Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio Walkthrough

Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio

Borderlands 3 is an action sequel game format with the setup of role-playing as a first-person shooter genre. It was developed by Gearbox Software and released on September 13th, 2019 for PS4, Microsoft Windows, and Xbox platforms; later on it was released for Mac iOS apple on 30th October 2019 which was published by 2K games. The mode of the game is available for both single and multiplayer characters for the players.

The Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio challenges include certain characters where they must focus on performing various challenges because these radio locations are tracked by Moxxi, and also indulges radio propaganda, “The Vault Hunter” sailoring from the children of the vault.

These Crimson Radio are considered to be crew challenges for the players with multiple location-based tasks completed with the help of each playable map including the list of “Zone Progress”, players can access these maps with help of tab R; there is total of around 22 challenges in the game.

The setup of the game is similar as battlefield players play frequently to engage in the levels and if they win they get abilities or rewards as gains; if they lose anywhere in the level they lose some of their powers. Borderlands 3 gives the advantages of Crimson Radio challenges to the players. Crimson Radio is described as numerous challenges which have particular locations to be played, situated all over the in-game map.

Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio Background

In the game, to control of the Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio panel is under the COV control Moxxi, who has the close track of these challenges, initially, it notifies the player about the presence of COV radio or propaganda stations.

Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio

She provokes the player to defeat these COV stations to finish the influences of the enemies, Calypso Twins, and allow to maintain the increment in the number of Crimson Alliance who initially follows the Crimson Raiders.

Players can also locate these COV stations by having a glance at mini-maps or simply hear the speakers who have the clear presence of these COV radio news and music that quickly grant players with the location of these stations to attack.

The player should be clear that the speaker gets turned off and may not produce any information, but for sabotaging the radio station, they must turn off the central control for defeat. The control panel’s location is very high to reach for the player, so they should figure out the strategy to climb and analyze all the paths that come in a way to access the panel.

Altogether, the plans backed to overcome the radio station, and Moxxi will comfort her gesture to the player.

Finally, they get some experiences in level and currencies as a reward. The pressure of players on the map allows a radio station to start their game focused on the crimson raider. If the player leaves the map or restart the game, the radio station automatically converts back to a COV-based task, but the mission for the player was complete successfully.

In the game, the information displayed on the station’s messages given to the players varies on their signs of progress during the mission throughout the main setup.

The alliances that are following by the players after the defeating COV radio station must include the broadcast of Zer0, Claptrap, Tina, Clay, and many more. In contrast, COV- broadcasts have many more characters with the generic of Pain, Terror, Physio, Tyreen Calypso, etc.

The reward and the task of Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio increments display in a chat on the Moxxi’s bar on sanctuary 3. The prizes may contain experience in the level, some money, and ten eridium to complete each mission of crimson radio quests. Moxxi will distribute some of his rewards after the completion of the given searches.

Borderlands 3 Crimson Radio Quest Rewards

Crimson Radio Rewards

Completing a few small quests will reward you with small items or abilities which will help to tweak the character’s skills a little bit. Adding small items and a few skills together make it more useful to perform effectively in the game as sometimes the game may end by lacking in 1 HP or a hit.

  • Three quests completion reward – “Earn of stripes” trinket.
  • Eight quests completion reward – “Queen of hearts” trinket.
  • Thirteen quests completion reward – “Hat trick” trinket.
  • Seventeen quests completion reward – “Hot blooded” weapon skin.
  • Twenty-two quests completion reward – “The art of stealth” is a skin of player given for two characters.

Some of the Crimson Radio locations

There are a few useful Crimson Radio locations that you must try to visit for extra rewards. You need to explore these paths as well as perform the tasks required to unlock the surprises.

  • Tazendeer Ruins
  • Desolation’s Edge
  • Cathedral of the twin gods
  • Konrad’s Hold
  • The Splinterlands
  • Devil’s Razor two
  • Ambermire two
  • Jakobs Estate
  • The Anvil
  • Floodmoor Basin two
  • Atlas HQ
  • Athenas
  • Lectra City
  • Meridian Metroplex
  • Meridian Outskirts
  • Ascension Bluff

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