twitter

The Alhambra Outdoor will take you to the beauties of Spain, and we should recreate the garden for our island. We need to start by placing unique tile and stone pathways; tiles need to place kitty-corner to each other, not making them look too congested. Now, create a small pond, and position a gorgeous statue in the middle of the island.

Decorate the background by placing numerous custom panels, follow the Outdoor window design. On the corners, you can plant any of the fruit trees to get a feel of summertime. Lastly, frame a garden using hedges, iron garden benches, and some floating biotope plants for greenery.

4. Chilly Winter Flower Bed

Most of us like the icy winters over the summers, and being surrounded by the white ice provides a relaxing view to the eyes. Therefore, to create a winter flower bed, start with the background by placing the wedding pipe organs in various angles and try to display the art. Later on, construct a log bench and place bunny day topiaries, creating a decent little spot to enjoy.

Use white and blue flowers that will follow the aesthetic winter theme, add a scenic painting, and add a winter painting at the last compliment the theme.

5. Rainbow Path Outdoor

Animal Crossing Rainbow Path Outdoor
Credits: Reddit

After the pathway is created, you need to decorate with the walking line of plethora using colorful flowers organized in rows. Placing the floor lights along the path will provide a fantastic look at the night, so place the lights carefully next to the flowers and try to match the lights with flower colors.

6. Village Brewery

Animal Crossing Village Brewery
Credits: Reddit

It is a starry night Outdoor setup, letting you feel the nightscape garden’s calm and peace. To create this night Outdoor, you need to find a large field to set up the small restaurant. Construct some dining tables and benches using the wooden logs, place them aligned into neat rows.

Design the village gate by using the silos and stalls on the backside. Decorate the tables and the stalls by adding some pots and pitchers formed using the clay, making use of succulent plants to place it near the tableside drinking.

7. Outdoor Spa Café

The Outdoor Spa Café is inspired and designed on the theme of a botanical Outdoor, and the aim was to place a spa resort area and café within the botanical theme. Start the creation by setting up a few stalls and customizing them to provide a flowery and natural pattern. Place wooden chairs and wooden stools for seating at each stall and add tea sets and simple tea kettles for entertaining the guests.

Do not forget to buy some simple plants and a cypress bathtub to complete the spa setup. Later on, get some favorite flowers, especially green and yellow-colored, to provide the mellow feeling which complements the spa resort.

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