Borderlands 3 On the Blood Path Guide

Borderlands 3 On the Blood Path

While playing the Borderlands 3 game, you will come across various challenging levels.

Accordingly, you will cross the optional mission known as ‘On the Blood Path’. This mission is provided to you by Ramsden.

When you are on with the On Blood Path mission, you will be asked to kill the Holder or take down the Ramsden. They will provide you will see a separate set of rewards, and it is wholly depended on whom do you select to save or takedown.

You have to take some time, think about the options displayed, and weigh from the prospect. Once you know about the rewards, depending on whom you pick to kill should be clear in your mind.

On the Blood Path Kill Holder or Ramsden

As we know, in Borderlands 3, you will come across the mission titled Blood Path. It is a side mission in the game, and you will find this mission on Eden 6. So let us now discuss where it is located. This game is situated at The Anvil, and it is a selection that is one big prison area. Your role is to speak with the harmless guy, and this guy is named Ramsden. Here, Ramsden will ask you to help in tracking down a friend. This friend of his is a Holder in this game. Below we have mentioned the list, which you have to follow step by step. They are as follows:

Step 1: The initial step is to accept the quest from Ramsden, who you can find in The Anvil, which is available at the Eden 6 location.

Step 2: When you accept the quest from Ramsden, you have to hunt for the key. This key will help you to unlock a gate and continue to fight.

Step 3: After unlocking the gate, you have to search for Holder and talk with him.

Step 4: Here, you have to select from two options. The first one is to choose whether to side with the Holder. Otherwise, the second option available for you is to open the door for Ramsden.

Side with Holder or Kill Ramsden

On the Blood Path Ramsden

If you select to side with the Holder or kill Ramsden, then at the end, you will be rewarded with a shield, and it is named Brawler Unpaler. In this game, the following shield is rated as a Purple Epic item. It will offer you electricity resistance along with bonus melee damage, and remember, it is only possible when your shield gets exhausted. But note the extra amount of melee damage is measured randomly, but most of the players mentioned that it was dropped with an increase of 180 percent in their case.

The following shield is not that utterly amazing. So, in this case, you can get a better one from the golden chest, which is available in the Sanctuary. You will get it by entering any of the SHIFT codes for Borderlands 3.

Side with Ramsden or Kill the Holder

On the Blood Path Holder

While playing this game, if you select for opening the door for Ramsden and kill the Holder, you will be rewarded with a Shotgun. And the title of this shotgun is Iron Willed Fingerbiter. So it is a fantastic Jakobs Shotgun, and its meaning is that it will bash out with a lot of damage rate. But there is a negative point in his weapon, and it is its Magazine. The magazine size of the following shotgun is minimal. But it will provide you with some fantastic bonus statistics like the extra weapon damage and the reloading speed.

But there is a low point. These rewards are not rewarded for taking down the Holder or killing Ramsden, which are very attractive. The One Pump Chump is one of the best shotguns available in Borderlands 3, and there is a masterpiece of an excellent shield. So whether you select to take down the Holder or kill Ramsden, the feel is very comfortable knowing that you will not miss anything much out of it.

Selecting Ramsden 

If you are selecting Ramsden, you will require to take down the Holder ad with some bunch of ads. Finally, when you are at the final phase of the fight, you will be rewarded with a special weapon titled Fingerbiter Shotgun. As we know, it is a rare shotgun with the following amazing perks:

  • Weapon Damage: +108%
  • Critical Hit Damage: +10%
  • Reload Speed: +25%
  • Weapon Zoom: 3.5%

If we discuss the shotguns, the Fingerbiter shotgun is a good choice of weapon though it is not very special.

Selecting Holder in On The Blood Path

In this game, if you select Holder, you have to kill Ramsden and some other ads. When you are at the final section of the game, you will be rewarded with a shield, and it will provide you with a 180% boost in melee damage when it gets completely exhausted.


Below is a list of some important notes for you while playing this game which we suggest you remember. They are as follows:

  • Mission Item: Here, you will get the Prison Gate Key.
  • If the player gets sides with Ramsden while playing this game, you will see him constantly singing, “We’re on the blood path now.” He will be singing the following song for several minutes when you complete the mission.

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Final Words

We positively believe that you have made your mind clear whether to take down the Holder or Kill Ramsden at On the Blood Path mission.

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