Animal Crossing New Amiibo Cards and Events

Animal Crossing New Amiibo Cards and Events

Nintendo has released updates on Animal Crossing New Amiibo Cards and Events and here is everything you need to know about it.


Nintendo has announced on recent Nintendo Direct that the Aminal Crossing: New Horizons will occur in October. In the discussion, Nintendo has also discussed Roost. In October Animal Crossing players will get to see many changes in the foliage of the island.

Also, there was a statement made by the official Twitter handle about the Animal Crossing New Amiibo Cards and Events.

About Animal Crossing

If you are new to the social simulation gaming world then here are few things you need to know about Animal Crossing. The social simulation video game, Animal crossing by Nintendo is one of the most famous social simulation games. The Animal crossing was first released in Japan on 14th April 2001.

This game revolves around a human who lives in a village inhabited by various anthropomorphic animals. These anthropomorphic animals can do various activities like fishing, bug catching, and fossil hunting, etc.

The game is open-ended gameplay which is a uniquely notable feature of this game. Another feature that made the game stand out is its internal clock and calendar to simulate real passage time. This game is both critically and commercially acclaimed and has successfully sold over 60 million units worldwide with the release of its spin-offs.

This series has various characters in each season but there are certain characters that are the same for every season.

New Update

New Set Up

Animal Crossing new Halloween Event

In the post, it was mentioned that there would be visible changes in the set as the theme will be associated with Fall and Halloween in October. In the October release, there will be limited-time items as well as refreshed items. For the Halloween-themed items, there will be Treaty Basket, Spooky Tree, and Spooky trick Lamp. These are the items that are revealed now and there are more to come.

New Events

Also, it was revealed that in the month of November there will be featured many new events in the Animal Crossing: New Horizon like on November 2nd there will be Day of the Dead, on November 11th there will be St. Martin’s Day, On November 15th there will be Shichigosan.

Amiibo Cards

Animal Crossing New Amiibo Cards

For the instance, it was also revealed on the official Twitter account that the fifth series of the amiibo cards based on Animal Crossing: New Horizons will be released. Though it was revealed that there will be a release of the amiibo cards but no particular date or information has been made.

So people are speculating that there will be revealed regarding news the Animal Crossing New Amiibo Cards during the live session for the presentation for Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

In this new update, it is also speculated that there might be the return of the long-awaited Brewster and the rooster cafe. Though nothing has been confirmed yet, players are hopeful for its release in November as most of the events are planned for then.

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