Best Animal Crossing Floor Patterns

Animal Crossing Floor Patterns

Animal Crossing has been a fun game for the players. The freedom with significant customizations and constructions allows players to show their creativity in the virtual world and create their imaginations into reality. The first thing a player in Animal Crossing is trying to build is their own house and give it the best look.

Animal Crossing Floor Patterns are an important basic building block on your island. These patterns can easily help you in placing a specific theme around your island. Moreover, the ability to create custom patterns always helps you to place tiles of your own choice.

But it takes a lot of effort and time to think, implement, create, combine, and finish the design. So to make it easier for a, here are a few ideas on how to create the floor patterns for your Animal Crossing house. With these patterns, you will get a little boost in your creativity and design of the house.

Animal Crossing Floor Patterns

1. Arcade Blacklight Floor

Animal Crossing Arcade Blacklight Floor
Credits: Reddit


This floor design is for players finding their different vibes; then this carpet is best for them as it is based in the 80’s arcade quirky retro carpet, which will be a great choice.

The carpet displays tiny shapes of old arcade games from the past, and when these tiles are put together, it reflects a funky look to the room.

If you want to create your retro arcade, then there is an in-game arcade machine that will help to do so, or else you can construct your funky place to have fun. This machine can also frame a fantastic Animal Crossing Floor Pattern with a disco-style room, which includes vibrant lights also.

2. Tatami Floor (Japanese)

Animal Crossing Tatami Floor (Japanese)
Credits: Reddit

Code: MA-1423-0695-5793

The Tatami Flooring has been created by Redditor Nessanuggett, which is based on a bamboo theme to provide a natural touch of Japanese decoration to the garden or home. Class and elegance ooze from the plain but practical design.

This versatile Animal Crossing Floor Pattern can be considered while creating other designs like spa space, bamboo garden, or to increase the look of any lounge area.

Many available in-game items will complement this perfect tiled flooring to make it a bit more different and prettier.

3. Wooden Carpet Flooring

Animal Crossing Wooden Carpet Flooring
Credits: Reddit


Suppose you desire a wooden floor that looks cute, just like the houses created by your villagers, then you need to frame this floor, shared by cheryyybabyyyy.

The adorable wooden Animal Crossing Floor Pattern has been designed by combining the plank-based flooring to fit any home using a pastel palette.

The cute hearts increments the attractiveness of the custom design, and the pink accents complement the wood tone. If you want to fill your house with cuteness, then you need to prefer this flooring anytime.

4. Pool Tile Floor

Animal Crossing Pool Tile Floor
Credits: Reddit


This pool-type flooring is perfect for the outdoor pool area and vibrant patio; apelistar has created this design to showcase the blues while designing the floor. If you were thinking of developing the flooring for the inner side of the house, you could use this concept to create bathroom floors.

Pool tile flooring looks simple, but it provides a very natural and realistic look, the design has its depth and aura, and it will surely make your home look decent.

Suppose you will use bright color with this flooring, then it pop-out and contrast well with the plain furniture. By using aqua accents, you can make this Animal Crossing Floor Pattern patio pop, but it will look messy.

5. Fake Deck Floor

Animal Crossing Fake Deck Floor
Credits: Twitter

Code: MO-LQ44-S1XH-8MPT

It is one of the unique designs created by a talented player; the step tiles with a border helps to create an optical illusion around the room, which looks like a multileveled floor.

The darker tiles work great for indoor or outdoor creations, and there are a few lighter options available that you can use to match it with the light wood furniture. Combining the three custom tiles results in the illusion of a deck or a loft space.

6. Monster Madness

Animal Crossing Monster Madness
Credits: Reddit

Code: MO-KT84-XB7M-1D06

The Monster Madness flooring is inspired by Anikin, which provides the fantastic flooring idea matching the botanical theme room.

Bringing nature from outside to the room creates an actual botanical space. If you want to convert your room into real greenery, the same flooring can also be used as wallpaper. If you are a plant lover, the Monster Madness theme will make you fall in love with its design.

7. Spanish Tiles

Animal Crossing Spanish Tiles
Credits: Reddit

Code: MA-8970-1529-7521

A Reddit user named Simple_Daikon has figured out a combination of four different Spanish tiles groups, which can be perfectly used to create either the Animal Crossing Floor Patterns or the walls. The four diverse groups have their unique color palette and sections.

You can mix it with plainer and vibrant colors, which will allow you to have various options matching different styles and making these tiles more versatile. Just compare the best tile which will complement your furniture and have a great time with your new room.

So, these are the few fantastic designs that you can use and mix-match the patterns to produce a new flooring style that will help you get things done in a time-saving manner.

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