8 Ways to Solve Terraria Lost Connections

Terraria Lost Connections

Terraria is a Microsoft game based on 2D dimensions. It runs smoothly on the PC and can be played alone or with friends. But it has been noticed that the system shows a lost connection terraria in the midway.

What would be the first thing that would strike the mind? What if this game never creates any lost connection terraria? We cannot promise the whole lifespan, but a few methods will help avoid this problem for a significant period.

What is Terraria Lost Connections?

Terraria lost connection is an error that occurs in the Terraria game while playing. It may appear in the mid of the game interrupting the player while playing. The game is struck by it either playing alone or with friends. It doesn’t go unless the issue is cleared. But the problem arises because it doesn’t tell about the kind of error that occurred.

Why Does It Occur?

Since the reason behind the error is not mentioned in the error, we have to diagnose the problem by ourselves. Research has shown that there are a few sets of errors that might cause Terraria to lose connections.

Here are a few causes of terraria multiplayer lost connections

  • The game is not in the correct rhythm with the system.
  • An additional game is running in the background.
  • The difference is the styles of the game.
  • The firewall and antivirus may create the problem.
  • The network adaptor drive of the steam is not working properly.

How to Regain Terraria Lost Connections?

Terraria Lost connections sometimes appear due to bad connectivity. First, fix the connection setting. Connect the Wi-Fi, dongle, the Ethernet, or any other connection properly to the PC (steam). Even then, the problem continues to appear, follow these steps. It may solve the problem.

Here are the top 8 tips to get rid of the terraria lost connection –

1. Verify The Integrity Of The Game File

Make sure that you are playing in harmony. To do so, use the same for everything. If you are a single player, then update the system. Tell your friend to do the same if you have any.

Verify the Integrity of Files
Verify the Integrity of FIles

To check out the integrity of the game file, here are the steps that you might follow –

  • Go to the Steam
  • Right-click on the Terraria
  • Click on the Properties
  • Go to Local Files
  • Choose to Verify the Integrity of the Game File

The setup would run a file to check that the game is in harmony with everything. Make sure that your friends are also following this path so that it does not affect your game.

2. Switch Off The Game Running In The Background

When the game runs in the background, steam can’t verify the game properly. It creates a technical glitch, and the steam starts showing a connection error. To avoid this situation, switch off the game running in the background.

This has been a part of few bugs in the terraria. The last update though removed a large number of bugs, but some are still present.

3. Try Out The Latest Version Of The Game

The terraria is a multi-player game and hence must be played with the other players who have same updated versions. If not, update the game by yourself and tell your friends to do so.

If the connection is lost signal appears in the mid of the game. Log out from the device. Then, choose the update and log in again.

4. Check The Different Styles Of The Game

The game has different styles and modifications. But one game modification works only with a other same modification. For example, if you want to play on a classic map or if someone is inviting you to play with it, you must use classic characters as well. In the same way, to play in the journey map, you must use the journey character to avoid a connection lost.

Tell your friends to do the same because the terraria multiplayer lost connection might show on your device if your friend is playing in different styles.

5. Stop Windows Firewall And Uninstall Antivirus Software

If the windows firewall and the antivirus software keep on running in the background, your game will show terraria lost connections. No matter how hard you try, it will continue to show till the firewall and the antivirus are not fixed.

Windows Firewall
Windows Firewall

Turn off the firewall for the duration of playing the game and temporarily uninstall or force stop the antivirus. If you don’t want to deactivate your firewall, at least remove the terraria from the coverage of the firewall.

Here are a few ways to remove terraria from the coverage of the firewall

  • Select Windows Defender Firewall on the Desktop
  • Choose Turn windows defender firewall on or off from the left taskbar
  • Select the option Turn off windows defender firewall for Domain network, Private network, and public network

After doing this, check out if the problem sorts out in the terraria or not.

6. Check The Network Adaptor Driver

Terraria lost connections show when the network adaptor driver faces a few technical glitches or runs on the previous version. Even if you are not facing lost connection terraria, update the adapter drivers to enjoy a lag-free game.

Network Adapter Drivers
Network Adapter Drivers

The network adaptor driver might be updated in two ways, manually and automatically. If you have adequate experience and knowledge of the network adaptor driver, go for the manual option. If not, choose automatic with ‘driver easy’.

7. Reinstall The Game

If the lost connection still does not remover, consider uninstalling and reinstalling the terraria. If it is terraria multiplayer lost connection, tell the friends to do the same. Log in with the same ID and check out if you regain lost connection terraria.

Here are the steps to uninstall and reinstall the game –

  • Press window + R to open the box on the screen
  • Select terraria and right-click on it
  • Then choose to uninstall from the option
  • Download terraria again and log in.

Terraria Calamity Lost Connection

Terraria calamity is simply not made for heavy loads or playing with a large number of people. Either change the map or wait for some time. Trouble will automatically disappear.

Lost Connection In Hardmode Terraria

When Hardmode is played with multiplayer, it starts showing errors after playing up to a level. This might happen due to playing a multiplayer game. In this case, following steps, you may follow

  • Check out if the issue is due to playing multiplayer games.
  • Uninstall tModLoader and all other mods, and then try.


Do Modded Terraria Can Cause Loss in Connection?

Modded terraria may cause problems, but modding cannot be the only reason for of loss connection. However, if you are facing problems after playing with your friends, here are the things that you may do,
Your steam as well as your friend’s steam should have the newest version.
Then, make sure that you and your friends have downloaded the mods.

Where To Find Underground Hallow in Terraria?

The underground hallow in terraria is present beneath a naturally-generated hallow biome. Though it is not found in newly-generated worlds. When the underground hallow biome is generated, the underground hallow is generated along with it that is available after clearing the wall of flesh, and the world converts into hard mode.

Why Does My Terraria Keep Saying Lost Connection?

It may happen because you are using an older version of the network adaptor driver. The terraria will show a lost connection if the network adaptor is outdated or faulty. Update it with a new one.


Whether it is a lost terraria connection or terraria multiplayer lost connection, we can sort these kinds of errors with the help of a few methods. Connection loss symbolizes that there is a technical glitch in the steam. Sorting them out will make the game run lag-free.

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