Fishing In Valheim: How to get Fishing Rod and Fish

fishing in valheim

Fishing in Valheim can be more accessible compared to hunting and taming boars or fighting draugr. Fishes can become an incredible source of the diet (food) with minimal effort. Catching a fish isn’t very complicated, but getting the tools for a fishing rod is. Worry not, this guide will answer all your questions, from purchasing a rod to cooking a fish. So stay tuned.

Where To Find a Fishing Rod in Valheim?

A fishing rod can be purchased from Haldor for 350 coins. Haldor is a merchant in valheim who has valuable inventory.

As the Valheim world is periodically generated, his location might not be the same for all players. However, most of the players have encountered Haldor in the black forest biome. Some players find it extremely difficult to locate the sly merchant. But anyway, the hunt is worth it, because his shop has some rare, valuable items. A list of these items is given below:

  • Yule Hat (100 coins; a festive-themed cosmetic item, can be equipped as Helmet armor)
  • Dverger Circlet (620 coins; a head torch, useful for exploring the dungeons)
  • Megingjord (950 coins; equipped as Accessory armor, expands inventory)
  • Ymir Flesh (120 coins; crafting material needed to make silver mace, that is Frostner)
  • Fishing Rod (350 coins; equipped as a two-handed tool, used to obtain fish)
  • Fishing Bait (10 coins, 50 pieces; combined with the fishing rod, helps to catch fish)

A fishing rod and a fishing bait are essential for fishing in Valheim. The players will get 50 pieces of fishing bait for ten gold coins and a fishing rod for 350 gold coins at the current price. Haldor will accept payment only in the form of coins. He might trade a few valuables in exchange for coins, which can then be used to buy things from his shops. He might give 5 to 10 coins for each valuable item traded with him.

Rubies, Amber, and Amber Pearls are a few precious stones that can be exchanged for coins with Haldor. These precious stones are usually found in various dungeons. They have no use other than trading them with Haldor in exchange for some coins.

How to Do Fishing in Valheim?

How to catch fish in Valheim

After purchasing the fishing rod and some fishing bait from Haldor, it’s time to catch some fishes. For that, start looking for a body of water. Fishes can be found in both rivers and oceans; sometimes, the players have to search in several locations. Some players find rivers a good fishing spot since once can directly see if fishes are available or not. After finding a suitable site, equip the fishing rod and the bait. Both items would be highlighted in blue in the inventory. To cast the line:

  • Press and hold the left mouse button to charge your cast.
  • The longer the hold, the longer will be the cast in the water.
  • Press the right mouse button to tug the line in a short distance.

Keep doing this often to attract fishes. Concentrate on the area surrounding the bobber. When bubbles appear around the bobber, it means that the fishes are around the bait. Once the bait deeps further in the water, quickly.

  • Press and hold the right mouse button.

Holding the button will begin the process of reeling the fish out of the water. The word ‘Hooked’ appears on the screen in a yellow text when you get a bite.

Remember to keep an eye on the fish’s moment to figure the right rhythm to reel it, just like fishing in the real world.

What you get from a Cooked Fish Food in Valhiem?

  • Increased health by 60 points.
  • Increased stamina by 90 points.
  • Healing by 2hp/tick. This effect will last for 2400 seconds (40 minutes).

Fishing Tips For Beginners in Valheim

Fishing Tips in Valheim
  • Rivers are an easy spot as fishes can be spotted directly.
  • Keep an eye on the fish’s moment once it is hooked; use proper rhythm to reel it.
  • If you struggle a lot, the hook will pop out, you can lose the fish.
  • Be Patient and wait for the fishes to mess with the bait.
  • Pick up the fish before your stamina runs out; otherwise, the fish will get away.
  • Add barley flour in a cauldron with cooked fish to make a tasty fish wrap.


A few FAQ regarding fishing in Valheim are answered below:

Can you Build a Fishing Rod in Valheim?

Currently, there is no way to craft a fishing rod in Valheim. The only way to get a fishing rod is by purchasing it from Haldor, the merchant, for 350 coins.

Can you Adjust the Size of the Fishing Rod in Valheim?

Unfortunately, the size of the fishing rod cannot be adjusted. It can not be upgraded to make it more resourceful. But on the brighter side, the fishing rod won’t break, no matter how many times the player uses it.

Can’t Find Water Bodies Nearby?

Water can be found along the shores of rivers, lakes, and ocean biomes. They can be easily located on the map.

That’s enough information about the fishes and fishing in Valheim. Now catch some fishes and treat yourself to a good healthy meal. Alas, you need good health to defeat all the bosses!

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