League of Legends Dark Harvest Explained

League of Legends dark harvest

League of Legends is a competitive multiplayer game, with two teams of five mighty champions facing each other to demolish the other’s base. Choose between over 140 champions to play awesome games, capture kills, and take towers to fight for victories.

League of Legends Dark Harvest is one of the League of Legends’ most exciting game items. Dark Harvest is an excellent choice for quickly clearing junglers. Since it contributes bonus damage to your next attack depending on the last murdered creature, it would be superior to thread ganks between the beams. It is a useful symbol that scales with stacks like Veigar or Nasus and has a good potential for harm at the end of the session. It has been a unique option since it was implemented. Continue reading to know everything about Dark Harvest.

What is League of Legends Dark Harvest?

LOL Dark Harvest

Dark Harvest may also be useful on split push champions. In either way, this mark would be of profit to you if you can destroy slaves or monsters and go to battle quickly. The latest dark harvest has become the subject of a lot of conversation to know and forms, not just your games but also your environment and your potential.

How does League of Legends Dark Harvest work?

League of Legends Dark Harvest is also used in Howling Abyss since a single lane set-up leads to frequent team fights that lead to many downs and more stacks than Summoner’s regular Rift game. You absorb the soul essence as you destroy a minion, beast, or champion. The next attack on an enemy champion (20 seconds) would cause a bonus adaptive damage. Monsters add small base damage per souls, great minions add medium damage to souls, and add significant damage.

League of Legends Dark Harvest Gameplay 1

The soul essence plays a vital role in granting points. Killing enemies and champions will drop and soul essence on the ground, picked at any time. After completing 150 soul essence points, you have increased time for empowered attacks by 300 seconds.

Does League of Legends Dark Harvest give AP?

Yes, Dark Harvest gives ap.

  • Base damages were updated to 10 − 50. 
  • Damage per Souls increases by 4 of ARAM.
  • The AP ratio has been changed to 10% AP.
  • The Adaptive Damage ratio is adjusted to the AD bonus of 20 percent.
  • The souls bonus damage is changed to 2.

Is League of Legends Dark Harvest a good rune?

Dark Harvest Rune details

League of Legends Dark Harvest will be an excellent rune for anglers who clear quickly. Since it applies extra damage to your next attack depending on your last dead body, it helps connect twigs between your screens. Dark harvest can also be beneficial for split push champions. In any case, this rune would be to your advantage if you can destroy minions or monsters and easily fight. Especially in the late game, you can use your stacked Dark Harvest to create a good buff to your base damages.

What is a good number of League of Legends Dark Harvest Stacks?

Dark Harvest Stacks

Twenty stacks are expected to be the best number of stacks for League of Legends Dark Harvest. Scales with Adaptive Damage or AP bonus much better so that there is no difference in several products. It just doesn’t make sense to get Dark Harvest as an attacker if you can’t get the stacks right now.

Old and New Dark Harvest League of Legends

Old Effects:

  • Enemies drop Soul Essence on the ground which can be picked up within 10 seconds.
  • This Soul Essence will increase the basic attack damage for the next 20 seconds.
  • Collecting 150 Soul Essence will increase the attack damage by 300 seconds.

New Effects:

  • Damaging the champion below 50% will deal a 50-80 damage bonus. This effect can last only once for 45 seconds.
  • On ARAM, the damage will be reduced to 4 instead of 8.

Best Dark Harvest Champion League of Legends

Following champions works best with the new dark harvest –

  • Pyke
  • Zilean
  • Bard
  • Neeko
  • Sona
  • Vel’Koz
  • Zyra
  • Luz
  • Brand

Dark Harvest League of Legends Stacking

When Dark Harvest was added to the game, it was too powerful with the ability to stack infinitely. But coming patches nerfed it and it’s no longer that powerful. To get a powerful effect on your attacks, you need at least 20 stacks of Dark Harvest.

Other better Runes than League of Legends Dark Harvest

Runes incorporate or boost champion skills and figures. Players will use them before the beginning of the game to configure their champions.

Runes in the rune pages are mixed. The keystone rune and five secondary runes are included on each rune page. The most powerful is the Keystone Runes. Choose the rune page they want to use before each match. Rune pages can only be edited during the selection lobby of the champion and outside matches.

You can join a match without a useful, legitimate rune page. When a player chooses a non-valid rune page, the game is replaced by a pre-made page. Here are some better runes than Dark Harvest.

For Dark Harvest, we would like to try to take the versatility and killing compliments.

  • Sudden Impact: Sudden impact here is a fairly easy decision. A sprint into a forest is very popular if we are to take it into mobile junglers. The Sudden Impact effect is better associated with the Dark Harvest effect and gets a great strike.
  • Eyeball Collection – The eyeball Collection in this tree is the best choice. When you destroy farmers, the set of Eyeball will quickly add to your strength at the end of the session.
  • Relentless Hunter – Relentless Hunter goes well with Sudden Impact and Dark Harvest. You only have 20 seconds when you clear a camp or kill an enemy champion. If you can easily hit the next destination, Dark Harvest can make it more of an advantage.
  • Precision – Precision will be the second tree. We want to read Legend: Alacrity to increase our progress and Coup de Grace to take away our enemies ever more rapidly after the dark harvest.

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Final Words

Dark Harvest is one of the popular games in League of Legends. Champions, significant minions, and fantastic creatures destroy the essence of the spirit. Collect bodies to be charged with the soul essence. Soul Paid with the next assault on a champion or structure would cause adaptive losses to the bonus. Hence, the above article will help you with everything you need to know about League of Legends Dark Harvest.

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