186 Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas [2024]

Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas

You can create custom Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas for the villagers. These greetings will then be used by the villager while talking with you. Many players show off their creative skills by creating awesome greetings.

Greeting Villagers in Animal Crossing

You will build a friendship with villagers residing in Animal Crossing: New Horizons. You will regularly get a prompt to develop a unique greeting that is especially shared between you and a particular villager. The following article will show you the various Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas from catchphrases and nicknames. It will also explain how to build one and provide some examples of greeting anyone on their islands. 

Apart from unique catchphrases, the villagers can adopt with your consent, and the Greeting will remain between you and that particular villager. If any other player visits the island, they will view the catchphrase if they do not have a word with them. But luckily, this is not the case for greetings and nicknames in the New Horizons. In the game, Nicknames are unique, and remember other villagers can also adopt them and keep them with themselves.

But it can only be done when you authorize the villager to do so. Also, villagers will know you and call you with your name, and they will approach them on their own only if they wish to make or change the nickname. You can provide villagers with a custom Animal Crossing Greeting by building a strong bond of friendship with them and giving daily gifts in the game. Sometimes a thought bubble might also appear on the villager’s head. 

New Greeting in Animal Crossing
Set New Greeting in Animal Crossing

Sometimes thought bubbles would also make you a hint that a villager wishes to build or change the special Greeting or a catchphrase. But don’t stick to it. There can be multiple other meanings too. For example, the villager wishes to move away from the player of New Horizons Island, or they wish to sell or gift an item; otherwise, sometimes they require a helping hand for the task like giving a gift to another villager with some other things in the game.

Greeting’s can be longer than the catchphrases or nicknames. If you wish any section of the Greeting should be capitalized like the initial letter, they must be capitalized by themselves. But unfortunately, sometimes the villagers come up with some unique ideas and add a punctuation mark at the ending of Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas, and sometimes they don’t. So, it is your wish to add a period or an exclamation mark afterward. 

Animal Crossing Greeting Ideas

In the game, villagers’ greetings can be anything that you wish. They can begin from funny greetings to flattering ones, or also it can be a rude greeting is wished. You can also mention your name or nickname in the Greetings if there is enough space as Greetings do not get passed on with other villagers to be built for only a particular villager in the game.

Like in the game, you have the popular dog villager named Coco in the New Horizons. He can be like, “Its Name! How Amazing!”. These are some unique examples of Animal Crossing Greeting ideas and some short salutations followed by uplifting words of affirmation. It is because we believe why not make the gaming experience more fun?

Some of the easy miscellaneous are mentioned in the table below. They are as follows:

