How To Get Into Gerudo Town In BOTW

How To Get Into Gerudo Town

The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild is an action-adventure game with an exciting plot. This plot revolves around the Hyrule kingdom, which is under threat of an evil Calamity Ganon. Princess Zelda and other champions have to awaken the divine beasts and fight the Ganon to protect the kingdom.

The divine beasts are present in different places on the map, and Gerudo Town is one of them. So to progress the story, you have to enter Gerudo Town.

How To Get Into Gerudo Town? You have to purchase Gerudo Clothes to enter Gerudo Town. These clothes can easily be found in Inn in Kara Kara Bazaar.

But getting there is quite challenging. Here you will get a walkthrough to enter the Gerudo town.

What exactly is Gerudo Town?

The Gerudo town is situated somewhere in the center of the Gerudo Desert, also known as the Gerudo Wasteland Region. It is home to the Gerudo people. The community of this town only consists of the female population. Here the females are known as Vai. It is a very large and vibrant community that is very protective of its culture and allows no man (Voe) to enter the Town.

You need to enter Gerudo Town to progress in the game to get the Divine Beast Vah Naboris.

How To Get Into Gerudo Town?

As the town holds the key to the progress of the main story in Legend of Zelda: Breath of the wild, you wouldn’t be able to move forward without getting into it.

How To Get Into Gerudo Town if the entry is blocked
Entry Blocked

Getting into this desert town may sound easy, but it is not as the city, which only resided by females, also known as vai, does not allow any males, also known as voe, to the city. Even if you sneak, the guards will catch you and throw you out of the city. So to get into the Gerudo town, you need to disguise yourself as one of the residents. So to do that, you have to follow the following step:

How To Get Into Gerudo Town? You must complete the forbidden story quest. 

Woman informing blocked entry in gerudo town
Woman Informing Blocked Entry In Gerudo Town
  1. For this, you need to search for a Non-Playable Character named Benja. You can find him outside of the Gerudo town walls.
  2. He will lead you to your quest by telling you about the man who successfully entered Gerudo Town.
  3. After getting the information about the man, you have to head in the northeast direction to the Kara Kara Bazaar.
  4. You will find an Inn, where you have to climb to the roof using the ladders.
  5. On the roof, you will find a man wearing Gerudo Clothes. You have to buy the Gerudo set from him
  6. This Gerudo set consists of a Gerudo veil, Top, and Sirwal, which will cost 600 Rupees.
  7. Now wear all the three pieces of clothing and head back to the Gerudo town gate. 
  8. Now you can enter the Gerudo Town as you are now disguised as a vai and without being noticed by the guards.
  9. In the Town, you have to find Frelly, a non-playable character, who will rent you the sand seal and a shield for 20 rupees and 50 rupees respectively.
  10. After that, you have to locate the Goddess statue in the easternmost corner to take it with you.
Gerudo Clothes
Gerudo Clothes

How To Get Into Gerudo Town without paying?

There is no way to get into the town without paying, as you need to pay a certain price to buy the disguise and enter the city.

Where to get Flint in Gerudo town?

In the town, you need Flints to complete a task. You need to find the jewelry shop in the northernmost corner of the Gerudo Market. Your task is to reopen this jewelry store owned by a Non-playable character named Isha.

Isha will ask you to bring ten pieces of Flint to open the shop. This task is not difficult as others. As to collecting the Flint, you have to find and smash some ores, and sometimes you can find them unintentionally when looking for the luminous stones to upgrade to a radiant set.

After collecting ten pieces of the Flint, you will be able to reopen her shop. By bringing the Flint you will be rewarded with a piece of Jewelry by Isha.

How to get into the secret door in Gerudo town?

The Town has an infamous secret club known as Gerudo Secret Club. This secret club is also a key to getting the Desert Voe and Radiant armor set, for which you need a password to get through the secret door.

The door to the Secret Club is present in one of the alleyways in the Southeast corner of Town. 

How To Get Into Gerudo Town? You need to know the password to enter the Secret Club. You have to head to the Noble canteen present in the northern corner of the Town. In the Noble Canteen, you can eavesdrop on a group of women discussing the password. But it is not a safe way as you might get caught in the process.

So it would be best if you eavesdropped on them from a safe place. To head out from the Noble canteen and go up the stairs to the west. You will reach the room next to the group of women. You can hear everything from there.

The password is G, S, C, and a Diamond shape symbol, respectively. Here it stands for Gerudo Secret Club, followed by the diamond shape symbol.

This will help you enter the Gerudo Secret Club, where you will find the Radiant armor set and the Desert Voe armor set.

FAQs on How To Get Into Gerudo Town

Where to get flint in Gerudo town?

Flints can be easily found in or out of Gerudo town by mining. These flints are useful because of the trade with Isha to get the outfit.

How to get into Gerudo town as a male link?

You cannot get inside Gerudo town as a male link. Only women are allowed to enter Gerudo town.

Can you get into Gerudo town without an outfit?

No. You cannot get inside Gerudo town without the outfit. The whole purpose of this quest is to get hands-on Gerudo clothes.

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