True Vault Hunter Mode Borderlands 3

True Vault Hunter Mode

While Playing the Borderlands 3, you will come across the proper vault hunter mode term. It is also abbreviated as TVHM. You get to know about TVHM only when you successfully complete the Normal mode of the game.

In Borderlands 3, True Vault Hunter Mode is an exciting mode where you can reply to the crusade of the story with more advanced challenge settings to hold on to your skills, followed by Levels, XP, guns, and equipment. You will be offered an entire replay of the crusade in True Vault Hunter Mode after successfully completing the final mission and viewing the credits roll. The following mode will return to you in the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel or Borderlands 2 and in Borderlands 3. 

Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel

The fantastic True Vault Model will offer a new and incredible challenge for you. It will provide you with multiple and more realistic experiences in which few game factors have been modified, which also plays a crucial role in increased difficulty. Below we have mentioned few differences between the Normal Mode and the Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel or Borderlands 2 are as follows:

Developed Enemy Health: You will notice your enemies will have more health than the normal mode. It applies to all the enemies and those of the same level as compared to the game character. In easy words, we can say that the enemy’s health will be more significant in it will be more challenging for you while you are playing the game and switch from normal mode to the True Vault Hunter Mode.

Elemental Efficiency: Elements will offer a bigger bonus or penalty versus on the targets against their strength or weakness. For example, in the war, when you challenge an enemy and get more minor damage from a specific element, they will obtain maximum resistance of the component. Loaders will counter combustible damage and if they are all Hot Loaders if compared to only partially opposing.

More Badasses: In Borderlands 2, the Badass variants of all the common enemies are widespread while playing in the True Vault Hunter mode. Finally, it results in making the combat more challenging for you.

New Enemies: When you are playing the game in the True Vault Hunter Mode, you will experience a rise in difficulty and see the Normal mode enemies are renamed. New enemies will also appear in this game: The Psycho will be spawn as the Armored Maniac. Basically, it is the advanced armored version of the previous enemy. The second famous example of the enemies is the Blaster Normad and Blaster Goliath. Both of these enemies are not available for you in the normal mode of the game.

Better Loot: As in TVHM, the difficulty level has increased, and it’s a fact that the game has become more complex and challenging. In True Vault Hunter Mode, there are higher possibilities of enemies for dropping better loot. The chests will also offer you better loot as compared to the normal mode.

High XP from Mission: When you are playing the game in True Vault Hunter Mode, you will gain a higher number of XP from the missions than the normal mode in the Borderlands 2 game.

Post-Game Level Scale: Once after completing all the challenges, you successfully complete the story. All the enemies will scale with the host’s level, and level fifty is the maximum level.

Borderlands 3  

True Vault Hunter Mode Unlocked

If we talk about Borderlands 3, True Vault Hunter Mode is not changed. There are only two major exceptional cases. They are as follows:

Scaling: In the True Vault Hunter Mode, the enemies, loot, and missions will always scale up to the host’s level compared to the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode in Borderlands 2 or Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel.

Multiple Anointed Enemies: In Borderlands 3, the True Vault Mode will not introduce you to any new enemies. You will see anointed enemies appear in the Normal mode of the game as the minibosses can spawn similar to the regular enemies in any map along with COV, albeit at a nominal rate compared to daily badasses. Along with the Badasses, the varieties of anointed enemies capable of spawning in the provided map, which is dependent on the types of non-badass enemies, can generate as mentioned in the map.


True Vault Hunter Mode Mode Select

One of the key strategies is to take down The Warriors sometimes normal mode before you are beginning the True Vault Hunter Mode of the game. The farming plans will benefit you with some fantastic extra loot, which will experience you before landing on the higher difficulty level. There is also a possibility of using Tier 3, which will rematch in Mr, Torgue’s Campaign of Carnage as the enemies can now scale up to level 50. So, they can drop higher levels of weapons, which will help the initial phases of the fun little simple for you.

Few experienced players will also suggest you avoid the option missions, which will reward you with unique and legendary materials until the warrior gets defeated. It is because the warrior gets killed, and the missions and the regarding materials will scale your character’s level and reach up to level 50, which is the maximum level of making the reward stronger. It is also said that the usefulness of some materials will be decreased as the enemy level will continue to grow in the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode in the Borderlands 3 game.

How to Switch to True Vault Hunter Mode in Borderlands 3?

  • Step 1: Go to the Main Menu of the Borderlands 3
  • Step 2: Click on the “Mode” option. It is the last option available on the menu.

The mode option will also inform you in which Mode you have selected. If it says “Normal,” it means you are playing this game on Normal Mode. Similarly, if it informs you “TVHM,” then you’re playing this game in True Vault Hunter Mode.

  • Step 3: You have to select the Mode you prefer to play this game.


  • The Vault Hunters will try their best and mostly reach or be close to level 50 cap by the final stage of the TVHM mode.
  • When the warrior gets defeated in all the zones will be reset at a fixed level 50. It will affect the enemy levels, items inside the vending machine, and the on missions that haven’t been accepted. The Missions which have not been previously taken, their difficulty meter might not get actually affected. 
  • Finally, when the Ultimate Vault Hunter Upgrade Pack gets installed at level 50, the amount of XP rewarded to you in the True Vault Hunter Model will be massively decreased. But, remember, without the Ultimate Vault Hunter Mode upgrade pack, you can’t obtain any experience.

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