Everything About RDR2 Pearson Scout Jacket You Need To Know

RDR2 Pearson Scout Jacket

Arthur Morgan and the Van der Linde group are forced to flee the western colony of Blackwater when a theft goes catastrophically wrong. To live, the gang must pilfer, steal, and battle their journey across America’s unforgiving interior while government authorities and bounty hunters close in on them. In the game, you can enjoy the different looks of your character, including changing your jackets.

RDR2 Pearson Scout Jacket is one of the aesthetic jackets with white denim color and has rough patches. We’ll have a look at how can you obtain this jacket and the complications associated with it.

Every game does need to have a fashion sense, be it an action game or an adventure game. Mr Pearson is the character who’ll give you the scout jacket.

Who Is Simon Pearson?

Simon Pearson was born into a household of whale hunter and aspired to continue in their footsteps at first. However, by the time he graduated from high school, the whaling business had decreased, pushing him to explore other opportunities. Pearson was a seaman in the US Navy for a period that has not been mentioned or determined.


He went into financial problems around 1899 and later became the butcher and chef for Dutch van der Linde and his crew when they saved him from loan sharks. During camp, the gamer can give Pearson food or utilize his services to make better gear or add more capabilities to the camp.

Pearson is portrayed as a boisterous and joyous degenerate who looks to be in disbelief about the direction his existence has taken. He takes his job as camp chef seriously and is always appreciative whenever Arthur volunteers to go hunting with him. You can find him in Rhodes in Scarlett Meadows.

RDR2 Pearson Scout Jacket Location

You can get the RDR2 Pearson Scout Jacket from Pearson after completing a quest that he gives you. The quest is to catch a one-star rabbit and get it to him, and after doing so he will give you the jacket as a reward.

Rabbit to Pearson
Rabbit to Pearson

Many people have done this mission and have found out that to find Mr. Pearson, you have to first complete the quest given by Kieran ‘Paying a Social Call‘. After clearing this quest, you can locate Pearson at a table in the camp. It is best to go before noon.

What Kind of Jacket Is the RDR2 Pearson Scout Jacket

Scout Jacket
Scout Jacket

The RDR2 Pearson Scout Jacket is a wearable jacket meant for fashion and just to look good while playing the game. It does not have any perks that come with wearing the jacket.

It happens to be a double-breasted sheepskin jacket. It is a plain jacket that you can wear over gear, so it does not affect anything else you have.

RDR2 Pearson Scout Jacket is only meant to be a aesthetic material for the character. It doesn’t have a single perk which you can use for your advantage.

RDR2 Pearson Not Available?

There are times when Pearson is unavailable, and his shop is locked. To get rid of these issues, you should just keep moving on with the story mission, and he will come back after a little while.

Just don’t sit outside his shop waiting for him because there will be a time you will get frustrated with him not showing up, and no matter what you do, he won’t come back unless you keep moving on with the story.

Many players think that waiting outside his shop will make the game have mercy on them and bring Pearson back, sadly, that will not happen, and you will just be wasting your time there.

In Which Chapter Can You Find the RDR2 Pearson Scout Jacket?

The Pearson scout jacket can be obtained and purchased in chapter 2 of RDR2 from Pearson. Before triggering this jacket event, you should complete a quest called ‘Paying a Social Call’.

How To Find Pearson After RDR2?

Many gang members die in the storyline from the start of Red Dead Redemption to Red Dead Redemption 2. Some are slain by the authorities and other criminals, while former gang members kill some as the group’s infighting breaks it apart.

A few, on the other hand, go on to enjoy astonishingly prosperous and serene lives. After RDR2 gets over, you can find Pearson in Rhodes running his store.


Who will give you the Scout Jacket?

You can receive the Scout Jacket from Simon Pearson after completing the mission of finding a rabbit.

Where is Pearson in Rhodes RDR2?

You can meet Pearson in Rhodes as that is where he runs a general store.

What is Pearson’s first name?

Pearson’s first name is Simon.

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