Bone Plating VS Second Wind: Which One Should You Use in LoL?

Bone Plating VS Second Wind

In League of Legends, users control a hero (“champion”) with unique abilities and engage in combat with other players’ teams or AI-controlled soldiers to destroy their “Nexus.” Each League of Legends battle is distinct, with all heroes beginning off relatively weak but gradually gaining in strength via the accumulation of goods and experience. Apocalyptic horror, high fantasy, and steampunk are some of the categories that have influenced the champions. As a result, picking the correct runes makes a huge difference in building up your advantage through the game.

Bone Plating vs Second Wind are two runes that players always have to decide between. Both runes have their use cases and can be used accordingly. But generally speaking, Second Wind is definitely a better choice for most of the champions.

In this post, we’ll look at both these runes in detail, then discuss the use cases of both these runes.

What Is Bone Plating?

Bone Plating Rune
Bone Plating Rune

Bone plating is a rune stone that helps a hero increase its defense stats and adds extra perks.

One of Bone Plating’s subtle merits is that it is the only pure defensive rune in Resolve’s first row, making it the sole choice for champs who desire defense in every slot. Incorporating primary resistances into the mix through Rune Stats would have made defense stacking impossible.

After receiving damage from an opponent champion, the following three spells or strikes, you receive from the exact enemy hero deal 30 – 60 (depending on level) less damage for 1.5 seconds. However, it has a 55-second cooldown period. This cooldown is huge considering its effect lasts only for 1.5 seconds.

Bone Plating Other Effects

  1. Damage to Mixed resistance shields will not trigger Bone Plating.
  2. Even if it does not prevent any damage, Bone Plating will automatically go onto cooldown after its duration.
  3. Damage from the triggering instance will not be decreased by Bone Plating.
  4. Bone plating’s damage mitigation takes effect after resistance.
  5. Bone Plating only protects against damage against the champion who activated it.

What is Second Wind?

Second Wind Rune
Second Wind Rune

A Minor 2 Resolve Rune called Second Wind in League of Legends gives 5 Health every 5 seconds. After being hit by an enemy champion, you will regain 3+ (1.5% of your lost health) within 10 seconds. For melee champions, this impact is multiplied by two. This rune is unlocked at level 8 and is frequently utilized with champions like Irelia and Rakan. With the first look between Bone Plating VS Second Wind, the Second Wind looks like a better choice.

If a hero is attacked during the duration of the second wind, then the duration of the Second wind will automatically restart.

When Should You Use Bone Plating?

The newest rune in Resolve, Bone Plating, is likely the best rune on the tier. After receiving damage from an opponent champion, the adversary’s following three spells or attacks inflict 20-50 less damage.

  • Duration: 5 seconds
  • Cooldown: 45 seconds

It is highly recommended that you take it if you are using Resolve as your primary and maybe secondary if you will be fighting in the lane a lot. It is pretty powerful, and your only alternatives on that tier are Demolish and Font of Life, neither of which have dubious laning worth.

In Bone Plating VS Second Wind, there is no reason not to take this rune unless you face a matchup where it may readily proceed, like when facing a Gnar as a melee champion.

When Should You Use Second Wind?

Tryndamere” has 706 health at the start, with a +80 from a Doran blade/shield. This indicates that for 10 seconds, the second wind heals (4% lacking health) + 6 = 34 hp maximum. This translates to an extra 3.4 health per second, approximately 17 hp/5.

“Tryndamere” has a base HP regen of 8.5 hp/5, which is one of the highest at rank 1 in the game ignoring special abilities or passives. As a result, it essentially provides the impact of four rejuvenation beads at optimal efficiency for ten seconds after being struck.

The absolute best early game second wind circumstances are about comparable to or somewhat better than a One bone plating proc, which stops 30 damage each hit rank 1, of which there are three.

Bone Plating Vs Second Wind

Bone PlatingSecond Wind
It lasts for 1.5 seconds.It lasts for 10 seconds affecting passively.
It has 55 seconds cooldown.It has no cooldown.
It is mainly used for any hero who requires good defense.Second wind is best used for characters with low Health or anyone who keeps fighting against others.
Champions who use Bone Plating are:
1. Ahri
2. Annie
3. Ashe
And many more champions use Bone Plating.
Champions who use second wind are:
1. Irelia
2. Rakan
3. Wukong.

Why Use Either Bone Plating vs Second Wind?

Fighting in League
Fighting in League

Bone Plating focuses on defense, while Second Wind focuses on health regeneration. Considering the cooldowns, taking Second Wind is always a better choice. In the battle of Bone Plating VS Second Wind, the clear winner is Second Wind without a doubt.

But there are some conditions where you can consider using these both –

Bone Plating

One of the hidden benefits of Bone Plating is that it is the only pure defensive rune in Resolve’s first row, making it the sole choice for champs who desire defense in every slot. Including basic resistances to the equation via Rune Stats would have strengthened defense stacking.

Second Wind

The absolute finest second wind conditions early game are roughly comparable to or considerably better than a SINGLE bone plating proc.

As it is often employed, a second wind allows players (and only characters) to pay a regular action to gain a healing surge (without typical leader benefits) and a +2 to defenses. Monster damage grows with level, and a hit usually results in a healing surge of damage.


How long does Bone Plating last?

It lasts for 1.5 seconds, and it has a 55-second cooldown period.

What is Bone Plating good for?

Bone Plating is good for damage reduction.

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