12 Best Animal Crossing Deck Patterns [2024]

Animal Crossing Deck Patterns

The deck is a part of a wooden piece that is usually used for making floors of ships. These decks can have a lot of different patterns and styles.

Animal Crossing Deck Patterns are different styles and designs in which your wooden frame is made. As New Horizons supports custom-created patterns, you can get many different patterns on the internet. We’ve collected some of the best deck patterns from the players and made a compilation of them in this post.

Animal Crossing Deck Patterns

Wooden Deck

Animal Crossing Wooden Deck
Credits: Pinterest

Creator Code: MA-8569-4772-9405

The following Animal Crossing Deck Pattern is built with square designs to look and provide a flooring vibe. It is one of the astonishing patterns you can use to build an outdoor library and a comfortable sitting lounge or area.

The following Deck Pattern will only charge up to five pattern slots, so make a note that it is kore conservative if we compare it to other designs available in the list.

Stone Elevated Deck

Animal Crossing Stone Elevated Deck
Credits: Twitter

Creator Code: MA-8861-1513-7160

Ever wished you will be able to make stone-inspired pathways in the real world. But when you are playing this game, you can do it. The following ACNH deck pattern takes the responsibility to perform this task for you in the game.

It suites well and offers villagers their own small porch and stoop. It will work decently and efficiently well if you are making use of the doormats in your village.

Elevated Deck

Animal Crossing Elevated Deck
Credits: Reddit

Creator Code: MA-4387-7567-9636

If you are tired of seeing dark-colored decks in the game. Then you can start hunting for a light and cheery vibes deck, which will play the role of complementing your entire island.  This Elevator Deck will complete any of your tiny cute islands because of its eye-catching off-white color.

But it requires nine Creator slots to work efficiently, so you must remember this factor when planning to use this deck path in the game.

Light Wood Boardwalk Deck

Animal Crossing Light Wood Boardwalk Deck
Credits: Tumblr

Creator Code: MA-9115-9170-3990

In the game, you can build an Animal Crossing Deck Patterns that offers an excellent Boardwalk design that matches your island style. It is one of the fantastic locations in the game for you to place some stalls and put additional visitor activities that will attract many visitors along with your eye-catching beach feature.

It is also one of the few deck patterns in the list that uses the vertical boards apart from the horizontal panel.

Boardwalk Main

Animal Crossing Boardwalk Main

Creator Code: MA-8492-0659-9518

While playing the game, if you are exhausted by seeing regular decks and looking for something creative and different than the vertical Animal Crossing Deck Patterns featured boardwalk. It is a Weathered Boardwalk which you can get from the player-created Code in the game.

It pairs very well with the rope fence in the game. The following pattern can only carry nine Creator slots.

Dark Wood Deck

Animal Crossing Dark Wood Deck
Credits: Twitter

Creator Code: MA-8569-4772-9405

Dark Wood Animal Crossing Deck Pattern with Stairs deck has an imaginary step for building multi-level rooms. You can equip your inner Kramer and construct rooms with your house with multiple floors. Some of the ACNH deck patterns will also look amazing in your home.

One of the best features of this pattern is that it will take up only two slots.

White Deck

Animal Crossing White Deck

Creator Code: MA-8683-2518-6524

Till now, you might explore multiple white decks. But if you are tired of white decking and struggling to March it with the pastel island, you can choose the White Deck. Basically, this white deck is completely pure white in color.

It will easily pair with any outdoor furniture available on your island. You have to your villagers a fantastic outdoor cafe or build a library to pursue with this excellent ACNH deck design in the game.

Grey Wooden Deck

Animal Crossing Grey Wooden Deck
Credits: Twitter

Creator Code: MA-8285-8825-5686

Moving on towards one of the popular deck patterns available in the Animal Crossing game. Grey Wooden Dark is one of the best deck patterns that looks somehow similar to a little worn out. It is basically loved by the people who are willing for a rustic theme on their island.

The Creator also added some tiny grass weeds that will ride up the tiles and offer a high illusion. Overall, it is one of the most built decks and most favorite deck patterns in the game.

Marble Deck

Animal Crossing Marble Deck

Creator Code: MA-4705-2313-8973

Imagine a person who requires a deck in the game, which is ultimately built out of Wood. In the game, you will find the Animal Crossing Deck Patterns. It is specially designed for you and will amazingly complement the marble wall and the room’s floors.

It is considered as best item to use inside your house.  But always remember to use it inside your home only. Because the edges of this wooden deck are very rough and are not suitable for external usage.

Cream Colored Wooden Deck

Animal Crossing Cream Colored Wooden Deck
Credits: Tumblr

Creator Code: MA-8285-8825-5686

If you wish to have a wooden deck that is light in color, and it should complement your ACNH, then the following pattern is the answer for you. This deck pattern is one of the best decks considered for your islands for a pastel theme.

The cream-colored Wood looks perfectly fits and looks impressive on grass and sand. You will also notice stairs to build the illusion of height. The only negative impact on this Animal Crossing deck pattern is that it takes many slots.

Flower Designs by Iltsu

Flower Designs by Iltsu
Credits: Twitter

Creator Code: MA-4471-1720-0257

If you have some extraordinary varieties in your flower island, then the Flower Design is one of the perfect solutions for you. You will see beautiful and cute flowers that blend very well when used on your Flower Island.

The Flower Design Codes for Flower Designs by Iltsu in Animal Crossing are as follows:

  • Pink flowers: MO-CDW7-YQCW-1YHF
  • White flowers: MO-6K2F-QX06-T8R6
  • Yellow flowers: MO-WH1C-WY30-TBRB
  • Clover & flower: MO-BPQT-MGPD-6615

Limestone Road by Belle

Animal Crossing Limestone Road by Belle
Credits: Pinterest

Creator Code: MA-6648-8376-9913

The white color Limestone brick road will provide you calm and relaxing feeling, which is built by Belle. The most fantastic feature of this road is that when the sun goes down, this white color road also gets changed. It is a natural design that adopts your structure and its scenery decently.

The Limestone Road Codes For Flower Designs by Belle in Animal Crossing are as follows:

  • Limestone road *: MO-4PJR-R56C-1PLB
  • Limestone road *L: MO-9WR3-876V-650X
  • Limestone road *R: MO-GY1T-K9KK-QTWY
  • Limestone road **: MO-YLPQ-1T19-38YV

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the deck for in Animal Crossing?

Deck in Animal Crossing: New Horizons is a type of furniture. You can place this miscellaneous item either on the ground or on the surfaces of some other items like tables, etc. 

What are the different kinds of decks available in Animal Crossing?

There are several kinds of decks with different designs available in the game Animal Crossing: New Horizon. These include Wooden Deck, Stone Elevated Deck, Elevated Deck, Light Wood Boardwalk Deck, Boardwalk Main, Dark Wood Deck, etc. 

How can I construct a deck in Animal Crossing? 

You have to start by attaching the Ledger. Once that is done you must Protect the Ledger. Now proceed to set footings and piers and then install Post Bases, Side Rim Joists, Front Rim Joists, Beams and Interior Joists. Once that is done, attach Trim and Decking.

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