Borderlands 3 Lorelei Character Guide

Borderlands 3 Lorelei

Borderlands 3 Lorelei is a promising British NPC. While enjoying this game, you will notice the following character in the story will be kicking the ass and will drink coffee. It will also reveal something of an enigma. The team of Gearbox has announced that players like you will be spending a great time with Lorelei. So now let us begin and discuss who Lorelei is in Borderlands 3 game and what excellent role she will play.

Who is Borderlands 3 Lorelei?

Firstly, we will begin by solving the question of who has voiceover Lorelei? So well, this has a simple answer, so we found that famous LGBT1+ actor and the artist Ciaran Strange has played the voice actor for Lorelei’s character. He has been invited as a guest in many shows, including popular exhibits like the world’s first trans* sitcom, The Switch, followed by I Am Tim.  You will also identify him as a background actor in Supernatural, followed by Almost Human and in the Hallmark Original A Ring by Spring. You can also check on the internet with all the remaining voice actors of Borderlands 3, and we indeed unquestionably believe you will recognize them.

Who is Lorelei? You will meet with her in the story when you land at Promethea and move towards the Meridian Metroplex. You will meet Lorelei, one of the bosses there, and you will be moved off for a coffee run to get her troops excited. But it is done before taking on Hyperion and to anyone else who comes as a barrier on the way. You will also notice a whole side mission that Lorelei will deliver you.

Borderlands 3 Lorelei Preview

She looks pretty harmless and friendly enough, but some players have guessed that the name of Lorelei is inspired by the massive rock that has the same word, located at the Banks of River Rhine, which is found in Germany. The rock views the in folklore as it was previously mentioned to be in the home for Lore Lay. It is adapted from the Rhine dialect for mumbling also from the Celtic term allocated for rock. It consists of a gorgeous woman who has played the role of enchanting the sailors to their death.

The following folk story is widespread, and it is known as the tale of a Siren. They use their beautiful and sweet voice to enter and lure the unwitting shipment for getting crashed upon the rocks as they sat on them. Spoiler: Lorelei in Borderlands 2 game is a secret siren and will cheat you at some moment in the story.

The age of Borderlands 3 Lorelei is 20. She is a nonbinary and it is a serious topic on considering about transitioning topic. Her voice is played by the voice actor Ciaran Strange.

In Borderlands 3, Lorelei wishes to explore all the goes into the transition and try to change her gender to male. But she had to take that off, and the reason was violence which was utterly surrounded her. As the game progresses slowly, she will reveal her story. While playing the game, Winkler will inform you “Walk in the booth and can change your head and things about you and access daily”. Here she will realize doing transitioning to her physical body more. By the way, it is a very emotional journey, and you require friends around you to handle it.

Borderlands 3 Lorelei – Relationships

Lorelei Interaction

Now we will discuss her relationships, which you should be informed of while playing the game. So firstly, we would like to tell you that Lorelei has intense teasing and AC is a fan-favorite character. The writers will not say who, but possibly it is one of the most lovable sidekick nerd robot Claptrap.


You must keep an important point while playing the game and especially when you are with Lorelei. Caffeine or coffee is the most favorite item of Lorelei. She loves the people and keeps them with her who depend on her alive in the story. The third favorite liking of Lorelei is Flirting, and Winkler also says that “It is suggested in times of stress when you flirt”. Finally, she is in deep love with her motorcycle.


Remember, you can be her dislike if you do not provide her coffee.


Borderlands 3 Lorelei Involvement

While beginning Maliwan‘s attack on Promethea, Borderlands 3 Lorelei’s previous job was at a coffee shop. Also, Rhys used to visit this shop occasionally to have some exotic coffee, and the CEO of this coffee shop was Atlas. Once the attacking started, Lorelei quickly found themselves stuck and surrounded by the conflict, and they joined the team of Atlas. They are trying their best to fight off between both the Maliwan forces and the members of the children who are in the Vault.

At some time, they meet up with multiple vaults of Hunters. In the story, these Vault Hunters have been sent by Lilith and the Crimson Raiders. They have joined their hands and currently working together. You will also see that they are capable enough to establish the foothold, drive off the Maliwan Troops, and secure the Watershed base. Further, you will also see Lorelei will contact Rhys and try to convince him of the Vault Hunters, which can stop Katagawa Jr. and Maliwans from attempting to destroy the Atlas.

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Final Words

We have tried to provide you detailed information about Lorelei in the Borderlands 3 game. Remember to feed her caffeine or she’ll be mad at you forever. Also, She carries an impressive collection of swear words.

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