  1. Here we go again.
  2. There you are!
  3. I missed you!
  4. Get off my lawn!
  5. Well look who it is!
  6. I see dead people.
  7. Good vibes only.
  8. You scared me!
  9. Cutiesayswhat.
  10. Whoa…Where am I?
  11. Behold! It is I!
  12. Avada kedavra!
  13. Here comes trouble.
  14. “I’m not worthy!”
  15. You’re a hard worker!
  16. Witness me!!
  17. Peace and blessings!
  18. Holy cow! It’s [name]!
  19. Notice me, senpai!
  20. Surprise! It’s me!
  21. Goooooo [favorite sports team]!
  22. Bada bing!
  23. Oh…It’s you.
  24. Thank god you’re here!
  25. I’m glad to see you!
  26. Good day, your majesty.
  27. Yay! It’s [name]!
  28. I’m so proud of you.
  29. You’re my reason for living!
  30. I appreciate you, [name].
  31. Thanks for all you do!
  32. My person, my muse!
  33. You are so loved!
  34. It’s the savior of our island!
  35. I’m here for you always!
  36. You make me happy.
  37. What a nice smile!
  38. What’s cookin’, good lookin’?
  39. What’s crackin’?
  40. Wazzzup!?
  41. Aloha, friend!
  42. What up, buttercup?
  43. Sup, shorty?
  44. Hey, boo!
  45. Hi, handsome/beautiful.
  46. Hola, amigo/a!
  47. Hey gurrl/boii!
  48. What up, home skillet?
  49. Hello, sunshine.
  50. Howdy partner!
  51. Namaste.
  52. ‘ello!
  53. G’day mate!
  54. There s/he is!
  55. Hi!
  56. Hello!
  57. Yo!
  58. Zoinks!
  59. Your sweat is so shiny and beautiful!
  60. Your muscles look so happy!
  61. You’re too slow!
  62. You’re back!
  63. You smell that?
  64. You look like you need a hug.
  65. You lift?
  66. You got any snacks?
  67. You again?
  68. Yes, you may stare.
  69. Yes, darling?
  70. Yeah! Woo!
  71. Yaaaaaas!
  72. Woomy!
  73. Why, hello, dear.
  74. Why are you so loud…
  75. Where’d this stain come from…?
  76. When’s dinner?
  77. What’s your story?
  78. What’s up?
  79. What’s up, my man?
  80. What’s up, bruh?
  81. What’s the hot goss?
  82. What’s poppin’?
  83. What’s fluff’n?
  84. What is it?!
  85. What a beautiful day.
  86. Whaddya want?
  87. Well, well, well…
  88. Well, excuuuuse me, princess!
  89. We meet again, mr. Bond.
  90. Wanna see my glutes?
  91. Tuck in those glutes!
  92. Tubular!
  93. Time to tip the scales!
  94. Thought I smelt ya!
  95. Think you’re tough?
  96. There’s my pal!
  97. There’s my favorite human!
  98. The dude abides.
  99. The bugs… hunger!
  100. The bugs say hi!
  101. That’s what you’re wearing?
  102. That’s like, your opinion…
  103. Take care of yourself, pretty baby.
  104. Sun’s out, guns out!
  105. Such a nice day.
  106. Stay off the hook!
  107. Stay fresh!
  108. Squeeze the day!
  109. So… sleepy…
  110. Snack time!
  111. Smashing!
  112. Slow down a minute!
  113. Show me your moves!
  114. Say fuzzy pickles!
  115. Sav’aaq!
  116. Salute the sun!
  117. Ruh-roh!
  118. Respect ma authoritah!
  119. Release the hounds!
  120. Really? Right now?
  121. Race ya!
  122. Race around the island!
  123. Qué pasa?
  124. Push-up contest! Let’s go!
  125. Pull-up contest? What? Now?
  126. Pound it!
  127. Pop star, coming through!
  128. Pah.
  129. Omgood day!
  130. Omg hi!
  131. Oh. Em. Gee.
  132. Oh, you again…
  133. Oh, look. The circus has arrived.
  134. Oh, it’s you!
  135. Oh, hello, peasant.
  136. Oh, hamburgers!
  137. Oh, great…
  138. Now it’s shulk time!
  139. No hesitation!
  140. Nice weather, huh?
  141. My man!
  142. My favorite guy!
  143. My favorite gal!
  144. My body is ready!
  145. Must you be so loud?
  146. Move over, raymond.
  147. Move over, marshal.
  148. Mmm, donuts…
  149. Miss me, baby?
  150. May the force be with you.
  151. Mamma mia!
  152. Make this quick.
  153. Mah boi!
  154. Lovely, aren’t I?
  155. Lovely day!
  156. Looking sharp!
  157. Looking gorgeous!
  158. Looking fab!
  159. Looking fresh!
  160. Looking divine! Me, I mean.
  161. Little sis!
  162. Looking cool!
  163. Little bro!
  164. Like, share, and follow!
  165. Like, hai!
  166. Let’s tone up those legs!
  167. Let’s go! Kneecaps!
  168. Let’s get those gains!
  169. Let’s get fired up!
  170. Kiss the ring.
  171. Kept you waiting, huh?
  172. Jinkies!
  173. It’s ya boy!
  174. Is that food I smell?
  175. Is it lunchtime yet?
  176. Is it idle chit-chat time already?
  177. I’m walkin’ here!
  178. I’m too old for this…
  179. I’m so happy to see you!
  180. I’m really feeling it!
  181. I’m so happy to see you!
  182. I’m walkin’ here!
  183. Is it idle chit-chat time already?
  184. Is it lunchtime yet?
  185. Is that food I smell?
  186. It’s ya boy!


Following are some of the FAQs for greeting ideas in Animal Crossing –

What is a good greeting for Animal Crossing?

“There s/he is” and “Howdy Partner!” are some of the most used good greetings for Animal Crossing.

Why do villagers ask to move out?

If you have a bad relationship with a villager, they’ll ask to move out. To prevent this from happening use the greeting ideas to greet your villagers every day. This will build a good relationship with your villagers.

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