Elden Ring VS Witcher 3: Which Game Is The Better RPG?

Elden Ring VS Witcher 3

The Witcher 3 is a game that involves a lot of gore and blood as well as the need for a strong mental mind. Whereas, The Elden Ring, which served as the origin of the ‘Erdtree’, has been destroyed in the Lands Between, governed by Queen Marika the Eternal. As a Demigod, you have to become the Elden Lord to save everyone.

In the battle of Elden Ring vs Witcher 3, the upper hand is in Witcher 3, but some regions are where Elden Ring shines. In this post, we’ll compare the games side by side and check which is better.

Elden Ring VS Witcher 3

We’ll compare Elden Ring and Witcher 3 based on a few points like Game Completion Time, Map Size, Difficulty, and More. Meanwhile, I’ve also added a comparison with Skyrim to make it more relatable (if you’ve played Skyrim, of course).

1. Gameplay Completion Time

Elden Ring VS Witcher 3

Witcher 3: The Witcher 3’s primary campaign is said to take about 50 hours to finish, and with the videogame of the year edition, the total time jumps to just over 55.

Elden Ring: Elden Ring is around 52-53 hours long while concentrating on the key goals. If you’re a gamer that tries to complete every part of the game, it will probably take you roughly 131 hours.

Skyrim: Skyrim is designed to offer an infinite number of missions and side quests for gamers to accomplish. As a result, determining how much time it takes to complete the game is tricky. Some of the finest Skyrim players have completed the game in under 500 hours. Most typical gamers will need over 1000 hrs of playtime to complete the game.

2. Map Size

Witcher 3: The Witcher 3’s overall game world is approximately 88 square miles (142 square kilometers) in size when all DLCs including the Skellige map, are considered. All of it must be covered.

Elden Ring Map

Elden Ring: It is larger than the maps of several iconic open-world games, like Oblivion or Grand Theft Auto 5, with 30.5 square miles (79 square kilometers), although it still comes short of many others. Elden Ring’s edge over several of these games is how tightly packed with content it is.

Skyrim: Thus, the total area of the map is approximately 37.1 km2. A fifth of this is inaccessible due to unseen barriers.

In battle of Map Size for Elden Ring VS Witcher 3 (Skyrim included), Elden Ring has the biggest map (not size-wise but map density). Elden Ring’s geography significantly outshines Skyrim’s, from the rich foliage of Limgrave to the starry sky of beneath Siofra River. There are more areas to discover for some fantastic drops, and Elden Ring’s terrain does not leave you lacking with large, empty stretches. Instead, there’s an adversary around every corner, with concealed locations and easily missed spots that Skyrim’s geography just does not have.

3. Difficulty

Witcher 3: Witcher 3 is less complicated than Elden Ring but only after you get used to them.

Elden Ring: Compared to Witcher, Elden Ring is substantially more challenging. Lower-level adversaries might still surprise you with their lethality, even at higher levels.

Skyrim: There are six levels of difficulty, spanning from Novice to Legendary, from more accessible to more challenging.

4. Boss

Witcher 3: Whatever one thinks about Eredin and the boss battle, he seems to be the fitting antagonist to wrap up the basic game. On the flip side, Detlaff seems like the right boss to wrap up the full Witcher 3 adventure, DLC included.


Elden Ring: The most well-known of them is Malenia, a supervisor who is optional yet stands out owing to how challenging she is. She is also quite difficult to find since she is located at the depths of a maze in a remote area within the Lands Between.

Skyrim: There are about 10 bosses in Skyrim and about 20-25 hidden bosses which could be found at random.

5. Mods

Skyrim’s mod culture is still continuing strong to this day, and there appears to be no ending in sight. Skyrim enthusiasts have continued to display their passion for the game, from mods that provide new regions to discover to improving things just a little more realistic.

Some modifications verge on the absurd, such as replacing all spiders with goofy Spider-Men or transforming all dragons in the gameplay into “Thomas the Tank Engine”. These mods only enhance the gameplay experience, while Elden Ring’s modding culture is also steadily contributing. But, for the time being, nothing surpasses Skyrim’s modding community.

Witcher 3 has a few mods but mostly they can only be used for in-game looks and inventory.

So, in the battle of modding for Elden Ring VS Witcher 3: Both the games have decent mods available but not on the level of that for Skyrim.

To Summarize Elden Ring VS Witcher 3 –

DifferenceWitcher 3Elden Ring
Game Completion TimeTakes around 50-60 hours to complete.Takes around 130-140 hours to complete.
Map SizeHas a smaller map size.Elden Ring has big map size compared to Witcher 3.
DifficultyWitcher 3 is easier compared to Elden Ring.Elden Ring is hard considering, even more it requires patience at many points.
BossOnce you learn the patterns, it becomes easier to beat the boss.Even after learning patterns, its still challenging to beat Malenia.
GraphicsIt has decent graphics considering it was released in 2015.Has excellent new-generation graphics. In some places, it does look bad, but the overall ambiance is great.

Toughest Boss Battle Between Elden Ring VS Witcher 3

Elden Ring, a difficult game, has “Malenia” as the S-tier boss battle, while The Witcher 3 has “Detlaff” as the strongest Boss to battle, considering he keeps flying in the air. Both the bosses are hard to deal with but Malenia definitely stands out in terms of difficulty. It took me at least 10 tries to defeat her the first time.

Verdict: Elden Ring VS Witcher 3: Which Game Is The Better?

All in all, both Elden Ring and Witcher 3 are unique and have their advantages and disadvantages as well as plenty of places for development. I have to say I have enjoyed all the games, and there is no way I can choose between the two of them as both of them are excellent in their way, but as someone who enjoys open-world games and free movement without restrictions, Witcher 3 would be my choice of game. Sometimes, Elden Ring is just too much and is not enjoyable.

FAQs on Elden Ring VS Witcher 3

Which is more difficult to play?

Elden Ring is more difficult with both gameplay and controls.

Is Elden Ring like Witcher 3?

The Elden ring is similar to Witcher 3, but the graphics and storyline shift slightly.

Is Elden Ring bigger than Skyrim or Witcher 3?

Elden Ring is bigger than the two when comparing map size, but as a gameplay and storyline, Skyrim is bigger than the two games.

Is Elden Ring the biggest open world game?

Yes, Elden ring happens to be the biggest open world game among the games.

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