Genshin Impact vs Blue Protocol – Which Is The Best Anime RPG?

Genshin Impact vs Blue Protocol

The most debated question after the rumors of launching the Blue Protocol game is “Who is the Best? Genshin Impact or the Blue Protocol”. Most of us are known to the Genshin Impact by miHoYo, and to counter the popularity of this game, Bandai Namco is launching Blue Protocol in early 2021. The two games share the same overview until you get into the depth of both games.

Genshin Impact vs Blue Protocol is the most searched by the players worldwide, but there is nothing to panic about to get the best out of the two. Blue Protocol has received significant hype just because there is already a similar game Genshin Impact existing worldwide and records numerous logins daily. Bandai Namco has smartly used this popularity to give a tough competition to Genshin Impact.

But there is nothing to worry about and get confused to choose between the two as selecting any one of them depends on the player’s taste.

Genshin Impact vs Blue Protocol – Which Is The best?

Genshin Impact vs Blue Protocol will soon be competing to prove the best, but it would be ludicrous because they differ from each other depending upon the player’s choice. This question has arisen just because Genshin Impact vs Blue Protocol shares only one thing: Open World Game. Other than this, go through the article to clear your doubts in-depth and select the one which suits you.

The battle between these games is intense due to similar functionalities. Both the games have the same mechanics and graphics. We’ll have a look at both of these games before concluding which one is better.

What is Blue Protocol?

Blue Protocol is an online RPG game developed by Bandai Namco with the partnership of Unreal Engine. This RPG game features anime like playable characters.

Blue Protocol Gameplay

It is currently in the most demand by the players because open-world games provide many things to do, which offers interactive gameplay. Blue Protocol has vast exploration fields with elaborated cities, cities are installed with stalls, and throughout the game, the characters perform a robust movement in between the tall buildings.

While exploring the cities, players indulge in fighting with enemies and defeating them by performing various combats. This game is also known as Project Sky Blue.

What is Genshin Impact?

Genshin Impact Gameplay

Genshin Impact is the online Adventure game developed by miHoYo; this game features various Anime characters to make the game attractive and fun.

Genshin Impact is also an open-world game where players need to explore the fields grasped under nature’s command, including mountains, plants, and sky. This game features fighting enemies while performing various tasks on the field and safeguard the kingdoms situated in the middle of the fields. Apart from fighting enemies, there are multiple things to do that keep the player indulging in exploring what’s upcoming.

What is common between them?

Though two different developers develop the Genshin Impact vs Blue Protocol, we can still figure out many similarities between the two.

Similarities between Genshin Impact and Blue Protocol are as follows –

  1. Open world game lets the payer move freely around the map.
  2. Anime characters are used.
  3. Character switching in between the game.
  4. Upgrading characters.
  5. Instant sync, which saves your progress instantly.

List of main differences between them

The Genshin Impact vs Blue Protocol compete with each other, and the players are confused about which game to play. But go through the differences mentioned below-:

  1. Blue Protocol has open-world city exploration, and Genshin Impact has open-world nature exploration.
  2. BP is an intense fight and combat-focused game, whereas GI focuses on performing different tasks and fighting and combating.
  3. Blue Protocol is still not launched, whereas Genshin Impact can be played on various devices like – Android, Windows, PS4, and iOS.
  4. BP allows multiple players running outside the town and can indulge in numerous tasks, but it is impossible to do so until you invite them to GI.
  5. GI does not support character customization, and BP supports modifying your character’s look.
  6. Blue Protocol has a large map that is not connected well, making the player feel bored, whereas, in Genshin Impact, the map is compact and filled with various interactions that will not let you roam.

Pros and Cons

Blue Protocol

Blue Protocol Pros and Cons

Pros are as follows:

  1. Better graphics as it will be launched for PC only.
  2. City design open-world game.
  3. The game has short tasks that can be completed quickly.
  4. Intense action game while exploring the fields.
  5. Accompany and participate with various players anytime you enter the fields.

Cons are as follows:

  1. It can only be played on PC.
  2. The large map lacks interactivity, i.e., traversing the field aimlessly.
  3. Hardcore background music is used.

Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact Pros and Cons

Pros are as follows:

  1. It can be accessed from any device. Supports- Android, iOS, Windows, PS4.
  2. Peaceful background music.
  3. Interactive map with various small tasks.
  4. It does not allow random players in the field without inviting.
  5. The map is based on Natural design with mountains, lakes, trees, and grass.

Cons are as follows:

  1. The game works badly on mobile. You may require high-end phones to play the game.
  2. Leveling up the characters and Adventure Rank is very hard.

Final Words

I Hope, you have got the answer to select the best. Anyway, it is awful to compare the two without knowing the Genshin Impact vs Blue Protocol in-depth. No doubt, the two games will be competing hard to be the best, but it is all on you to select the best.

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2 years ago

Genshin actually isn’t on XBOX!

Pratik Kinage
2 years ago
Reply to  Kokomi

Thank you for finding a small mistake!
I’ve updated the article accordingly.