Terraria: Journey’s End Nintendo Switch Release Date And More!

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Terraria: Journey’s End Nintendo Switch release date is still unknown. Terraria: Journey’s End Nintendo Switch Release Date is a mystery but with patience, you will not just know but will also be able to play! Although the release would definitely thrill Terraria players, the rumors regarding the actual release date are flying with no official announcement insight.

Terraria: Journey’s End Nintendo Switch Release Date

Without a set release date, it will be definitely difficult for players to not lose it. But hold your horses, a Nintendo Switch release is definitely in your stars. Ever since Journey’s released in May 2020 for PCs, fans have been clamoring for it to be on console.

The console version will be released today for both Playstation 4 and Xbox One. We don’t have the exact release time with us yet, but all of us are hyped! The developers have definitely confirmed the Nintendo Switch release in some days but the exact date is still a mystery. Read on to find more about Terraria: Journey’s End, console release, and more!

Terraria : Journey’s End

Developed by Re-Logic, Terraria: Journey’s End is an indie action-adventure game brimming up with perfect sandbox aspects, RPG, and more! The Journey’s End has amazing 2D vintage graphics with crafting stations so complex and entertaining it will sweep you off your feet.

The music is as satisfying as the game itself. There are truckloads of bosses who challenge at every point and the game keeps you hooked throughout.

Terraria: Journey’s End is an expansion of the superhit sandbox game Terraria. The free update was released last year but the good news is closer than you realize. Although the Nintendo Switch is expected to release a bit later, Terraria: Journey’s End has finally been released on consoles today.

The update will consist of a new Journey Mode featuring a new world. The character difficulty mode will offer you absolute control over how you play. If you think this is the end of surprises lined up for you, you are quite wrong!

Players will now have a new Master Mode, two new bosses, new weather along with a hidden ‘luck’ system, and the ability to play golf.

Terraria: Journey’s End

Releasing today, the Terraria: Journey’s End will have a lot of additions made for the players’ pleasure. Check out the additions below –

Major Features

  • Journey mode featuring a brand new world
  • Character difficulty mode will let you control the way you play. Also features unique powers like item duplication, weather control, spawn rate and difficulty sliders etc.
  • Master Mode – Test your skills and challenge yourself. Push your boundaries and get rewarded!
  • Two new bosses to seek and challenge : Queen Slime and Empress Of Light.
  • Bestiary : has everything you need to know about the enemies, allies and critters you will encounter.
  • Pass your time playing golf after you have spent hours and hours destroying monsters.
  • Enjoy windy weather with other various ambient effects.
  • Town Pylons and NPC Happiness: town system expansion that helps you build a teleportation network to towns all over the world.
  • Hidden luck system.

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