How Much LP Per Win In League Of Legends

How Much LP Per Win In League Of Legends

How much LP per win? Is a question majority of the players of the game League of Legends ask after getting into the game. Riot Games wanted a system that would be a perfect balance. A system that would prevent the players of the game from switching between leagues way too fast or too slow. 

 What LP is, How Much LP per win, and how to gain more LP are some of the topics this article would try to answer for its reader. 

What is LP? 

LP is the abbreviated term for League Points. This is what allows a player to move up or down the ranks

LP is awarded for the victory and is reduced upon defeat. A player generally needs to get 100 LPs in order to climb up each division. 

LP is also what is used to connect the MMR and the Rank of the player. 

What is MMR? 

MMR or Matchmaking Rating is the term commonly referred to as the idea of matchmaking in online multiplayer games. 

Ranks in League of Legends
Ranks in League of Legends

This is a secret number made use of by the system to find out the players’ in-game skills and match them with other players of similar skill levels for matchmaking to be fair. 

MMR climbs up as the player wins more matches and goes down as the player loses matches. 

How Much LP Per Win? 

The developers of the game did not want players to switch between leagues very fast or very slow so they developed a system in order to ensure this. 

LP in League of Legends
LP in League of Legends

League of Legends has two ranking systems to rank both the players, one is evident to the players while the other stays invisible. When a player loses or wins a game the LP of the player changes respectively to the result of each match. The amount of LP a player loses is dependent on the ranking system of the game known as MMR. 

Winning or losing the game affects the MMR which is in turn what affects the LP of the player. 

Riot Games along with other game developers know that players are capable of going on losing streaks as well as win streaks by being unlucky or lucky. MMR keeps the account of the player in check and awards LPs appropriately. The more one plays the game in a particular season, the less each game will start having an effect on the overall system. 

So, there is no fixed number of LP per win. Because its dependent on many factors. Let’s try to understand by an example –


Let’s say the player is in Gold 4 and suddenly the player has a 10 Game win streak MMR checks into the account of the players and gives the players less LP with each game. The system calculates the maximum ranking and provides LP accordingly and generally, the player will end up getting more LP per Win than they would lose per loss. 

LP stats
LP stats

In the same way, if the player is on a losing streak then the system would calculate that it is a temporary stream of unluck and awards LP accordingly as the system is aware that the player should be on a higher rank based on the previous games of the player. 

So, How Much LP Per Win? It’s purely dependent on your performance and opponents MMR.

When the player starts getting more wins the MMR of the player increases and makes it easier to get more LP per win which in turn would make climbing through the ranks easier. 

In simpler terms, if the player wins a game at a higher MMR then the player will gain more LP and if the player loses at a higher MMR then the player will lose less LP. The player is rewarded more for winning harder games based on the player’s MMR and is punished less for losing harder games. 

MMR increases as the player win more games and go down as the player loses more games. If a player wins a lot of games in a row the MMR increases rapidly to get the player to his or her optimal ranking, and when the player is on a losing streak the MMR decreases rapidly to do the same. 

Once the player reaches his or her Optimal Ranking the win rate will reach around 50% and the player will start to gain and lose around the same LP for winning and losing respectively. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you calculate LP gain per win?

Scroll below to the match History of the player and below the champion’s icon on the bottom left corner and the player will be able to see the LP won or lost during the game. This can be used to track the most recent progress of the player. 

How is LP per game calculated?

The LP calculations of a player are done based on the MMR of the player. The higher the MMR the more significant the gain and loss of LP would be. 

How much LP is in each rank?

100 LP. The player will have to play a promotion series when they hit 100 LP. 

Why do I earn so little LP?

If a player is gaining very little LP it could be because the MMR of the player is very low. The MMR of the player increases with more wins. 


League of Legends is such an intense and exciting game with each player trying to get the best results and win every game possible in order to progress and gain more LP to reach the highest level. Gaining LP is essential to progressing through the levels, the same way losing LP results in the player regressing. 

LP is crucial to a player in League of Legends and since LP is so fundamental to the game it is not surprising that a player would want to know about how much LP per win. 

The accumulation, as well as the loss of LP, is dependent on how well the player is at the game and how often the player is able to win the game as winning improves the MMR. It is not possible to say how much LP per win is as it is different for each player based on their MMR which is a secret. Since the MMR is a secret one would not be able to know how much LP one gains per match. 

However, the LP gained or lost in a game can be seen after the end of a game at the bottom left corner under the Champion’s Icon. 

Hope this article has been helpful and has given the reader a better understanding of the Ranking and LP system of the hit game League of Legends.

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