Space Marine Vs Spartans: Which One Is The Best?

Space Marine Vs Spartans

“What if Space-Marine and the Spartans have a battle? Who would win?” A question that is long debated between the 40k and Halo Fans.

Let’s answer this question after analyzing a few points and finally concluding this debate, ‘Space Marine Vs Spartans, Which is the best?”

Warhammer 40,000: Space Marine

This third-person hack-n-slash video game was developed by Relic Entertainment and released in September 2011. The gameplay takes place in Warhammer 40000 Universe, where a Command Squad of three Ultramarines has to protect the planet (which was devoted to producing military weapons) from Alien invasion.

As of now, the game is available on Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 3, and Xbox 360.


Slitherine Strategies developed this computer wargame in 2014. The game is set in Ancient Greece and Asia Minor. Spartan is a turn-based game; however, it switches to real-time combat when armies encounter each other in the battles. The real-time action is available in both 2D and 3 D visuals.

Currently, the game is only available on Microsoft Windows.

Space Marine Vs Spartans: Origins

Space Marine

They are said to be the Imperium of Man’s supreme warriors. These soldiers are genetically enhanced, far more robust than an ordinary Human being. Space Marine chapters are organized into roughly 1000 chapters, each chapter consisting of 10 companies of 100 troops each. The space marines are armed with destructive weapons and protected by a suit of power armor. They are the product of intensive training and genetic manipulation that transforms them into the deadliest warrior race. A list of these warriors is given below:

  1. The Thunder warriors
  2. The Grey Legions
  3. The Primarchs
  4. Crusade and Expansion
  5. Horus Heresy
  6. The Codex Astartes


These super soldiers are members of special fighting units. They are designed to create physically, technologically, genetically, and mentally superior soldiers to protect humankind. The Spartan program occurred in 2321 when the ORION project was activated. The aim of Orion was to build Bioengineering protocols established in 2164 and create stronger and better soldiers. The reason for creating super soldiers was to patrol the colonies, protect civilian and government populations, crush an uprising in their infancy and ensure that others don’t rise up as a result. Here is a list of Spartans in the ORION project :

  1. Sergeant Major AVERY Johnson
  2. Gily
  3. Gunnery Sergeant Gladys Wilson
  4. Jim James
  5. Morales
  6. Orion candidate 047

Space Marine Vs Spartans: Weapons And Armor

Space Marine Vs Spartans Armor

Space Marine

Here is a list of weapons and Amour in Space Marine.

  • Astartes Chainsword: A chainsaw on a sword, has a mono-molecular edge.
  • Astartes Bolt Pistol: Shoots a .998 caliber self-propelled diamond-tipped explosive anti-everything slug round.
  • Godwyn Bolter: It fires 19mm caliber grenades.
  • Astartes Sniper Rifle: It is a long-range needle rifle that offers the perfect combination of range, stealth, and power.
  • Astartes Plasma Cannon: has a massive ammo supply that also can melt anything from their shields and armor
  • Amour: Mark VII Aquila Power Armor (Post-Horus Heresy Armor).


  • Combat Knife: Utility knife made out of high carbon steel that is about a foot and a half long sheathed with a blade length of 7.9 inches.
  • M6D Pistol: Used for short to medium ranged combat. It fires a 12.7x40mm Semi-armor-piercing-high-explosive round
  • BR55HB SR Battle Rifle: A select service rifle that fires in 3 round bursts utilizing a 9.5x40mm round
  • Sniper Rifle System 99 Anti-Matériel: Is a semi-automatic, gas-operated rifle that fires a 14.5x114mm APFSDS round
  • M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle: Used to bring down multiple vehicles from across the map as well as it can kill anything it touches until it stops at a highly dense object (such as a mountain or reinforce the barrier
  • Armour: Mark VI MJOLNIR Powered Assault Armor (Halo 3 Armor)

Here, Space Marine has the best Melee Combat and Pistole and Rifle, the short-range weapons. However, the Spartans have the best Long-range weapons. There is a tie between the both for special weapons.

Space Marine Vs Spartans: Reaction Time

Space Marine Vs Spartans Reaction Time


Chief hit 105kph while sprinting in his armor with strength 12x the average human’s strength.


A Spartan has a reaction time of 20ms in training, or 10-15ms when adrenaline is flowing. An average Spartan can hold a 55kph endurance when they run out of armor.

Here, the x12 strength of an average human being of the 40k outweighs the “twice the strength of a peak human, doubled again in armor” of the Spartans. So in terms of Strenght and reaction Time, Space-Marine is the winner.

Space Marine Vs Spartans: Durability

Space Marine and Spartans Durability


  • Guard flak armor. Used by joe blow Guardsman, roughly equivalent in protective capability to modern level III body armor
  • Carapace armor. Used by Tempestus Scions, or an Inquisitor’s retinue, or members of the Arbites. Thicker, heavier, and more protective than flak armor
  • Power armor for regular people. They are used by Battle Sisters, Inquisitors, and wealthy people.
  • Astartes power armor. Used by joe blow battle brother. Very dangerous.
  • Terminator, Artificer, and Custodes (not in Outcast Dead) armor. Like a tank that can walk.


Spartan armor has energy shields that are depicted fairly powerfully in anything outside of gameplay. They have successfully survived two high-velocity brute grenades, several light rifle shots sustained hits from sentinel beams that can boil rock, a swing from a two-ton hunter shield.

There is tough competition between the two for durability part. However, Space-Marine has a slight edge over the Spartans.

Conclusion: Space Marine Vs Spartans, Who is the Ultimate Winner?

Both games are different and similar at the same time. However, after analyzing the above points, we can conclude that the Space-Marine are definitely better than Spartans.

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