The Lob – Borderlands 3 Guide

The Lob - Borderlands 3

Borderlands 3 The Lob is the legendary shotgun that has insane damage. You can obtain this weapon randomly from any suitable loot source, and it has increased the possibilities of the drop from The Graveyard. The Graveyard is located in The Floating Tomb, which you can find at the Eden-6.

Borderlands 3 The Lob Overview

In Borderlands 3, The Lob is one of the legendary weapons which you can get. This excellent Torgue shotgun shoots the slow-moving elemental orbs which can pass between the enemies. These orbs will damage the nearby enemies surrounded by you and will slowly tick away the life gauge. This weapon is received very severely in the initial first six months of the game’s life cycle. But from February 27, 2020, the Gearbox Software has globally buffed the Lob along with a hotfix. 

In this game, Lob is the new legendary shotgun and the newest best shotgun available for you. From the recent update, the resultant output is very cruel, but some factors cannot be ignored, like its small magazine size, and it can only get fired once.

How to get the Lob weapon in Borderlands 3

While playing the game, you can obtain the Lob randomly from any loot source available. But there is a higher possibility rate of dropping from Graveward. You can meet him at The Floating Tomb located on the Eden-6 in the map.

About the Torgue

Torgue is famous and has expertise in Explosive Weapon development, which deals with Splash Damage. You will find some of the Torgue weapons are very sticky, and the Projectiles will get exploded on the reload. The damage rate of Sticky Projectile will increase along with every damp on the single target. 

Special Weapon Effects

The Lob Item Stats

In this game, as you know, everything is very magical and always elemental. This weapon has an upgraded magazine capacity, and the damage rate performed by this weapon is heavily increased. It fires a giant, slow-moving orb that travels along with the enemy. It will deal with the affected area of damage and will explode otherwise after traveling the maximum distance. 

Usage and Description of The Lob 

The Lob gun has a higher damage rate because it has the unique capability to demolish anything when it touches. It also has the power to easily shred the entire group of enemies with only one ammunition per shot. And this does very amazingly and efficiently.

The orb will damage the entire set of enemies located in a small radius scale around them. It means that they do not have to hit the target directly, but unfortunately, there will be no graphical effect apart from the damage numbers that the orbs are causing harm to the enemies then. As a result, it will not hit.

As it will pass through the targets, it will deal with various damage instances, and bigger targets can create a massive amount of damage from this. The orb will also explode as an impact with the surface after completing its maximum travel distance and will deal splash damage. But remember, in Borderlands 3, the Orbs will not damage the character directly, but as a result of an explosion in the radius with all the area of affected damage.

But unfortunately, this weapon has a slow projectile speed, and thus it is a main negative factor of The Lob. Thus, it is difficult for you to use anything beyond the close range. The Orbs will slowly travel enough that the character can outrun them and suffers the damage when the orbs get burst. The Projectile speed of the bonuses will authorize the orbs to travel faster and long-distance. But this also means they can offer a lower damage rate if the projectile moves past the enemy quickly.

The Lob – Source Details

The Lob in Chests

Lob’s Drop Rates and all the sources are as follows:

  • Graveyard: 10 percent
  • World Drop

World Drop

In Borderlands 3 game World Drops, items can be dropped from any good Loot Source and any other source.

  • All Enemies: Bosses, Crew Challenges, Generic Enemies, and many more
  • All types of Chests
  • In the Vending Machines
  • In the Loot Boxer or in the Vault Line or popularly known as Slot Machine
  • In the Eridian Fabricator 


Splash damage bonuses will only be applied to the impact of the orbs and will not affect the damage of orbs at themselves. When any third person is seen or when you are in the Photo Mode, the Lob consists of a belt-fed “Magazine” of what is being displayed to be grenade rounds. It will visibly exhaust when the magazine is very low on the ammunition.

Patch Notes

Hotfix February 27, 2020: The damage rate is highly increased, and the magazine size of this weapon is tripled, a there is an addition of Three short busts. The magazine size of this weapon is increased. Previously its size was four. Now the magazine size is twelve. The Lob has highly increased the damage rate on every tick. Now it will fire a burst shot of three magical orbs. Previously in the game, the burst shot, there was one magical orb. 

On Hotfix April 02, 2020: The fire rate has increased, but unfortunately, the team removed the game’s three-shot burst. But note the development team of the game is being reduced the projectile. Previously the projectile in this game was three, and now it is one.

Special Weapon Effect of The Lob

The special effect of the Lob in the Borderlands 3 game are as follows:

  • It will shoot a slow-moving elemental orb that passes through the enemies.
  • When it is in contact with any enemy, it continuously deals with the damage.


The elements of this weapon are as follows:

  • Incendiary
  • Shock
  • Corrosive
  • Cryo
  • Radiation

Drop Rate

The Drop Rate of The Lob is ten percent.

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Final Words

Basically, it is the shotgun weapon type and is a legendary number. The manufacturer of this weapon is Torgue, a famous producer in the market for developing weapons. The content of this shotgun is in the Base Game of Borderlands 3.

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