Borderlands 3 Quasar Guide

Borderlands 3 Quasar

Borderlands 3 Quasar is manufactured by Hyperion, Tediore, and Atlas, named after a cluster of legendary grenade mods. Quasar can be obtained randomly from any of the suitable loot sources. If a player wants to receive it quicker than the usual source, then a player needs to reach the Lectra City located at Promethea; here, a drop is obtained from Warty, which has the higher chance to provide the Quasar weapon.

Borderlands 3 occurs after seven years of Borderlands 2 events and six years later from the events of Borderlands 1. Borderlands 3 gets started with four new Hunters – Zane the Operative, Moze the Gunner, FL4K the Beastmaster, and Amara the Siren. All these four new vaulters join the Lilith’s Crimson Raiders to investigate the ‘Children of the Vault’ cult and search for their mysterious leaders – the Calypso twins, Troy and Tyreen, who are said to be into the proprietorship of large lost Vault Map.

To reclaim the Vault Map, Crimson Raiders, with their allies, board the Sanctuary 3 spacecraft to go beyond Pandora and visit other planets in the galaxy in search of the Vaults they need to chase before the Calypsos can steal the power from them.

Borderlands 3 Quasar Weapon Effect

“E=mc(OMG)/wtf – Always shock element.” This effect creates a chain of electricity that continuously binds the enemies inwards for a few seconds.

Quasar stats

Stats NameValue

Quasar Specifications

  • It is a Legendary weapon.
  • Effect name – ‘E=mc(OMG)/wtf
  • The grenade will explode after a short duration of impact.
  • Grenade delivery mechanics depends on the manufacturer – Torgue, Hyperion, Atlas, and Tediore.

Borderlands 3 Quasar – Notes

Borderlands 3 Quasar Drop

The Quasar’s working varies and depends on the manufacturer-:

  • Hyperion – Longbow
  • Atlas – Homing
  • Tediore – Lobbed

Borderlands 3 Quasar Trivia

The Quasar is a grenade mod carried forward from Borderlands 2. It is a legendary weapon that deals massive damage to enemies.

Borderlands 3 Atlas Creations

TypeWeapon Name
LegendaryTran fusion, Ruby’s Wrath, Res, Rebel Yell, Quasar, Plumage, O.P.P. System, Multi-Tap, Linc, Hex, Freeman, Chupa’s Organ, Carrier, Atlas Replay
UniquePeacemonger, Exterminator
CommonV system, Tracker, Q System, Pattern Red, Pattern (NULL), Pattern Black, N System, AX 88, AX 19, AX 7

Borderlands 3 Hyperion’s Creations

TypeWeapon Name
LegendaryXZ41, Woodblocker, Widowmaker, Ward, Troubleshooter, The Transformer, The Butcher, Tankman’s Shield, Storm Front, StopGap, Smog, Slow Hand, Reflux, Redistributor, Rectifier, Re Volter, Re Charger, Quasar, Proprietary License, Predatory Lending, Phebert, Oldridian, Old God, Narp, Nagata, Lightspeed, Iceberg, HOT Spring, Heart Breaker, Handsome Jackhammer, Guardian 4N631, Gold Rush, Gas Mask, Front Loader, Firewall, Firestorm, Fearmonger, Faulty Star, Face Puncher, EMP, Crossroad, Masterwork Crossbow, Convergence, Conference Call, Chupa’s Organ, Cheap Tips, Brainstormer, Bitch
UniqueThe Two Time, Short Stick, Reunion, Redistributor, Pricker, Null Pointer, MSRC Auto – Dispensary, Mendel’s Multivitamin, Melt Facer, LOV3M4CH1N3, Loop of 4N631, Just Kaus, Guilty Spark, Ember’s Blaze, Double Downer, Acid Burn
CommonTechSpot, Powerplay, Outsourcer, Mogul, Longbow, Host, Hivemind, Entrepreneur, Downsizer, Collaborator, Broodmother, Boardroom

Borderland’s 3 Tediore’s Creation

TypeWeapon Name
LegendaryWidowmaker, The Horizon, Ten Gallon, Superstreamer, Storm Front, Smart Gun, Scorpio, S3RV-80S-EXECUTE, Quasar, Polybius, P.A.T. Mk. 3, Needle Gun, Mother Too, Long Musket, Hunter Seeker, Gunerang, Flama Diddle, Firestorm, Fastball, Creeping Death, Cheddar Shredder, Brightside, Bangarang, Baby Maker, Anarchy
UniqueThe Boo, Sacrificial Lamb, P.A.T. Mk. 3, Fungus Among Us, Echo 2, Chocolate Thunder
CommonSureshot, Quickshot, Powerblast, Lurkshot, Kill O Matic, Keenfire, Gibbergun, Frag Grenade, Fastblast, Excellerator, Everblast, Elderblast, Deadshot

Borderlands 3 Torgue’s Creation

TypeWeapon Name
LegendaryWindowmaker, Unkempt Harold, Ultraball, Tunguska, Try Bolt, Tina’s Hippity Hopper, Tiggs’ Boom, The Lob, The Boring, Gun, Surge, Spade, Shocker, Scoville, Scourge, Satisfaction, R.Y.N.A.H., Roisen’s Thorns, Ringer, Redline, Quasar, Quadomizer, Pyroburst, Prompt Critical, Plaguebearer, Occultist, Nukem, Moonfire, Lovable Rogue, Laser Sploder, Juliet’s Dazzle, Ice Age, Hotfoot Teddy, Hive, Girth Blaster Elite, Ghast Call, Flakker, Echo, Devils Foursum, Devastator, Critical Thug, Creamer, Craps, Contained Blast, Breeder, Bearcat, Alchemist
UniqueThumper, Porcelain Pipe, Bomb, Likable Rascal, La Varlope, Hyde, Heckle, Gettleburger, Doc Hina’s Miracle Bomb, Critical Mass, Chomper, Black Flame, Amber Management
CommonThreeway, Stranger, Quickie, Protuberance, Poney, Polisher, Pocket Rocket, Magnum, Lump, Kielbasa, Hedgehog, Flogger, Exploder, Duke, Carbuncle, Blister, Bangstick

Borderlands 3 Grenade Mods

TypeWeapon Name
LegendaryWindowmaker, Ultraball, Tran fusion, Tina’s Hippity Hopper, Surge, Storm Front, Ringer, Red Queen, Quasar, Pyroburst, Nagata, Moxxi’s Bouncing Pair, Mesmer, Lightspeed, Its Piss, Hunter Seeker, Hot Spring, Hex, Ghast Call, Fish Slap, Firestorm, Fastball, Epicenter, EMP, Diamond Butt Bomb, Chupa’s Organ, Cheddar Shredder
UniqueWhispering Ice, Porcelain Pipe Bomb, NOG Potion #9, Fungus Among Us, Exterminator, ECHO-2, Doc Hina’s Miracle Bomb, Core Buster, Chocolate Thunder, Burning Summit, Acid Burn
CommonTracker, Rubberized, Longbow, Frag Grenade, Exploder, Contact Grenade

All the details about the Borderlands 3 Quasar have been covered in this article. It will provide all the information required to know the inside-out of the weapon.

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