Taunt LOL: How Does It Work And How To Use It?

Taunt LOL

There are a lot of obscurities related to the topic of Taunt League of Legends which has paved the way for many people to be confused about this particular feature within the game. However, you need not worry as this article will cover everything that you will need to know regarding the topic of Taunt League of Legends to ensure that all your doubts are cleared off immediately. 

Taunt LOL is a way to berate, provoke or antagonize an enemy team. This guide will look at the different types of taunts available and explain how they can be used effectively in battle.

What is Taunt LOL?

Taunt is a summoner spell. This summoner spell allows champions to taunt enemies and make them less likely to attack. Taunted enemies are also less likely to flee from battle. Players can activate the Taunt summoner spell by pressing the W key or by clicking on the enemy’s portrait and selecting the “Taunt” option from the context menu.

You can also assign a hotkey by going into the settings and selecting a key for Taunt Control. (This is for taunt as poke fun at the enemy).

Taunt Lol Hotkey
Taunt Lol Hotkey

There are three types of Taunts in League of Legends. 

These three types are Basic, Charge and Counter-Charge. 

1. Basic Taunt LOL

A Basic taunt is the type of taunt that simply makes an enemy less likely to attack or flee. 

2. The Charge Taunt LOL

The Charge is the type of taunt that temporarily reduces an enemy’s movement speed and reduces their damage dealt by 10%.

3. The Counter Charge LOL

Finally, the Counter-Charge taunt forces the enemy to attack a nearby ally before it can act again. 

The players can use all three types of these taunts to the same target. The taunt LOL effects are only active for 4 seconds, but the cooldown time on each type is slightly different. The cooldown timings for the different types of taunts are 5 seconds for a charge taunt, 3 seconds for a basic taunt, and 1 second for a counter-charge taunt.

Taunt lol has always been a staple of the League of Legends battlefield. Whether used to demoralize an opponent, taunt minions for a gank or just for fun, taunting is one of the most important strategic tools in a player’s arsenal. 

Taunting in the game League of Legends also results in many of the players not being able to take part in fights for a small period of time. However, one needs to note that you will not be able to make a target on the enemies if their levels are smaller or if they are not fed properly.

There are a few champions that can make use of the ability Taunt Lol.


Another effect of the Taunt LOL is a message displayed on-screen in a blue box during gameplay. There are a variety of different taunts available in League. Players can use these messages to taunt their opponents in various ways.

These messages are a great way to turn the tide of battle in your favor and disrupt the enemy team’s morale, causing them to make costly mistakes in the battle. 

You can also cause your minions to attack the opposing team using a taunt. In this case, the message will also be displayed in the chat window. Using this type of taunt can help eliminate one enemy champion or reduce the effectiveness of another, giving you the edge you need to win the battle. 


Finally, you can also engage in a good old-fashioned trash-talking session using in-game taunts. This message is displayed in the chat window only and not on the computer screen itself. However, it can be used to communicate with your teammates and help them coordinate their attacks more effectively.

Quick Tip: It is usually advised to the players to target the enemy who is carrying the AP, as this prevents the enemies from being able to cast spells.

Taunt LOL Hotkey

You can Taunt by holding the control (ctrl) key and pressing the number 2 button. This is considered to be the Lol Taunt Hotkey.

Lol Taunt Spells

Taunting is not a spell; there is no spell to taunt an enemy. Taunt prevents the enemy who has been taunted from casting spells, which is crucial in battles.

Frequently Asked Questions

What does taunt do in lol?

Taunting in League of Legends results in the players being taken out of a fight for a small duration. You wouldn’t be able to target them if they are not present there or if they have smaller levels or if they are underfed. It is also a wise idea to target the carrier of AP as it prevents them from casting spells.

What does taunt do in TFT?

If you taunt a unit, it will change the target to the source for a small amount of time. The source is the Unit that originally cast the spell.

What does silence do in the league?

Silence is a spell in League of Legends which prevents the player who is targeted from casting spells or abilities or being able to activate items for a small period. 

What does Galios taunt do?

When the W button is released, Galio will taunt nearby enemies. The time and duration, and range of the taunt will be entirely dependent based on how much time he is standing in a defensive stance. 

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